According to The Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 10%-14% of the nation’s population is affected by infertility, which is the highest in urban areas where every one out of six couples is affected. Until a few years ago, the infertility treatment- IVF (in vitro fertilization) was not much in practice and was considered synonymous with the term “test-tube babies”. People were unsure of the procedure and costs.

Infertility in India

India is making advancements in the field of medicine as it gives the best treatments and services.In terms of IVF treatment quality metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad provide the best care. For treatment, at first the egg production stimulated by hormone therapy, followed by egg retrieval, then a sperm sample is collected, after that eggs and sperms are fused and then the fertilized embryo is planted in the uterus.

This treatment includes various other processes like IUI treatments, ICSI, surrogacy options, egg and sperm donation, blastocyst transfer, obstetrics, laparoscopy, hysterectomy, and andrology, etc.

Cost of Infertility Treatment in India

The general cost of the process lies between USD800 to USD1200, inclusive of prescribed medications and drugs. The cost can vary between USD 4000 to USD 6000, as IVF at times includes other treatments too, which depends upon medical history and fertility levels.


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