Liver transplant is a surgical procedure in which the diseased liver is replaced with a part of healthy liver retrieved from a donor. This procedure is conducted to replace the diseased, damaged or non-functional liver in the patient. The importance of the liver in the human body cannot be underestimated as it helps with digestion and detoxification. In the liver transplant surgery, the diseased or damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver obtained from a donor. Sometimes, only a portion of the liver is inserted, which grows into a full liver by itself in the coming months.

Liver Transplant in Thailand

Liver transplant in Thailand is offered by some of the globally renowned hospitals. The best hospitals for liver transplant in Thailand house some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world. It is important for an end-stage liver disease patients to seek and undergo treatment under the guidance of a highly experienced surgeon. Finding s skilled surgeon for liver transplant in Thailand is not that difficult as the hospitals in the country pay special attention to recruiting surgeons who are qualified some of the best medical institutions in the world.

Cost Comparison

Liver transplant cost in Thailand is estimated to be less than half of what it costs in the Western countries. In the Western world, a liver transplant is one of the most expensive medical procedures. This is the reason why many patients from abroad prefer to travel to Asian countries such as Thailand to undergo this procedure. The difference in the cost is huge despite the fact that the quality of services offered at both the locations is almost the same.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

15 Day in Hospital

15 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 90000


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