Kidney Transplant in Turkey

The transplantation in Turkey has its cornerstone since 1978. In 1978 the first kidney transplantation in deceased donor took place, the organ is supplied by the Eurotransplant. Since then it has been developed a lot. A patient needs to opt for a kidney transplant in case of kidney failure. Earlier there were so many challenges against kidney transplantation as many times body rejects the donor organ which is a kidney in this case.

There are three types of rejection namely Hyperacute rejection, Acute rejection, and chronic rejection. In hyperacute rejection, the graft(kidney) is rejected by the body within a few minutes after transplantation while it takes 1 week to 3 months in case if Acute rejection. In chronic rejection, the graft is rejected after many years. Due to kidney failure, the body is not able to eliminate toxins and waste from the body very well. So, all the toxins remain in the body and over time the whole body gets affected due to these toxins. An alternative to kidney transplant is Dialysis but it is inconvenient as the patient has to go every week to the hospital for dialysis. There are many good hospitals available in turkey for good kidney transplantation. In Turkey, anyone who is aged 18 or above is allowed to donate their kidney voluntarily. And with time the number of donors is increasing at a very rapid rate in Turkey so there will be a very high chance that you can find a kidney that your body won’t reject easily in Turkey. 

Cost Comparison 

The cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey generally starts from USD 21,000. There are many factors to be taken into account like the skills and experience of the surgeon performing the transplantation, cost of medicines and various hospital charges. There are certain things which can be done in order to reduce the expense of kidney transplantation. Some of the things are early construction of vascular access, reuse of the dialyzers, promoting home dialysis, strict control over the use of some of the expensive drugs and try to go for the pre-emptive kidney transplantation can help you reduce your expenses. Other things which influence the cost of kidney transplantation are the rate at which the patient recovers because if the patient recovers quickly then many hospital expenses can be avoided. Also if the compatibility check is done before the transplantation by testing the blood samples of the donor and the recipient can also save money to a great extent because if the organ is not compatible then the body will reject the organ which means the recipient has to find another organ donor.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

15 Day in Hospital

15 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 20000

Frequently Asked Questions

The kidney transplantation in Turkey has a rich history beginning from 1978 when the first kidney was transplanted in the diseased organ. The Ministry of Health of Turkey has promoted kidney transplantation a lot and they are still striving to transplant every diseased kidney. Due to their promotion, there are a lot of donors in Turkey so it is very likely that a patient will find a compatible kidney for transplantation in Turkey. Not only the participation of the government and the people aid in kidney transplantation in Turkey but the surgeons and hospitals which provide the facility of Kidney transplantation are of top quality. All the professionals are highly qualified from the respected universities in the world. The hospitals take comprehensive care of the patients and everything which is needed for the patient is provided easily. The cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey is also lower as compared to big and developed countries like the USA and the facilities are all exactly the same to that of big counties.

The cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey starts from around USD 21,000. But it varies very largely, depending on many factors. The average cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey is USD 16,277 for the first year and the average cost for Home hemodialysis is USD 16,085 per year. The dialysis is inconvenient as the patient has to go to the hospital every week and it is costlier than the kidney transplant. The kidney transplant is more adequate than dialysis. There are many factors which influence the cost of kidney transplantation such as equipment, qualified staff, and good clinical infrastructure. The Ministry of Health in Turkey has developed various short term and long term plans for the population in order to decrease the cost of kidney transplantation and enhance the quality of life. 

There are many top hospitals and doctors in Turkey which matches the quality of hospitals in big and developed countries like the USA and Germany. Some of the best hospitals in Turkey are:

Medicana International: It is one of the biggest group of health care centres situated in the capital of Turkey. It provides world class services in all its hospital. Their hospitals have highly qualified surgeons for performing kidney transplantation. 

Hisar International Hospital: It is the largest private hospital in Turkey and the most comprehensive. It provides top class diagnosis and treatment to every patient in the most comfortable environment which is maintained in accordance with the need of the patient. 

Liv Hospital Ulus: It is a pioneer of quality and reliable health care services. Their doctors have vast experience in kidney transplantation and the hospital is incorporated with the state of the art technology so that the patient is treated comfortably and safely. 

The success of kidney transplantation in Turkey started a long time ago and till date around 20,7894 kidney transplantation has been performed successfully in 62 different centres across the whole nation. Along with a huge number of Kidney transplants, many other types of transplant are also successful like 6565 livers, 168 pancreases and 621 hearts has also been transplanted successfully. The success rate of surgery in most of the hospitals is 70–80% and in 99% of the time after successful transplantation, the patient has no discomfort or complication.

The best city for kidney transplantation in turkey is Istanbul. The capital of the country Ankara comes in number two because Istanbul has many highly rated and world-class hospitals for kidney transplantation. The best facilities you can find in Istanbul for Kidney transplantation are Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Medicana International, Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Lifemed Medical Centre, and Medipol International Health Centre. The city of Istanbul and Ankara has a vast infrastructure and very good means of transportation which makes them the best cities for potential good hospitals. 

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