About Us

Founded in 2016, MediGence is the key healthcare technology player in the medical travel industry which provides patients worldwide with a single, unique, and seamless platform for all medical needs, from searching and comparing to booking and reviewing.

Following the HIPAA and GDPR compliances, MediGence became one of the first companies certified by TEMOS for upholding international quality standards.

Following our brand statement ‘Enabling Better Healthcare Decisions’, we are focused on empowering our medical travelers to take the right healthcare decisions using technology and create a better experience for their treatment overseas.

We aid our patients in opting for the best destinations with unparalleled medical treatment and our team of experts to consider every possible aspect of their journey and accompany them on a reliant road to recovery.

We fulfill a wide range of healthcare needs in 20+ global destinations with over 400+ internationally accredited hospitals and our vast network of MediGence care executives, doctors and specialists fulfill full case operational demands and offer on ground services round the clock.

Strong Management Board with the combined healthcare & Technology experience of over 100+ years

20+ Top Medical Destinations

Network of over 400+ Hospitals and Clinics

Telemedicine Platform for Critical Medical Conditions

More than 100000+ Patients assisted

Temos Certified for upholding international quality standards

Assured Data Privacy following HIPAA level standards and compliances

Network of over 10000+ Doctors

Pre-Negotiated Pricing with cost benefits of upto 30%

Dedicated Review Platform for providers and consumers to collaborate

Extended Patient Care and Support Services

Patients assisted from over 75+ Countries


Empower people to take the right healthcare decision to create a better patient experience.


To create a revelation in medical travel industry using technology to make medical travel the most memorable experience for anybody who is in need to travel overseas for medical treatment

Meet our Team of Experts

We are a team of thinkers, innovators & culture inspired

Amit Bansal | CEO & Founder
Bringing together nuanced product strategy and a heart for doing something for the community is what made Amit bring MediGence to life. One of those who lights-up the room, the office and the lives of people he enters in. Today, people and especially our patients know of him not just as the founder of MediGence, but as a trusted partner they share a commarardie with.
Guneet Bhatia | Chief Operating Officer
A dynamic and ambitious soul with a zeal to learn, communicate and understand, Guneet specializes in hospital & healthcare administration. She loves to brainstorm, identify and implement new strategies that allow for a better patient experience in the medical travel industry. Apart from blogging, she has an undying love for medicine, music, books, food, and intelligent conversations. Always on her toes but she loves being a sloth, sometimes.
Elizabeth Ziemba | Executive Director
Ms. Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH, is a pioneer in the fields of wellness, health, and medical travel having established Medical Tourism Training in 2009 as the first training company dedicated to the specific needs of the sector. Ms. Ziemba consults with governments, healthcare providers, associations, and hospitality services to expand access to the highest possible levels of clinical and nonclinical services. She is also the Regional Director for Temos International Healthcare Accreditation.
Irving Stackpole | Executive Director
Irving is the Executive Director in MediGence with over 40 years of experience in the US and international healthcare and senior living segments. Irving founded a healthcare marketing, research, and training firm in 1991 and has worked for governments, agencies, and providers in many countries. Irving is widely published and has been quoted in The Financial Times, the New York Times, Forbes, and many others.
Harpreet Singh Bhatia | Chief Technology Officer
With the ability to write clean and logical code, Harpreet’s preference for agile-driven development remains unmatched. He is someone who can code even in his spare time! When he doesn’t code, he loves to explore Netflix, pet his dog, and capture picturesque and stunning views.
Siddharth Burman | Vice President, Marketing and Analytics
User Acquisition expert and a self proclaimed business optimization professional with a penchant for quick wit. Siddharth is an information junkie who gets a kick out of getting challenged on a daily basis. A movie buff, and a food junkie, he is willing to taste anything edible - Yes, anything.
Emmanuel MP Kailie | Country Director
Emmanuel is a Country Director in MediGence and responsible for Public sector growth in Africa. The relationship started sweet when MediGence assisted his mother to help her get back to life. With his self-experience and delight with MediGence, it has led him to take an important position to help people who are suffering due to inaccessibility of healthcare. Today, Emmanuel takes pride in having helped several people in accessing top-quality healthcare worldwide. Emmanuel is married with 3 children and lives in New Jersey, USA.
Tanmoy Guha | Operations Manager
A senior manager by career graph with firm belief in patience and perseverance, a determined & consistent professional in the field of Patient Care with interests in gyming and fitness to keep focus aligned.
Umang Singh | Senior PR & Content Writer
Umang is a Senior PR & Content writer with Medigence. She has an experience of nine years in various communication domains. Umang loves to write, to express through words and is always striving to add value to her work through expression. She believes in balance in life and is naturally drawn to yoga and meditation.
Shahzad Ali | Creative Specialist
Shahzad is an innovative professional with hands-on experience in graphic design and visual conceptualization. He has an insane ability to deliver creatives, layouts, marketing collaterals, and animations that increases the organization's overall brand awareness. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time eating and inhaling Biryani, if not thinking about it.
Abdul Quadir | Sr. Technology Specialist
Abdul plays a significant role in improving the product capability. His strong analytical and logical skills across a variety of technology stack makes him a star performer. Abdul has been involved in several healthcare product development and enhancements. Calm and composed are some of his top qualities.
Ayushi Sharma | System Analyst
Ayushi completed her Bachelors in Nursing before taking up professional post graduate program in Healthcare Administration. Always passionate to understand and study the nuances of medical tourism industry, Ayushi has stepped up in her role to take up the responsibility of backened system data and analysis. She is also contributing in improving the patient experience by assisting them at various instances.
Pronav Bhattacharya | Finance & Admin
Pronav is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional. A skilled worker, Pronav is able to use his keen observation to perform precise audit of financial transactions to make sure that all data is accurately represented. He works in close collaboration with the legal compliance team.
Imran Saify | Digital Marketing Executive
Imran is an enthusiastic Digital Marketer who is focused to put forward a strong brand reputation in the digital space. His understanding of varios marketing channels makes him deliver results that do not only meet the business expectations but he also exceeds the expectations in developing a consumer centric content.

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Our Value Proposition

Help our patients become knowledgeable and confident health travellers

Collaboration Effortless collaboration and engagement to get all your treatment-related information at one place- anywhere, any time.


Communication Easy and smoothly-accessible communication with our healthcare experts to discuss your medical concerns, consult your doctor or any other treatment-related discussion via text, call or video.

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