Most trusted destination for medical tourism in Asia, South Korea represent a blend of tradition and modernity, making it ‘hot destination for medical tourism’ declared by CNN media house. Based on Bloomberg innovation Index, South Korea is declared most innovative in healthcare practices.

South Korean medical tourism industry seems to develop year by year as the number of medical tourists is increasing continuously. Initially, South Korea fetched medical tourists primarily for spine related issues, but scenario has promptly changed. The country has emerged as a preferred destination for cancer treatments, organ transplants, cosmetic dentistry and others. Use of herbal medicine to treat the disorders and using supercomputers for treatment purpose reflects diversity of medical excellence of South Korea.

South Korea has 26 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals. This accreditation represent an international standard that evaluates and accredits healthcare institutions in Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America. KOIHA is another accreditation which evaluates a healthcare institution based upon parameters like performance management, administrative management and value patient care.

Speaking of cosmetic procedures, cosmetic and plastic surgery have become the country’s speciality. South Korean skin care products are well known and enthusiastically accepted across the world. South Korea has got the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic clinics are spread in large number across the country executing broad scale of cosmetic surgeries annually.

Cancer treatment, cardio-vascular surgeries and orthopaedic treatments are additionally provided. The country take pride in offering success rate of 90% for common cancers leaving Canada and US behind them. Survival rate of gastric cancer is around 70%.

South Korea employs robotic surgeries and proton therapies and became the first country to exploit the electrocauterization technique used to remove harmful tissues.

Artificial intelligence-based supercomputers are installed at Gachon University Gil Medical Centre and other hospitals to store data of cancer patients and suggest appropriate treatment plan.

South Korean government believes in affordable healthcare and have developed supportive system result being the treatments in South Korea are way affordable compared to US (United States), Japan and UAE (United Arab Emirates). Price packaging is offered to medical tourists looking for plastic surgery or routine check-up. Up to 40% can be saved on flight, travel and accommodation cost.

Cost Comparison

High disparity of costs in simple surgery like wisdom teeth removal offers accurate reflection of how affordable the healthcare in South Korea is. The wisdom teeth removal surgery in US consumes $800 if the patient is uninsured whereas it barely takes $30 in South Korea for similar therapy.

Lumbar spine surgery in South Korea costs around $20,000. In US, the cost may touch $100,000, and it may increase more considerably depending on the hospital or the region one is living in.

Exceptional standards of medical professionals and supporting staff, shorter wait time for the procedures, use of advanced and innovative technology in the treatment and extremely low cost are the pillars of the boosting medical tourism in South Korea.


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