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Patient Testimonial: Mohammud Rabiu from Nigeria underwent Brain Tumor Treatment in India

This is the journey of Mohammud Rabia from Nigeria who had to undergo Medical Management for his Brain Stroke which he had suffered earlier in the year.

Mr. Mohammud Rabiu, Nigeria

Patient Testimonial: Keagan from Zambia for ACL Reconstruction

Patient Testimonial: Keagan from Zambia for ACL Reconstruction. This is the story of how a football player underwent critical ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India after he suffered a career-threatening injury.

Keagen Zulu, Zambia

Patient Testimonial: Patient from Nigeria for General Health Checkup in UAE

Patient Testimonial: Patient from Nigeria for General Health Checkup in UAE

Iwalokun Segan, Nigeria

Patient Testimonial : Azhar Iqbal for Liver Transplant in India

Azhar Iqbal aged 54 years from Pakistan was suffering from Liver Tumor. He consulted many doctors in Pakistan for treatment but did not get any satisfactory answer. He then heard about Dr Subhash Gupta and Max Hospital Saket in New Delhi and decided to come to India for treatment. He was admitted in Max Hospital, Saket under Dr Subhash Gupta who after all investigations recommended him to go for TACE therapy followed by Liver Transplant. His 20-year-old daughter who travelled with him was found to be a suitable donor.

Mr Azhar Iqbal, Pakistan

Patient Testimonial: Prithiviraj Bhurtun for Redo-CABG in India

This is the testimonial of Mr. Prithiviraj Bhurtun, a heart patient from Mauritius. He had already undergone a Heart Bypass surgery. The patient Prithviraj Bhurtun was a diabetic and had undergone his first CABG in 2006. He again developed chest pain last year. Thus he underwent CABG Redo Procedure in Max Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Mani, a world-renowned and national awarding winning Heart Surgeon. Read More: https://goo.gl/Q4HnGU

Prithiviraj Bhurtun, Mauritius