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Excellent Customer Service 24/7 assistance with superior clinical counseling
Quality Healthcare Providers Hospitals & certified Doctors from over 24+ Countries
Patient Consultations Assisted 100000+ patients from 80+ countries
Exclusive & Premium Services First Opinion, Second opinion, Treatments, & Treatment-based Packages
Patient Concierge Services End to end patient care and assistance services
Easy Booking Process Booking a consultation or a package online or a consultation in person is super easy

Top Procedures Availed

Medical Travel is not only a service, It's an Experience

And we handhold our patients on each stage


  • Individuals are diagnosed with an underlying medical issue
  • Consulting with Doctors for a Second Opinion to reconfirm their diagnosis
  • Explore a range of available treatment options, hospitals, and physicians, navigating the medical landscape to identify the perfect remedy
Our Technology & Service
  • Telemedicine Platform to help you connect with doctors worldwide
  • Second Opinion Platform (ThinkTWICE) to simplify the complexity of obtaining a second opinion on your diagnosis
  • Discovery Platform to explore all available options worldwide


Treatment Stage

Engaging in a meticulous selection process, individuals narrow down their choices to a specific country, hospital, doctor, or a specific treatment plan.

Our Patient Centric Services
  • Patient Concierge Services
  • Patient Experience
  • Discounted pricing and Benefits


Post Treatment

Transitioning into the crucial phase of recovery, individuals confront post-treatment challenges with precision and care.

We better your recovery
  • Our in-house expertise in delivery of customised Rehabilitation programs
  • Subscription based Aftercare services to benefit from our multidisciplinary clinical approach
  • Telemedicine

Specialities Offered

Our Network of Hospitals

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Top Telemedicine Doctors

Dr. Ajay Kaul

Fortis Hospital

Delhi, India

USD 50 for Video Consultation

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Dr. Geeta Chadha

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Delhi, India

USD 50 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. Aashish Chaudhry

Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital

Delhi, India

USD 32 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. Puneet Girdhar

BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital

Delhi, India

USD 50 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. Aditya Gupta

Artemis Health Institute

Gurgaon, India

USD 50 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. Bikram K Mohanty

Venkateshwar Hospital

Delhi, India

USD 42 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. S K Rajan

Artemis Health Institute

Gurgaon, India

USD 50 for Video Consultation

Book Video Consult
Dr. Puneet Mishra

Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Delhi, India

USD 32 for Video Consultation

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Stroke Rehab Program

Clinically Designed by Experts
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Meet our Rehab Specialists

Dr. Satinder Kaur Sandhu

Amritsar, India

Dr. Hardika Sood

Amritsar, India

Dr. Mohd Fazil

Amritsar, India

Dr. Neha Khatri

Bhopal, India

Our Network of Specialist

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Take a step forward for a better health
Abdi Ali Osman : Lung Cancer Treatment In Turkey
Abdi Ali Osman


Lung Cancer Treatment
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Horst Kruessmann - Post Surgery in India
Horst Kruessmann


Horst Kruessmann from Germany Underwent Renal Transplant Surgery in India
Read Full Story

Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila Underwent Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery
Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila


Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila Underwent Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery in India
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MediGence is the world's leading and only integrated technology platform that delivers a complete experience to medical travelers. Our value proposition is as follows -

Telemedicine: With the assistance of our exclusive telemedicine platform, you can speak with your doctor in private and build trust with your treating physician even before your trip.

A platform for second opinions: Getting a second opinion on your diagnosis and the recommended course of treatment in your nation should be made mandatory since it not only helps you understand your condition but also makes you feel relieved. With our Think Twice, you can get an objective second opinion to validate your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Discovery platform: MediGence's among the best discovery platforms guides you through all the data about your diagnosis and medical condition, ultimately assisting you in making the best decision for overseas medical treatment.

Physical rehabilitation: Following any surgical procedure, our in-house clinical department provides top-notch physical rehabilitation after surgery to help you regain your strength and mobility.

Also, we have our very own Stroke Rehabilitation Centre in India, called MediRehab. Here, comprehensive rehabilitation plans are formulated for patients so that they can receive the best care and are able to recover comfortably.

Post-care recovery packages: With just a few clicks, you can benefit from our reliable subscription-based service, which enables you to consult with medical professionals from a variety of specialties and improve your recovery in tandem with a team.

MediGence: Your Trusted Guidance in Global Healthcare

Finding the right affordable medical treatments globally can be difficult. For this reason, we provide thorough help with travel arrangements for medical procedures. Our committed team of professionals will help you at every stage, from selecting reputable medical facilities and physicians to securing medical visas and planning convenient travel plans. We aim to streamline the entire procedure so that you may focus on your health and well-being with confidence.

Exploring the Advantage of Global Healthcare Through MediGence

Deciding to search for medical care overseas may have a significant impact on your life. Here are some explanations for why we might be the perfect traveling companion for you.

  • Cost Savings: Surgery and specialist therapies are examples of medical procedures that could be substantially less expensive overseas. This allows you to get excellent medical treatment anywhere in the world without worrying about cost. Think of it as an economical way to put your health first.
  • Lower Waiting times: It can be unpleasant and stressful to be placed in a long queue for necessary operations. You can avoid these delays and receive prompt medical attention by selecting our medical tourism platform, easing your stress so that you can concentrate on your recuperation.
  • Exceptional Care: A team committed to your well-being will provide you with patient care and customized healthcare plans. We are aware that giving you great medical care involves more than just the operation; it also includes providing a welcoming and supportive environment for your healing process.
  • Travel and Rehabilitation: A comfortable trip can complement your customized medical care. Many international healthcare destinations provide beautiful scenery in addition to fascinating cultural experiences, allowing you to transform your medical journey into a holistic healing and discovery experience.

Comprehensive Care: A Holistic Approach with Patient Services and Medical Tourism Packages

At MediGence, we think that patient care should be holistic and not limited to medical interventions. To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience in your desired healthcare destination, we offer pre- and post-operative help, language translation to overcome communication issues, and cultural assistance. We also offer medical tourism packages that include your treatment, help with acquiring a medical visa, healthcare itinerary preparation, convenient lodging, enjoyable vacation choices, and post-operative care packages. Imagine being able to seamlessly connect your recuperation and well-being with your medical needs while on a leisurely vacation.

Streamlining the Journey: Medical Visa Assistance and Convenient Healthcare Travel Planning

Acquiring a medical visa can be challenging because the requirements vary depending on the destination nation. We help with the process by offering medical visa assistance. Our professionals will walk you through each step to make sure you have all the paperwork and applications needed for a seamless visa approval procedure. In addition, our healthcare travel planning services take care of the logistics, making the trip easy and stress-free. This frees you up to concentrate on your health and well-being rather than worrying about dealing with travel-related issues.

Choose Us: Start Your Global Healthcare Journey with Confidence:

Are you prepared to explore the potential of global healthcare and establish goals for your health? We are your reliable ally, providing a customized strategy and an abundance of resources to support you during your path of transformation. Get in touch with us right now for a discussion about your healthcare requirements and how we may assist you in obtaining access to personalized healthcare solutions worldwide. By establishing a connection with a worldwide network of medical tourism hospitals renowned for their top-notch standards and modern facilities, you can take advantage of our experience in providing care for patients from around the world.

Discover your medical options: A world of specialized medical care awaits

We offer a comprehensive range of medical specialties and individualized treatment plans to meet your requirements. Here are a few areas where we connect you in contact with top international healthcare providers:

  • Cardiology: Learn about cutting-edge cardiac techniques like minimally invasive cardiac surgery and cutting-edge heart disease cures.
  • Orthopedics: Get specialized care here for complex orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, and joint replacements.
  • Oncology: State-of-the-art cancer therapies, including cutting-edge surgical techniques and innovative medications.
  • Neurology: Take advantage of top-notch, cost-effective neurological procedures, from stroke treatment to brain tumor treatment.
  • Ophthalmology: You can receive cutting-edge treatments for a range of eye conditions as well as LASIK operations and cataract surgery.

Some of the organ transplant procedures that are specialities in MediGence are listed below:

  • Liver Transplants: A healthy liver from a deceased donor or a portion of a living donor's liver is used in a liver transplant to replace a liver that is no longer functional (liver failure). Liver transplant candidates usually suffer from severe complications from end-stage chronic liver disease. Rarely, the sudden failure of a previously healthy liver may require a liver transplant. Liver transplantation may be beneficial for certain patients with liver cancer and liver failure whose conditions cannot be managed with current treatments.
  • Kidney Transplants: During a kidney transplant, a healthy kidney from a deceased or living donor is surgically transplanted in place of the patient's failing kidneys. The primary objective of kidneys is to remove waste, moisture, and minerals from the blood through urine. When the kidneys cannot filter waste and fluid from the body, excessive levels accumulate in the body and can lead to high blood pressure and end-stage renal disease.
  • Heart Transplants: Surgery is required for a heart transplant to replace a patient's damaged heart with a healthy donor heart. Before the donor's heart is extracted, the donor must be declared brain dead by two or more doctors. Before placing you on the waiting list, a medical practitioner must decide that a heart transplant is the best plan of action for treating your heart failure. Additionally, a medical team confirms that your general health is sufficient for the transplant surgery.
  • Pancreas Transplants: A healthy pancreas from a deceased donor is surgically placed to replace a diseased or failing pancreatic in a pancreas transplant. People with type 1 diabetes or those who have serious complications from type 2 diabetes usually undergo this type of surgery. A pancreas transplant aims to enhance blood sugar regulation and prevent the need for insulin shots, which will stop or delay the onset of symptoms related to diabetes.
  • Lung Transplants: Surgically replacing one or both damaged lungs with healthy lungs from a deceased donor is known as a lung transplant. It is usually thought of as a therapeutic option for patients with end-stage lung disease, when no other treatments have worked or when the patient's condition has advanced to a critical level. For patients with end-stage lung illness, lung transplantation can significantly increase life expectancy and improve quality of life.
  • Hand Transplant(s): A donor's hand is surgically transplanted onto a recipient who has lost one or both hands as a result of an injury, illness, or congenital problem. Hand transplantation is an extremely complex medical surgery. Hand transplantation aims to restore the recipient's hand(s) to its original form and function while also enhancing their quality of life.
  • Bone Marrow Transplants: Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), sometimes referred to as bone marrow transplantation (BMT), is a procedure that substitutes diseased or damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells to treat various malignancies, blood disorders, and other illnesses. Hematopoietic stem cells, which are found in bone marrow, are responsible for producing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, among other blood cell types. A bone marrow transplant is a potentially life-saving treatment for diseases like lymphoma, aplastic anemia, leukemia, and some genetic abnormalities.

These are only a few of the several medical specializations we cover. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special medical needs; our professionals will help you find the best possible treatment solutions accessible worldwide.

Building Trust through Transparency, Reputation, and Success Stories

We are aware that choosing a foreign medical facility requires faith. At MediGence, we place a high value on integrity and uphold a stable reputation within the medical tourism industry. We establish trust with our patients in the following ways:

  • Focus on Accreditation: We collaborate with hospitals and clinics that hold international accreditation and adhere to strict quality standards. This ensures that you will be treated by reputable organizations with a strong reputation for quality.
  • Doctor's Expertise: Patients can get to know very knowledgeable and accomplished physicians who are leaders in their fields. Our medical doctors are highly knowledgeable and devoted to providing excellent patient care.
  • Patients Testimonials: Through us, patients can read about the inspirational stories of individuals who underwent life-changing medical treatment. Their stories serve as evidence of the high caliber of care we offer and the beneficial results patients obtain.

Prioritizing Your Health: Financing Options for Global Healthcare

A significant concern may be the cost of medical care. To improve access to reasonably priced medical treatments worldwide, we recognize this problem and provide a range of payment choices. We assist you in investigating funding and insurance options to ensure that receiving medical care overseas is both affordable and reasonable.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Schedule Your Personalized Consultation.

Are you ready to benefit from us to broaden the possibilities in global healthcare? We encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can arrange a free consultation with one of our experts. We will talk about your unique medical needs at this meeting, answer any questions you may have, and create a customized healthcare plan that addresses your needs.

Don't think twice about it. With us, take charge of your health and go on an enjoyable journey. From the initial consultation through the successful completion of your customized treatment plan and your recovery, we are here for you at all times.

Together, let's explore the potential of international healthcare solutions and assist you in regaining your health and well-being.

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