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  • Horst Kruessmann
  • Germany
Horst Kruessmann - Post Surgery in India

Horst Kruessmann : Kidney Transplant

  • Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila
  • Kyrgyzstan
Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila in India for Total Knee Replacement B/L

Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila: Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Ms. Marie Christelle Sungaren
  • Mauritius
Ms. Marie Christelle Sungaren in India

Patient from Mauritius underwent a Craniotomy Surgery in India

  • Claudia Boke Chacha
  • Kenya
Claudia Boke Chacha Underwent Myomectomy in India

Patient from Kenya underwent Myomectomy Procedure in India

  • Aakash Bissesur
  • Mauritius

Patient from Mauritius underwent Hip Replacement

  • Billy Wynne Wilson
  • United Kingdom
Billy Wynne Wilson from UK underwent ACL Reconstruction in Hungary | MediGence

Billy Wynne Wilson from UK underwent ACL Reconstruction in Hungary

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