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Patient from Nigeria underwent Craniotomy in Sharjah, UAE

Samuel Uba Udechukwu, a 35-year-old male, a resident of Nigeria underwent Craniotomy surgery in U.A.E after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Read More

Samuel Uba Udechukwu, Nigeria

Patient Story: Patient from Nigeria underwent Breast Cancer Treatment in Sharjah, UAE

Relive the story in the eyes of the patient's doctor, as a patient from Nigeria underwent Breast Cancer Treatment in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. His doctor explains she was diagnosed with the problem and how she eventually took the decision of traveling to the UAE after consulting and interacting with MediGence.

Hajiya Amina, Nigeria

Patient Story: 17 Yr Old Patient from Japan underwent ACL Reconstruction in India

Sumaya, a 17yr old football player had injured herself while playing football on the training ground. She was suffering from intense pain and discomfort and the doctors had advised her to undergo an ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India. She got in contact with MediGence and eventually got herself admitted in Sharda Hospital for her successful treatment.

Sumaya Matsushima, Japan

Patient Story: Mr. Nizam from Pakistan underwent Liver Transplantation in India

Nizammudin is a resident of Pakistan. He was experiencing indigestion, pain, etc and was diagnosed with Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer). He was on medicines and got Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) done in Pakistan. However, AFP values were not very much under control. Liver transplantation in India was advised by a local doctor. He got in touch with us and MediGence assisted in securing a visa to India to get the treatment done.

Mr Nizammudin, Pakistan

Billy Wynne Wilson from UK underwent ACL Reconstruction in Hungary

Billy Wynne Wilson, a patient who had an accident which caused a rupture in his knee ligament. He had to undergo an ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Hungary. Read More

Billy Wynne Wilson, United Kingdom