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As per the World Health Organization, Thailand has experienced “a long and successful history of health development.” According to a report, 98% of people in Thailand had access to a better source of water in the year 2008 whereas 96% of people in Thailand have access to enhanced sanitation amenities. In Thailand, the chief topic of discussion regarding the health of people remains the non-communicable diseases, traffic accidents and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

The hospitals of Thailand basically fall under two categories namely Private and Public. Irrespective of the type of hospital, each and every hospital in Thailand is well-resourced to provide highly professional medical services to the people in need. The hospitals in Thailand have the objective of providing the best healthcare amenities to the patients so that they can be prevented, cured or rehabilitated from various kinds of medical or health conditions.

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) operates the majority of hospitals in Thailand. The hospitals which comprise of Red Cross, Universities, military, and local government are operated by other Public Organizations and Government Units. Since 2010, there are 1,002 Public Hospitals and 316 Registered Private Hospitals in Thailand. In accordance with a report, the life expectancy in Thailand for male and female is 71 years and 78 years respectively.

Cost Comparison

Seeking treatment from Thailand is one of the best decisions you can make if you are looking forward to saving thousands of bucks on your respective medical treatment. The number of foreign patients traveling to Thailand in order to get themselves treated has been massively increased since the year 2006. This is one of the many reasons why Thailand is considered one of the best medical destinations in the world.

Apart from high-quality medical amenities and well-developed medical tourism, the low-cost treatment in Thailand is also one of the major facts which attract so many patients from around the world to come to Thailand. You might get surprised seeing the huge difference in treatment costs in Thailand as compared to the other parts of the world. For instance, the cost comparison of various treatments between Thailand, United States of America, Singapore and Turkey are as follows –







Spinal Fusion










IVF Treatment





Breast Implants





However, one important thing must be kept in mind that the treatment costs within Thailand can differ from one healthcare center to another as there are many factors that affect the final cost of treatment such as –

  • Type of Treatment

  • Area of treatment

  • Medical History

  • Location of the hospital

  • Status of the hospital

  • Type of hospital

9 Clinics in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand




HE Clinic: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
The HE clinic of Thailand is the only and the first clinic in Thailand that is dedicated totally to only men’s health and lifestyle care. They promise that they’ll enhance, and better your life by carefully curating and specifically treating with the correct procedures that were intended to be used just for men and the lifestyle of men. This initiative and the clinic was established 20 years ago and the approach the founder of this… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Bangkok Dusit Medical Services: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
One of the most renowned and honoured hospital networks in Asia- Pacific is Bangkok Dusit Medical Services ( BDMS). It has certification in clinical care program and also JCI accreditation. Due to its reputation it has been successful in building an international client base being able to cater to variety of medical needs and giving top tier services. In the year 2015 they have secured 5 th rank in the world of revenue having a market capitalization worth US$9.3 billion and bringing US $1.8 bn. Latest medical technologies are brought to the table by their extremely qualified professionals. The professionals… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Vejthani Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
  • National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)
Vejthani hospital was established in the year 1994 in Thailand. Since then they have strived to provide world-class medical care to all with their exceptionally innovative patient-centric care approach. They have served immensely in their community and have opened their doors to serve the whole country of Thailand. In order to uphold the spirit of giving quality services to all they have laid special emphasis on having all their accreditations in place and having them… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Superior A.R.T: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
History Superior A.R.T is a highly sophisticated and advanced center for fulfilling the hopes of the parents for having a baby. The center was opened in 2007 as a part of a collaboration between the Australian leading infertility center and Thai fertility specialists.  Soon after its opening, in 2008, the center was awarded "Best Small-Medium Enterprise" by AustCham Thailand. From its inception, the center has opened various branches such as the Nakornthon Fertility center and… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Radiance Skin Clinic : Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Kittisak Suthamjariya, the laser surgeon and MD in dermatology is highly revered for his services to skin care not only in Thailand but all over the world. He has established a very advanced skin care clinic in the heart of Bangkok city of Thailand. Over a period of time the clinic has recruited some of the best dermatologists with international degrees to work in the clinic and contribute in the overall developments of skin care products that can maintain as well as enhance the health of the skin.  The patients of this clinic range from various backgrounds and wide range… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Takara IVF Bangkok: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • ISO 9001
Takara IVF is a state-of- the-art healthcare facility that offers solutions to all fertility-related issues. It is located in the heart of Bangkok. This facility uses the latest and advanced technology that helps infertile couples realize their dream of having a baby. Takara IVF offers comprehensive and customized solutions to candidates. The treatment plan offered by the top IVF specialists associated with this facility are customized as per the needs of the couples. Several couples from around the world visit Takara IVF every year to realize their dream of being a parent. The facility uses the finest medical equipment and… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




Yanhee International Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Yanhee Hospital is one of the best multiple-service hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand offers a wide spectrum of medical and cosmetic services. A specialized team of over 155 Physicians, 183 Medical Specialists, and 2000 nurses and staff are available at the hospital to offer 24- hour medical services. Offering standardized services, Yanhee hospital focusses primarily on maintaining the quality of the doctors and staff at every level. Maximum attention is given to maintaining the high-level of security in the hospital premises. Founded in 1984, Yanhee Hospital is trusted by many countries across the world for its advanced services. Accredited with the… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand




PHYATHAI 2 INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Thailand
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Phythai2 Hospital is a leading healthcare center in Bangkok offering world-class medical services to people since July’1987. The hospital is built on the theme which combines world-class clinical expertise, academic and research-based design with Thai hospitality. Centrally located at 943+Phaholyothin Road and is within walking distance of Sanam Pao BTS Skytrain Station which makes it easy access for patients from all parts of the city. A multi-specialty hospital in the heart of Bangkok, Phythai2 Hospital boasts of an excellent environment and high standards of patient care thanks to its team of highly experienced medical staff, well-trained nurses and highly qualified… Read More


What should you know about healthcare in Thailand?

Healthcare in Thailand has gradually increased in the past two decades. One of the many reasons for such surprise growth in healthcare division can be the development of the public health sector which comprises of 9,765 health locations along with 1,002 hospitals. As the Public Hospitals in Thailand are operated by the MOPH (Ministry of Public Health), the Private Hospitals in Thailand are regulated under the Medical Registration Division.

As of 2002, the Thai Government has provided a countrywide general healthcare system which covers 99.5% of the Thai population and ensures high-quality and affordable primary medical amenities to each and every citizen of Thailand. One particular reason for having such kind of a medical growth in Thailand also goes to the sizeable amount of funds that were being invested in the sector of health in Thailand. In the year 2009, the total national expenditure on healthcare was 4.3% of the GDP of Thailand. Due to such medical advancements in Thailand, the country has become the most preferred medical destinations in the world providing wide-ranging medical treatments at highly-reasonable rates.

Which are the top hospitals in Thailand for medical treatment?

Though Thailand is full of highly-resourced healthcare centers, yet there are many which are considered the best of all. Hence, the top hospitals in Thailand for medical treatment are –

  • Bumrungrad International Hospital

  • Bangkok Hospital

  • Samitivej Hospital

  • Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital

  • Yanhee General Hospital

Who are the top doctors and surgeons for medical treatment in Bangkok?

Thailand comprises of highly-qualified medical professionals from doctors to nurses. Every medical staff is well-qualified in their respective area of expertise. However, there are some top doctors and surgeons for medical treatment in Bangkok who are considered as the best. These specific doctors or surgeons are –

  • Dr. Charaslak Charoenpanichkit

  • Dr. Peerapong Montriwiwatchai

  • Dr. Kittinut Kijvikai

  • Dr. Amorn Poomee

  • Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich

Which are the most sought after medical treatments available in Thailand?

Hospitals in Thailand provide endless medical treatments to patients from all over the world. However, there are some treatments which are regarded as the most sought-after treatments available in Thailand. Such medical treatments are –

  • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dentistry

  • Orthopedics

  • Cardiology

  • Oncology

What is the success rate of medical treatment in Thailand?

The success rate of medical treatment in Thailand is as high as it is in the highly-developed countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, etc. The best hospitals of Thailand are credited with JCI which is short for Joint Commission International. JCI is basically an international healthcare accreditation which is given to hospitals all around the globe. Such accreditation is in itself proof of the high-quality of medical services a particular hospital provides to its patients.

As Thailand boasts of 18 JCI accredited healthcare centers, it is safe to say that these hospitals are of high-standard and bestow superb quality health amenities upon their patients. Moreover, the internationally-trained doctors and other highly-expert medical professionals of Thailand make certain that patients coming from any part of the world get exact treatment as they would get in the western world.

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