Cancer is developed when there is a limitless increase in abnormal cells within the body. The extra cells lead to the formation of tumours thereby giving rise to cancer. It is always better if the cancer is stopped with the help of treatment and for that, it is important for the doctor to know whether you are affected or not. Cancer is of many types which include skin, mouth, breast, prostate, rectum, and testicles.  The cancerous cells can only be detected with the help of routine examination and symptoms. In order to diagnose cancer a patient's thorough medical history is studied by the doctor along with a physical examination. If a tumour is doubted by the doctor then imaging tests like X-Rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and fiber optic endoscopy are suggested to undergo by a doctor. These tests help the doctor understand where exactly is the cancerous cell located and also the size of it. The treatment depends entirely on the category and the level of cancer. The procedure includes different types of surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy.  

Cancer Treatment in Thailand 

The National Cancer Institute of Cancer is one of the oldest and established institutions to control cancer. Cancer treatment in Thailand is affordable when compared with the prices charged by the European nations. The public hospitals in Thailand charge less when compared to the costs charged by private hospitals. Thailand is one of the leading medical tourism destinations. 

Cost comparison

The cost of the surgery in Thailand depends on a number of factors like the age of the patient, health complications, kind of hospital rooms opted for, etc. The cost of cancer treatment in Thailand depends on the kind of surgery the doctor has suggested to you. There are various approaches to cancer treatment which are available in Thailand. From the traditional approaches such as Chemotherapy to modern techniques such as targeted radiation therapy, all of them are provided by experienced and certified Oncologists in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the cost of various cancer treatments in Thailand, what will leave you surprised is that they are all affordable and will not burn a huge hole in your savings. The cost of chemotherapy in Thailand will vary from one hospital to another and will vary depending on the doctor and oncologist that you are choosing for your treatment. If you have Breast cancer, the cost for the treatment would be anywhere between 69,300 baht to 84,500 baht. This is roughly about two thousand UD dollars to two and a half thousand US dollars. If you have lung cancer, the cost of the treatment would be anywhere between 141,100 baht to 197,600 baht. This roughly translates to about six and a half thousand US dollars.

The cost of treatment for colon cancer is about 103,000 baht that is about three and a half thousand US Dollars. For prostate cancer, the cost goes up a tad little to about 182,400 baht that is about six thousand US Dollars. The cost of chemotherapy in Thailand, if you have cervical cancer, is about 145,000 baht. This is just under five thousand US Dollars. The costs of the treatments will vary depending on the facilities that are available at the hospital.

There is no shortage of exceptional hospitals for cancer treatment in Thailand. The cancer treatment Thailand cost in all these hospitals is quite affordable. Some of the hospitals that are frequented by international patients are: 

  1. Siriraj Cancer Centre: This is very well-known that is located in Chang Wat Bangkok in the heart of Thailand. The Siriraj cancer center has some of the best oncologists in the world. They have a separate department for oncology that has a lot of doctors who have decades worth of experience in the field. This hospital also has excellent staff when it comes to radiology technicians and nurses. This has been regarded as one of the best cancer hospitals in Bangkok.

  2. King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: The Division of therapeutic Radiation and Oncology is known all over the globe for its efforts in cancer research. This hospital not only does amazing research in the field of cancer prevention and cure, but it are also engaged in developing better methods for cancer detection. This will help thousands of people in the world with an increased risk of cancer. With advanced screening methods, you can have a faster diagnosis and a faster cure in no time. This is a very well-known cancer hospital in Bangkok.

  3. Wattanosoth Hospital: This is a privately-owned hospital that has been helping patients with cancer for more than a decade. It has some of the latest and cutting-edge equipment when it comes to screening and destroying cancerous cells. The staff at this hospital are very well trained and have looked after hundreds of patients in a professional manner. The Wattanosoth Hospital is obsessed with providing quality care for patients and is considered by some as the best private cancer hospital in Bangkok.

The hospitals in Thailand have all types of treatments for cancer. Usually, the cancer hospital in Bangkok will explore all the types of treatment and then choose the best one for you depending on how your cancer has progressed and which stage it is in. Usually, there are two ways to deal with cancers, the surgical option, and the radiation option.

In the surgical option, the oncologist and a surgeon will cut open the part of the body that has tumors and then physically remove them. This will be accompanied by taking a lot of imagery using advanced machines. The surgeon may also use 3D imaging techniques to locate the tumors and remove them. Sometimes this option may not be viable, or there may be too much healthy tissue around the cancerous tumors, or there may be too many small tumors. IF this is the condition, then the doctors will suggest that the patient undergo radiation therapy. The hospitals following the latest cancer treatment in Thailand also sometimes propose doing both the surgical treatment to remove big tumors and then follow it up by small courses of radiation therapy.

There are many types of radiation therapies that are in practice today. The traditional radiation therapy is more useful if there is cancer all around the parts of the body, and large doses are required to destroy these. In Brachytherapy, high doses of radiation are concentrated on specific parts of the body to maximize the effect of radiation. This may be safer than traditional radiation therapy as all the parts in the body will not be exposed to radiation. Cancer treatment Thailand's cost is very affordable for all these forms of treatment.

Hormone therapy is also an option that is available to doctors through which some types of cancer can be cured. Chemotherapy is still a widely used option for the treatment of cancer and is available in many hospitals in Thailand as per the patient’s convenience. 

The success rate of cancer treatment in Thailand is quite high. Though the cost of the treatments is less than most countries in the world, this is because of the experience of oncologists in Thailand. The oncologists here are world-renowned and have decided to practice in Thailand as the prices are less there and hence the number of patients that they bring in is also more. This means that there is more data for research and developing new drugs and methods to combat the ever-growing problem of cancer.

The best oncologists in the world regularly consult in many hospitals in Thailand and are highly dedicated to their profession. The high success rate can also be attributed to the fact that the medical staff that is employed in Thailand are highly trained. Even medical staff have to pass rigorous examinations in order to work in a cancer hospital in Bangkok. The level of care that nurses and doctors show towards people in Thailand is absolutely exceptional and warm. All the major hospitals in Thailand have special departments that take care of all the needs of international patients as well. 

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