Are you searching for the best cardiac surgery hospitals in Dubai? Well, there are many well-equipped hospitals with state of the art facility in the United Arab Emirates. The need for the same has risen from the fact that unhealthy lifestyles are quite prevalent in today’s fast-moving world. The Cardiac Treatment in the United Arab Emirates is well known, let us have a look at what kind of diseases are widespread in this category. The various types of cardiovascular diseases include coronary artery disease (contracted arteries), cardiac arrests, abnormal heartbeats, failure of heart, heart valve disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, vascular disease, and much more.

When you visit a cardiologist in Dubai then you will be asked about the symptoms that you are facing. Apart from this, the doctor also studies your family history to find out any major problems. If the doctor thinks that you are facing heart trouble by examining you and by listening to your symptoms then he will immediately ask you to get certain tests done. ECG, CT Scan, MRI, angiography, echocardiograms, and stress testing are recommended to be performed.

If you are diagnosed with any kind of heart trouble then the cardiologist lets you know what needs to be done further. Doctors usually don't recommend heart surgeries until and unless it is very much essential. He usually prescribes you certain medicines which require to be taken at particular hours. Apart from this, he advises you to take less of tensions in your life and learn how to manage it and maintain your routine diet with less red meat.

Cost Trend in U.A.E.

If you are opting for cardiac surgery in Dubai then it will cost you around USD 8,200. The cost depends from one hospital to another and also from one doctor to another. Dubai has evolved as one of the largest tourist medical destinations because of its less cost for medicals when compared to European countries.


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