Angioplasty in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Angioplasty in U.A.E is conducted under the influence of a sedative and a local anesthetic. There are several hospitals in U.A.E that conduct angioplasty among other cardiac procedures and surgeries. U.A.E has emerged as one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the world because of several reasons. First, the cost of medical treatment in U.A.E is quite affordable and the cost of living is cheaper. Additionally, the country houses some of the highly experienced and skilled cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

Cost Comparison

Angioplasty cost in U.A.E depends on the type of hospital you choose for treatment and the type or number of any additional procedures you are planning to undergo along with angioplasty. Some of the other factors that determine the cost of angioplasty in U.A.E include the experience of the surgeon, hospital charges, and the type and quality of stent used during the surgery.

Additionally, it depends on the number of days that you take to recover from the procedure and the time that you spend in the intensive care. Many patients are advised to undergo the cardiac rehabilitation program, wherein an exercise course and information sessions are conducted to help patients recover faster.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

2 Days Outside Hospital

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