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The pricing for the procedures is the standard list price offered by the Hospital whereas the pricing for the individually crafted package is the discounted price negotiated with the Hospital with our commitment to create value for our consumers.

It means that the prices are being negotiated and it remains as it is without any hidden cost and hence no surprise.

To avail these offers, it applies two simple rules:
  • Chose the package that you wish to book
  • Pay 10% of the package price (pl follow instructions on our website)

If you are sure about undergoing the particular procedure then you can book even though your dates are not yet confirmed. Booking a package online will block your package in our system to ensure that whenever you are ready, you get the same price irrespective of this fact whethear the same package is available or not during that time of your travel.

As a part of our strategic alliance with the hospital, all the prices listed will be obliged by the hospital for that particular procedure.

We are in the business of making medical travel easy and convenient by taking all the stress off the family. We are here to organize and manage each and every aspect of your travel including Visa, Stay, Local travel, Appointment, managing schedule.