Brain Tumor Treatment in U.A.E

Unusual growth of tissue or cells in the brain or central spine that affecting the brain functioning is termed as a brain tumor.It is graded from 1-4, depending on their behavior. Grade 1 and 2 are the low-grade tumors, whereas grade 3 and 4 are the high grade. The treatment of brain tumor includes surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, depending on the size, location, growth, and spread of cancer.

Brain tumor treatment Cost in UAE

UAE is one of the most explored destinations for medical tourism. It offers a unique opportunity for medical tourist to blend healthcare, wellness, and leisure in a single trip. Brain tumour treatment in UAE is a commonly performed cosmetic procedure, done by a team of a skilled and experienced oncologist. The hospitals in UAE offers a myriad of world-class medical treatment, advanced technology, and highly qualified doctors at an affordable price. The government very carefully monitors the healthcare segment. Hence advancement and quality check are an ongoing procedure in UAE.

Cost comparison

UAE is one of the most searched tourist destinations in Asia and is now budding as the most sought medical tourism destination. Brain tumour treatment cost in UAE along with quality assurance and safety measures are comparable to some of the most chosen medical tourism destinations like Singapore, Hungary, Turkey, India, and Thailand. Treatments offered in UAE including the cost, facilities, accommodation, and sight-seeing are almost one-sixth to the total cost available to US or UK.

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