Best Hospitals for Cosmetic Surgery in United Arab Emirates

Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Cosmetic surgery assists in improving a person's appearance which in turn boosts the self-esteem and self-confidence of the person. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on any part of the face or body. There are numerous types of cosmetic surgery that could be carried. For the face, there is Botox, Cheek-lift, Chemical peel, Chin surgery, Cosmetic dentistry, Dermabrasion, Browlift, Blepharoplasty, Face-lift, Facial contouring, Facial fillers, Facial wrinkles, Laser hair removal, Laser resurfacing, Neck lift, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty Skin problems, and Wrinkle treatment. For the body, there is Abdomen reduction, Arm lift, Liposuction, Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reduction surgery, Buttock lift, Circumferential body lift, inner thigh lift, and Laser hair removal.

Cosmetic surgery brings lasting and dramatic changes to the outside appearance but it also involves some complications like pneumonia, blood clots, infection at the incision site, fluid build-up under the skin, mild bleeding, scarring or skin breakdown, and numbness and tingling from nerve damage.

Appearance matters a lot in this age of globalization and urbanization. People are ready to spend huge sums of money on correcting their outlook throughout the world. In Dubai, the cost of cosmetic surgery ranges from 4,000 USD - 6,000 USD whereas it is much higher in the United States ranging from about 6,000 USD - 10,000 USD.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Dubai as a destination for your plastic Surgery?

Dubai as a destination for plastic surgery is one of the prime choices for medical tourists. This is because of the proficient doctors and surgeons housed by multispecialty healthcare clinics, diagnostic facilities offered by them, and well-organized treatment options offered by the hospitals. Dubai is easily accessible by medical tourists from all across the world. This ensures seamless travel options without any hassle for the candidates. Apart from this, one of the prime reasons for opting for Dubai as a destination for plastic surgery is the affordable packages provided by the clinics in the city. Plastic surgery cost in Dubai is comparatively cheaper than in many major cities across the world. This makes the procedure more affordable for people in general. Besides, the surgeons performing the procedures are specialists who have earned years of experience in the field.

Which are the top plastic surgeries which are offered in Dubai and what are their costs?

Among the various types of plastic surgeries, some are more frequently performed due to increased demand. Every year thousands of cosmetic surgeries are performed in the city. However, some of them are more commonly performed. These are:

  • Breast surgery: Breast surgeries like breast lift surgery and breast augmentation surgery are some of the most commonly performed surgeries in Dubai. The procedure is availed by women who either face abnormality due to physical trauma or want to modify their body shape. Many women have claimed to have gained confidence after undergoing breast surgery. The procedure is also highly availed by women who wish to attain a platform or position in the fashion industry and strive to achieve the “perfect” body shape. 

        Average cost: $9537

  • Liposuction: Liposuction has emerged as a boon for people who suffer from obesity or excessive fat deposition. Obesity results in multi-organ damage and causes the onset of several diseases. Comorbid conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, and various other heart diseases may also result from obesity. Apart from these, excessive weight gain causes an unpleasant physical appearance and difficulty in continuing daily lifestyle. Liposuction is the procedure adopted to remove excess fat deposited in the body. 

        Average cost: $4198

  • Abdominoplasty: Also referred to as the tummy tuck surgery, abdominoplasty is availed by people who are diagnosed with excessive fat deposition in their abdominal region. The procedure is mostly implemented by people who want to have a firmer abdomen by getting rid of the excess fat deposited in the area.

        Average cost: $6812

  • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is the procedure of rectifying any physical abnormality of the nose. The procedure is divided into reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, which are performed to correct nose abnormality and reshape the nose respectively. 

        Average cost: $4900

  • Cosmetic gynecology: Cosmetic gynecology is one of the most performed surgeries in Dubai. The procedure is undertaken by women who want to reconstruct and rectify their reproductive system. Due to this procedure, a number of women have gained the ability to reproduce and conceive children successfully. Apart from that, surgeons have also cured diseases like cancer in the reproductive system of women with cosmetic gynecology procedures.

        Average cost: $5700

What are the factors affecting the cost of plastic surgeries in Dubai?

Even though Dubai offers some of the lowest plastic surgery packages for plastic surgery, there are several deciding factors that affect plastic surgery costs in Dubai. Some of the factors are:

  • Type of procedure availed

  • The extent of procedure required

  • Number of sessions required to achieve the desired result

  • Surgeons performing the procedure and their fees

  • Clinic from where the procedure is being availed from

  • Additional procedures needed to cure complications, if any.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics offering plastic surgeries in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world. The city is furnished with multispecialty hospitals and healthcare clinics in every nook and corner. The clinics are not only easily accessible but also are appraised for providing world-class treatment facilities to the candidates seeking treatment from them. However, factors like surgeons, advanced medical benefits, and, the success rate of the hospitals separate best from better. Thus, some of the best hospitals for plastic surgery in Dubai, with their average packages are:

  • Zo Skin Centre Jumeirah Dubai ($4198)

  • Hasan Surgery ($4179)

  • American Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital ($4273)

  • FMC Medical Centre ($4389)

  • NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai ($4167)

Who are the best surgeons in Dubai who perform Plastic Surgery?

The success rate behind every plastic surgery depends a lot on the plastic surgeon performing the procedure. The surgeons in the city are extremely diligent in performance and strive towards delivering the best result. Decorated with specialist medical degrees, the surgeons are also enriched with decades of experience which makes them incomparable in terms of service. Thus, some of the best surgeons in Dubai who perform plastic surgery are:

  • Dr. Avelina Isabelle Mario

  • Dr. Sahar Kazzaz

  • DR. Abizer Kapadia

  • Dr. Wayne Smith

  • Dr. Ali Al Numairy

  • Dr. Sanjay Saraf

  • Dr. Ali Saleem Hameed

  • Dr. Abdulbaqi Alkhatib

  • Dr. Abeer Isa Alkobaisi

FAQ's Related to United Arab Emirates

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in United Arab Emirates?

UAE Hospitals follow the accreditation standards of DHCA (Dubai Healthcare City Authority) and JCI (Joint Commission International). In UAE, the excellent hospital infrastructure, medical care quality and service delivery quality is overseen by Dubai Healthcare City Authority and Joint Commission International. Known as the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City, DHCA streamlines hospital facilities in UAE whereas JCI is a non profit accredition body present in over 100 countries. Dubai Healthcare City Authority was established in the year 2011 and Joint Commission International was founded in 1998 as a division of The Joint Commission (est. 1951).

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in UAE?

There are numerous multidisciplinary hospital groups in UAE which are listed below for your convenience:


  1. Emirates Hospital
  2. Mediclinic
  3. Medcare
  4. Aster Hospitals
  5. NMC Healthcare
  6. Thumbay Hospital
  7. Medeor
  8. Saudi German Hospital
  9. American Hospital Dubai
  10. Canadian Specialist Hospital
  11. King's College Hospital Dubai
  12. Zulekha Hospital
  13. Al Zahra Hospital
  14. Burjeel Hospital

Abu Dhabi

  1. LLH Hospital
  2. Burjeel Hospital
  3. Life Care Hospital

The credibility of UAE hospitals is their affordable yet good medical care. The specialties coverage in UAE hospitals is immense because of which you can get all kinds of treatments and procedures done there. The hospitality that UAE is so famous for is also ingrained in the administrative personnel and the healthcare staff manning the various mutlispecialty hospitals making it easy for any medical traveller to navigate the systems.

Why should I opt for healthcare in UAE?

Healthcare in UAE should be your natural option with its fast growing healthcare sector over the last five decades adding many hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers and related infratstructure. The vision of the UAE government is futuristic in relation with the healthcare sector with the government not just planning but executing these plans to drive growth in this sector. UAE healthcare organisations are synonymous with the high standards of care they provide to the patients and this is possible because they function seamlessly and are very well organised. There is a healthy symbiotic relationship between the travel ecosystem which includes hotels, transport logistics and aviation and the healthcare providers in UAE making it a strong contender as a medical tourism destination.

How is the quality of doctors in UAE?

The essential procedure of obtaining a license to practice medicine in UAE ensures that only the best among doctors get to do it. Doctors working in the hospitals in UAE are qualified, experienced and stay up to date with the latest developments in their area of expertise. Their connect with patients, the personal touch ensure they are a cut above the rest. The doctors in UAE treat a wide variety of patients from all walks of life and from different nationalities.

When traveling to UAE for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

All documents need to be checked before coming to UAE for your medical treatment. The journey related to your medical treatment is a seamless process if all your documents are together in one place. The documents that you should carry with you during your journey as a medical traveller to UAE are related to travel and medical purposes. Please ensure that you carry essential documents to UAE as mentioned below.

  1. Medical history
  2. Test reports
  3. Bank statements
  4. Passport
  5. Visa
  6. Medical records and doctor referral notes.
What are the popular procedures available in UAE?

Popular procedures being performed in UAE are as follows.

  1. Orthopaedics
  2. Fertility treatment
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Dermatology
  5. Cosmetic surgery

It is heartening that cosmetic surgery has found a place in the list of popular procedures in UAE and among these botox and fillers are most common. Fertility treatments are fast gaining popularity in UAE and the government is also aiding this growth by making the right change in legislations and creating the optimum environment. Skilled and experienced doctors perform the popular procedures in UAE at budget friendly costs.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to UAE?

It is important to take pre travel vaccinations prior to your journey to UAE. Do get the vaccination done one month prior to your travel. It is the origin country or destination country (if you are traveling from UAE), length of stay, health conditions and current doctors' prescriptions that decides the vaccination name and required dosage Do get the yellow fever vaccination for Central African for South American countries.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in the United Arab Emirates?

Medical tourism in UAE is made attractive by many factors and one of them includes the facilities provided by hospitals. The strong combination of public and private healthcare systems reflect on the facilities provided by the hospitals. Major hospitals in UAE have an international patient center which helps coordinate the visit of medical tourists to UAE. International patient centers are making the medical travellers lives easy by helping them in many ways such as:

  • Payment and financial assistance
  • Hospital transfers
  • Tourism guidance
  • Interpretation services
  • Visa related assistance
  • Liasoning for flights,local travel and hotels
  • Coordination for reports and treatment plans
  • Appointment scheduling
What are the major medical tourism destinations in UAE?

Medical tourism is on a growth spree globally and not just in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE and Dubai, commerical center are important medical tourism destinations with a lot of potential to grow further. The technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure and a continued focus in bringing it up to date with the latest innovations is a commonality with both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The health tourism sector is rising fast in UAE on account of the increasing medical travellers headed to Dubai and Abu Dhabi post good investment in healthcare infrastructure and strong healthcare regulations.