Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Turkey

The cost of hip replacement in Turkey is low keeping in mind the modern facilities, experienced surgeons and high success rate in hip replacement surgery. Because of their low operation cost, the hospitals in Turkey are able to provide world-class treatment facilities at competitive prices. Various factors affect the cost of hip replacement. These factors include hospital infrastructure, type of surgery, number of days of stay in the hospital, speed of recovery, underlying diseases, age and experience of the doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which orthopedic surgeons removes the damage or painful hip joint and replace it with an artificial joint (prosthesis). The artificial joints are made by various types of material such as metal, plastic and ceramic component.

Turkey is one of the fastest-growing countries for medical tourism. Almost 7 lakh medical tourists visited Turkey for treatment. There are so many reasons for hip replacement in turkey such as:

•    Hospitals in Turkey are very-well connected from the airport and other means of transport.

•    Turkey provides world-class healthcare facilities such as highly sophisticated technology, huge infrastructure, most modern facilities, and exceptional post-operative care.

•    There are many well-experienced orthopedic surgeons in Turkey with an advanced degree and abroad training and are experts in performing hip replacement with high accuracy and precision.

•    The high success rate of hip replacement in Turkey. 

•    The government of Turkey is directly involved in enhancing the medical tourism industry with tourist-friendly policies.

Cost of hip replacement in Turkey is low as compared to other developed countries. This is because of the Government’s policies to promote medical tourism as well as the low operating cost of hospitals. The standard of surgery in Turkey is on par with developed countries. The average cost of partial hip replacement surgery in Turkey starts from USD 6,100. And the average cost of Total hip replacement surgery in turkey starts from USD 9,000 . The price of hip replacement with the hospitals of turkey varies significantly as various factors affect the prices. These factors include:

•    Types of hospital

•    Hospital infrastructure and facilities available

•    Type of artificial joint used in surgery

•    Techniques used in hip surgery such as minimally invasive hip replacement or open surgery.

•    Experience of surgeon

•    Days of stay in hospital

•    Patients health status

•    Medication cost

•    Speed of recovery

•    Total number of physical therapy sessions

•    Any additional procedure, if required

The types of surgeries available in turkey for hip replacement are:

1. Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery: As the name suggests, one or two very small incisions are done on the skin to perform surgery. The process of replacement takes minimum healing and recovery time.

2. Partial hip replacement: In partial hip replacement surgery, only the ball of the hip joint is replaced while the socket is not replaced. This type of surgery is performed in hip fractures.

3. Revision hip replacement: In this procedure, the orthopedic surgeon repairs the damaged artificial joint (prosthesis). The artificial joint may get damaged due to infections, the occurrence of any technical issue in artificial joints, dislocation of hip replacement, and fracture of the bone surrounding the replaced hip joint. Typically, the average life of hip replacement prosthesis is around 10 to 15 years.

The time of recovery in hip replacement surgery varies from patient to patient. Patients at an older age have more recovery time as compared to patients with younger age. Following factors may help in early recovery of the patient:

•    Diet: Diet plays an important role in recovery. Because of a healthy diet, the body generates energy, the cellular growth at the site of replacement gets accelerated and improve immune system reduces the risk of infection. Thus, the patient should take a balanced diet as per the recommendation of the surgeon or dietitian.

•    Physical therapy: Physical therapy is one of the most important factors which help assist in the recovery process in patients undergoing a hip replacement. However, the patient should take good care of the replaced hip and physiotherapy is done only under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist.

•    Wound care: During the process of hip replacement surgery, the internal tissue gets exposed due to incision and cuts. Proper wound care should be done to reduce the risk of infection. 

The patient is allowed to walk after 2-3 days with the help of crutches. After 10-14 days, stitches of patient get removed. 3-6 weeks after surgery, the patient may able to perform routine activities. Driving can be started after 6 weeks.

The best hospitals for hip replacement surgery in Turkey are:-

a. Medicana Ankara International Hospital

Medicana Ankara International Hospital is a multi-specialty center that has excelled in various areas of medicine. It has an impeccable success rate in curing patients. The hospital uses invasive techniques for standard hip-replacement surgery. It has skilled surgeons and exquisite technology to perform the minimal-invasive technique for replacement. After surgery, the patients are kept under the guidance of a physiotherapist for early recovery.

b. Liv Hospital Ulus

Liv Hospital Ulus is one of the futuristic hospitals that has surpassed its rival in a short span. The hospital has achieved an international name and known for its modernist approach to medical science. If your disease is non-effective to medication and it does not adequately cure the symptoms then, the doctor's advice surgery. Before leading to surgical procedure the patients are diagnosed with tests for understanding the risks of surgery. 

c. Avcilar Anadolu Hospital

Established in 1991, one of the pioneer hospitals in Turkey. It has handled many cases over the years and cured thousands of patients. In AAH the patients are prepared for hip replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeons will ask you for complete medical evaluation and physical examination before starting surgical procedure. If you have any other chronic disease then, the patients are treated by experts for ailment. 

d. Memorial Sisli Hospital

Memorial Sisli Hospital is founded in 1995. It is one of the oldest and ranked as the best hospital in Turkey. The expert skilled doctors do not advise surgery until the prescribed medicine does not help in reducing the pain in the joint. The efficiency of doctors and health staff provides top-notch technology that ensures this major surgery to be safe and effective. The arthroplasty is done by the expert team when there is no cure left from medicines. 

e. Medipol Mega University Hospital

Medipol Mega University Hospital is known for using state-of-the-art tech for diagnosing patients. The exquisite staff and progressive technology ensure a remarkable success rate in treating patients from hip surgery. The top-notch services take every individual patient with utmost care before and after surgery. The doctors replace the hip joint with metal, plastic, or ceramic parts. The critical surgery is done under expert orthopedic surgeons under local anesthesia. The surgery ensures a better life for patients and it helps in reducing/removing pain in the hip.

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