Being a malignant tumor, Prostate Cancer occurs in the prostate gland situated only in the male body. A walnut-shaped gland, Prostate is located right in front of the rectum, behind the base of the penis and below the bladder. A tube-like channel called urethra which carries semen and urine through the penis is surrounded by the Prostate. The basic function of the Prostate is to produce semen and helps in the transportation of semen containing sperms. When there are some changes taking place in the DNA which contains instructions for the growth and development of every kind of cells, it signifies that Cancer has arisen in the body. An altered DNA gives rise to abnormal growth of cells, eventually forming a tumor in the body.

In some cases of Prostate Cancer, they grow at a very slow speed and do not cause any kind of problem to the patient for many years. In addition, many people do not even die due to Prostate Cancer; instead, they live their whole life alongside the same. This means that in such cases, the cause of death is not Prostate Cancer but something else. In case, the Prostate Cancer spreads out to the other body parts, undergoing the right treatment can help wipe away the Cancer from the body and reduce fatigue, pain and other symptoms of Cancer as well, consequently extending the duration of life.

In America, Prostate Cancer is believed to be the second-most dreadful Cancer following Lung Cancer. According to a recent report, the death toll in America due to the Prostate Cancer is 27,360 every year. However, another report says that approximately 2 million men in America are still alive after getting diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at some phase in their lives.

Cost Comparison

Every country charges a different price for the treatment of Prostate Cancer. For instance, well-developed countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, etc. ask for a much higher price for the Prostate Cancer Treatment. However, there are a lot of factors that affect a treatment’s price in every country. The most common factors that extremely affect the total cost of treatment are –

  • Type of treatment

  • Patient’s medical history

  • Expertise of doctor

  • Type of hospital

  • Location of hospital

  • Brand value of the hospital

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

20 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 13500

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not yet clear what the actual factors are that cause Prostate Cancer in men. However, doctors do know that Prostate Cancer takes place when the cells situated in the Prostate starts to grow in an abnormal way. Changes in the DNA of cells cause the cells to grow and divide more speedily than the normal cells actually do. The abnormal cells keep on living while the other cells die, consequently forming a tumor.

Although the real cause behind the Prostate Cancer is unknown, yet there are many risk factors which might up the risk of Prostate Cancer in men.

  • Age –As men grow old, the risk of Prostate Cancer also increases.

  • Race –For undetermined reasons, black men tend to have a greater risk of Prostate Cancer as compared to the other races. Moreover, Prostate Cancer is likely to be more advanced and aggressive in black men.

Family history –If any men in the family ever had Prostate Cancer, it is possible to have Prostate Cancer. In addition, if anyone had Breast Cancer or has a long family history of Breast Cancer, it naturally increases the risk of Prostate Cancer.

If the Cancer screening in Dubai can be done at low prices then the treatment can also be done without spending a fortune. However, there are many factors that hugely affect the total cost of the treatment such as type of treatment, doctor’s expertise, type of hospital, location of the hospital, the status of the hospital and medical condition of the patient. In short, the average cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment in Dubai is $2,100 to $4,000.

One can undergo any type of surgery in the United Arab Emirates for Prostate Cancer Treatment. However, there are two basic surgeries people often opt for.

  • Radical Prostatectomy

In this method of surgery, the whole Prostate and other surrounding seminal vesicles along with the lymph nodes in the pelvic region are removed.

  • Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)

This method of surgery is basically used to release the symptoms of urinary obstacle and not to cure cancer. The procedure of TURP includes the usage of a cystoscope which is inserted into the urethra and Prostate in order to remove the Prostate tissue.

The recovery process post-treatment in the UAE for Prostate Cancer involves the patient to spend some more time in hospital if needed. Basically, the intensity and the patient’s medical condition determine the amount of time to be spent in the hospital. A catheter will be used to hold the patient’s urine until the urinary tract gets completely recovered. When the swelling is reduced, the patient will be asked to do some light exercises to improve blood circulation. Also, the patient should avoid lifting heavy objects for a few months and consume a lot of healthy diet like fruits and fresh fruit juice.

The top hospitals for Prostate Cancer Treatment in UAE are –

  • Zulekha Hospital

  • Al Zahra Hospital

  • Thumbay Hospital

  • Canadian Specialist Hospital

  • Saudi German Hospital

The top doctors and surgeons for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Dubai are –

  • Dr. Anis Haddad

  • Prof. Dr. Moamen Abdelrahim

  • Dr. Rakesh Parashar

  • Dr. Pushpangathan Sankaran

  • Dr. Amin Kelani

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