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Patient Testimonial from USA for Microdiscectomy Treatment

Check out the patient testimonial of our patient from USA , Robinson Trey, who underwent treatment for Microdiscectomy in Medicana International Hospital, Turkey.

Mr. Robinson Trey, United States

Patient Testimonial: Othman Elshekh Ahmed from Sudan

Check out how Othman Elshekh Ahmed from Sudan underwent Successful CyberKnife Surgery at Artemis Hospital, India

Mr. Othman Elshekh Ahmed, Sudan

Praful: Tympanoplasty with Mastoidectomy

Mr Praful from UK, underwent Tympanoplasty with Mastoidectomy in ASIAN Hospital. He had a hearing loss problem and was looking for the best treatment available in India for hearing impairment. He required reconstruction of the eardrum and eventually went for a surgery which was successful.

Mr Praful, United Kingdom

Ms Patience: Cosmetic Surgery

Ms Patience from Uganda travelled to India for cosmetic surgery in May 2017. She got her treatment done in Asian Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi / NCR.

Ms Patience, Uganda

Mariyam: Septoplasty

Mariyam from Afghanistan got her treatment done in India. Check out her testimonial for the same purpose.

Mariyam, Afghanistan