About Oncology

Oncology is the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

When should you consider going for an oncology treatment?

Your doctor might refer you to visit an oncologist in a number of circumstances such as:

If you are undergoing a medical procedure of any kind and your the consulting physician notices a tumor or abnormal growth for which he needs a second opinion

Since most offices aren't equipped to diagnose a tumor is cancerous, you may be referred to an oncologist instead. People are often referred to an oncologist when:

  • You notice an abnormal growth and want it to get diagnosed if it is cancerous or non-cancerous
  • For the removal of a cancerous tumor
  • If you are in need of chemotherapy for the treatment and prevention of cancer

Cost Comparison

Below is the cost comparison of a few of the cancer treatments:

Country of Treatment Lung Cancer Treatment (Cost in USD) Prostate Cancer Treatment (Cost in USD) Breast Cancer Treatment (Cost in USD)
India 11000 7700 4000
Turkey 10000 10700 8950
UAE 12500 11500 9000

Frequently Asked Questions

The best cancer hospitals and clinics in Turkey are –

Gaziosmanpasa Hospital: Established in 1992, the Gaziosmanpasa Hospital is extremely popular in the healthcare industry due to its use of state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, the physicians, especially of the Oncology department, of the private care, are highly educated and experienced as well.

Anadolu Medical Center: Widely acknowledged as the best cancer hospital in Turkey, the Anadolu Medical Center employs various advanced methods, such as CyberKnife M6, for cancer treatment. Moreover, the facility has also been accredited by OECI, which showcases the legacy and expertise of the doctor of this hospital.

Florence Nightingale Hospital: While being one of the newest members in this scene, the Florence Nightingale Hospital has progressed quite massively since the last few years. Further, it has also started using various advanced techniques and methodologies, which, in turn, has augmented their success rate pretty massively. 

The cost of cancer treatment usually depends on the stage as well as the facility that you have chosen for your purpose. However, the price of chemotherapy often revolves around $900 to $5,000.

The first name that comes to mind when talking about the best cancer specialists in Turkey is Dr. A. Salduz (Florence Nightingale Hospital). Other than him, Dr. S. Yilmaz (Medical Park Group) and Dr. K. Kaban are quite famous as well.

Like the doctors of the other parts of the world, the physicians of the best cancer hospital in Turkey use the standard methods of cancer treatment. If the cells haven't been able to travel to other parts of the patient's body yet, then they generally remove the organ from their body. Once the affected section is removed, the physicians, then, use sectional chemotherapy to kill the remaining cancer cells. 

In the case of the liver, they tend to opt for liver transplantation. However, if the patient currently has stage-4 cancer, then the doctors would first use chemotherapy to slow down the disease's growth. After that, they will proceed with organ removal surgery.  

The main factor, which affects the cost of cancer treatment, is the spread of the disease. If the cancerous cells have spread throughout the body of a patient, then he or she’ll have to go through several medical procedures. This, in turn, can increase the overall cost of treatment. Moreover, sometimes, the age of the patient can also affect the cost of treatment diversely. 

The success rate of cancer treatment in Turkey generally depends on the type and spread of cancer as well as the age of the patient. For example, the percentage of breast tumor survivors in Turkey revolves around 75% to 85%. On the other hand, the renal cancer survival rate in Turkey is about 70%.

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