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IVF costs vary based on hospital facilities and the guarantee of success. The costs also fluctuate based on the country. General IVF costs in the US range from 7000 to 9000 USD. This cost is the low cost taken out by calculating the average of expensive and cheaper clinics' costs. The average costs remain at similar levels in European countries like Greece. There are several leading hospitals in Dubai with different cost structures and different results. One of the most famous IVF clinics in Dubai is the ‘Bourn hall Clinic’ which provides treatments at high costs of around USD 11,000. And there are clinics like ‘Conceive’ who will carry on IVF treatments at half those prices.

The IVF method is different from other infertility treatments like artificial insemination. Under artificial insemination, the whole embryo development process occurs inside the uterus. However, in IVF treatment, the embryo is created in labs and placed into the uterus. Embryos developed in labs can be kept preserved too. They can be frozen through a special method to keep them alive for transplanting into a uterus later. IVF is a delicate process where every step needs extreme precision and experience; otherwise, the egg, sperm or embryo may die or show abnormalities. Hence, choosing the right hospital or the doctor is very important for getting successful results against the cost you are paying.

If you live in proximity or if you can travel to the UAE, then Dubai is one of the best places in the world to get IVF treatment. Like many other famous cities, fertility treatments in Dubai have seen sharp hikes in demand recently. Increasing population and rising infertility cases are few factors for this rise. As per a study, about 20% of couples in Dubai face some form of fertility issue when they try to conceive a child. By 2030, it is expected that the number of women having fertility issues will be doubled. Infertility issues have been rising in Dubai due to adverse lifestyle changes rising from the over-development of the city.

The other factor for the IVF demand hike is the technological superiority of Dubai. Dubai is a rich country and relies a lot on technology in every profession. Dubai is among the most developed nations in terms of health facilities.  Therefore, Dubai is ahead of other cities in terms of successful IVF treatments. With some of the best clinics and world-famous experts, IVF treatments have become a specialty of Dubai. The sharp rise in demand led to the opening of a lot of IVF specialty clinics. Therefore, choosing a good hospital/specialty clinic from a long list is highly important when having an IVF treatment in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking to opt for IVF treatment, you should make sure you are a good candidate. In-vitro fertilization does not work for everyone. There will be tests done before the IVF process that will reveal any health issues that may interfere with the success of the process. Severe obesity can greatly reduce the success rate. Moreover, the ovarian system and uterus should be healthy. Women older than 37 can have problems conceiving a child through IVF. A female body usually rejects such treatments in old age. If the tests prove you a good candidate, there are other factors to ponder upon personally. Whether you are ready for a child, and can you raise a child after the costs of IVF treatments in Dubai are some important questions deciding your suitability for the treatment. If you are from a far off country, then you must consider the traveling costs involved too.

The highest-rated clinics in Dubai for IVF treatment operate on very different cost structures from each other. The first clinic on our list is ‘Fakih IVF' which is known worldwide for the expert team. The costs of IVF at Fakih are AED 30000 which is pretty high, but it is not the most expensive among the bests. The second well known and highly sought IVF treatment facility in Dubai is ‘Conceive.' Conceive hospital provides IVF treatments at a much cheaper cost of AED 15, 000. The third and a highly reputed IVF hospital option are Bourn Hall clinics. They put a great strain on the patient’s wallet by demanding AED 37000 for IVF treatment. But their patient service and results are hailed worldwide. Note that these costs are only for one cycle and exclusive of recovery and other medication costs. You can add AED 7000 to 10000 more to have an approximate cost in each clinic.

The answer to this question lies in the fact that Dubai is highly developed in medical sciences. This includes continuous research and innovation, precise medical methods, advanced technology, and highly skilled doctors and surgeons. Dubai has seen rapid improvements in fertility treatments due to rising infertility cases. Today, people from all over the world are opting for IVF in Dubai. Dubai has a better success rate and affordable IVF plans for patients coming from different countries. It is one of the best IVF treatment locations with many options for hospitals to choose from.

The IVF process allows gender selection if required. Choosing gender is made legal by the UAE government if the candidate has a good reason. Thus, couples sometimes choose the gender of their child to balance their family. Parents can have reasons like they need a son who will take care of them in old age. This allows a better family and future planning. Clinics in Dubai work in coordination with the parent’s needs.

Different clinics have different success rates. Conceive have a success rate of 63.2% followed by Fakih at 63%. These success rates are very impressive. Considering the average for the whole city, Dubai's IVF success rate stands at 35 to 40% per cycle.

There are several great clinics for infertility treatments with success rates. As mentioned, Fakih is one of the most well-known IVF clinics around the world. However, there are some drawbacks in the form of poor patient service. Bourn Hall is the most sophisticated and highly developed IVF center with great customer support, but its success rate is lower, and costs are high. Conceive is a great choice with good customer support and a great success rate of 63%. Conceive's fee structure is also comparatively lower. Other IVF clinics deserve honorary mention, namely New Hope IVF, Orchid, PRC Dubai and Aster IVF.  

Every well-known clinic in Dubai has some experts of their own. Conceive clinic have Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav, a world-known expert for IVF treatments. He played a great role in the development of infertility clinics in Dubai. Dr. Mohammad El-Said Eid is another pioneer with more than 15 years of experience in the IVF field. He works under Fakih IVF clinic and is quite well known in Dubai.

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