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About MediGence

To make the world's best healthcare accessible and affordable

We embarked on this journey in 2016 to bridge the gap in the healthcare industry and provide patients with a single, unique, and seamless platform for all their medical needs. We began as a ‘Travel for treatment’ discovery platform and eventually extended and expanded our services to deliver the best virtual care and expert opinion service to the world population. Our goal has always been to improve the access to the best healthcare.

We uphold TEMOS certification and follow HIPAA and GDPR compliances. Following our brand statement ‘Enabling better Healthcare Decisions’, MediGence continues to improve the healthcare outcome by the use of its technology and global network of providers and care experts.

Global Problem that
MediGence is broadly addressing
at the mass level

Global Problems
How MediGence is delivering value

Our Telemedicine platform is designed and developed with the aim to make it easy and convenient for the people worldwide to book the consultation with the best doctor overseas in two simple clicks

Our ThinkTWICE platform delivers the unbiased written second opinion for all diagnosis and reconfirms the treatment based on what is best and suitable for the patient

Our self-service discovery platform is built with the objective to create the most transparent experience when there is a need of availing the medical treatment overseas

Our post operative care service is curated around the need for the patients recovering after a surgical intervention. Our services promises a expert guidance from Nutritionist, Rehabilitation counsellors , wellness experts and medical specialists to fast track your recovery

Our clinically proven rehabilitation program have delivered unimaginable results to the people suffering from Neuro conditions like Parkinson

Meet our Team of Experts

We are a team of thinkers, innovators & culture inspired

Our Team
Amit Bansal

CEO & Founder

Bringing together nuanced product strategy and a heart for doing something for the community is what made Amit bring MediGence to life. One of those who lights-up the room, the office and the lives of people he enters in. Today, people and especially our patients know of him not just as the founder of MediGence, but as a trusted partner they share a commarardie with.

Guneet Bhatia

Chief Operating Officer

A dedicated individual with a deep understanding of healthcare operations, Guneet heads the overall clinical and patient care experience team to deliver the best in class services to the patients. She loves to brainstorm, identify and implement strategies and business models that allow for a better patient experience in a virtual and physical environment. Apart from blogging, she has an undying love for medicinal sciences, global cultures, archaeology and food.

Vijita Jayan

Director, Rehabilitation

With her years of experience in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Vijita is passionately delivering health care to people with dependency on activities of daily living. She has a knack to learn about the latest evidence-based treatment techniques supported by information and computer technology. She is a workaholic, competitive in her field, and has a progressive mindset. Her hobbies include reading and traveling.

Siddharth Burman

Vice President, Marketing and Analytics

User Acquisition expert and a self proclaimed business optimization professional with a penchant for quick wit. Siddharth is an information junkie who gets a kick out of getting challenged on a daily basis. A movie buff, and a food junkie, he is willing to taste anything edible - Yes, anything.

Abdul Quadir

Sr. Technology Specialist

Abdul plays a significant role in improving the product capability. His strong analytical and logical skills across a variety of technology stack makes him a star performer. Abdul has been involved in several healthcare product development and enhancements. Calm and composed are some of his top qualities.

Tanmoy Guha

Manager, Patient Care

A senior manager by career graph with firm belief in patience and perseverance, a determined & consistent professional in the field of Patient Care with interests in gyming and fitness to keep focus aligned.

Aishwarya Kapoor

Patient Care

Aishwarya has completed her MBA in healthcare and since then devoted her time to patient-centric services. She is dedicated to improving the care experience of patients who travel overseas for treatment. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, cook, and play basketball.

Disha Gupta

Patient Advisor, French

Disha is a french patient advisory expert with a calm and composed personality. She has a zeal to help patients and stays up to date with the latest healthcare technologies. Her hobbies include reading and listening to music.

Mohd. Usama

Patient Advisor, Arabic

Usama is a loyal, optimistic, and integral patient advisor who loves to stay up-to-date with upcoming healthcare technologies. A fast-adapter to patient needs and ever-changing healthcare dynamics, Usama is fulfilling the need of the hour in the industry. In his free time, he loves to read short stories and novels, explore new ideas, and read about new innovations.

Shahzad Ali

Creative Specialist

With his powerful design skills and knack for marketing, Shahzad has the right background for the healthcare brand's needs. Started as a budding creative designer, and have now become the finest & skilled specialist in the field. His interests outside of graphic designing include exploring new places, and playing outdoor sports.

Swarn Ankita Jha

Product Manager

Ankita holds the best hands-on experience in planning, developing, and marketing the company’s healthcare products or services. As her core skills, she keeps an eye on SM trends & strategies, email marketing, campaign implementations, etc. Also, Ankita is an ardent writer who loves to share her experiences with the people on SM platforms. Pampering the pets and reading novels to round out her day.

Vishnu Dutta

Quality Analyst

Keen interest in data organization has brought Vishnu to MediGence where his primary goal is enhancing business growth with his knowledge of many technologies such as computer programming, statistics, data prediction, and machine learning in the healthcare sector. In his free time, he spends time upskilling, traveling, and learning video editing skills.

Garima Walia

Quality Analyst

Garima works in the IT Department of MediGence. She is responsible for testing new software and products. Her calm and composed aura aligns with her zeal to stay up to date with all new technologies in the healthcare sector. In her leisure time, she likes traveling and reading.

Pronav Bhattacharya

Finance & Admin

Pronav is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional. A skilled worker, Pronav is able to use his keen observation to perform precise audit of financial transactions to make sure that all data is accurately represented. He works in close collaboration with the legal compliance team.

Imran Saify

Digital Marketing Executive

Imran is an enthusiastic Digital Marketer who is focused to put forward a strong brand reputation in the digital space. His understanding of varios marketing channels makes him deliver results that do not only meet the business expectations but he also exceeds the expectations in developing a consumer centric content.

Ankush Teotia

Data Analyst

Poised for Data-driven marketing, Ankush excels in understanding and making sense of the data that have been integrated. Ankush has always followed a passionate approach to data science. His core skills include data manipulation, dashboarding, machine learning, big data analysis, time series, SQL/Non-SQL, and boosting techniques.

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