Neurology in India

The various parts of the nervous system comprise of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and cranial cerebrovascular system. Any medical specialty which deals with or concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders results in neurological treatments or surgeries which affect the nervous system of the human body.

During the initial ages, the neurosurgery is performed on the patients suffering from head injuries, skull fractures, spinal injuries, tumors, hydrocephalus, subdural effusions and headache by a method known as trepanation.

But the recent developments in the field of neuroscience advances in surgical procedures and surgical instruments with highly crafted tools which include curettes, dissectors, distractors, elevators, forceps, hooks, impactors, probes, suction tubes which results in a reduction in time during operations and recovery time and  the pain associated with surgery is minimal

Neurosurgery Methods :

Microdiscectomy: It is a surgical procedure performed on patients suffering from the herniated lumbar disc.

Micro-foraminotomy: It is a surgical procedure for spinal decompression to relieve the stress of spinal nerve roots which mainly causes neck and back pains

Rhizolysis:  It is a special form of treatment for lesioning. It helps to cause heat damage to the nerves which stops sending signals to the spinal cord.

Pituitary Surgery: is a neurosurgical procedure which is often done through the nose it represents 15% of all brain tumors

Coiling of Aneurysms:  An aneurysm is an abnormal blockage of an arterial blood vessel that can be treated after it got ruptured. The treatment requires brain surgery and the application of a Titanium clip to the inflow region of the aneurysm.

Cost Comparison

The cost of brain surgery varies with the different diagnoses of various problems. It ranges for Rhizotomy from 4000 $ in India to 20,000$ in the US. The cost in India is significantly less as compared to other developed countries.


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