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Remote delivery of healthcare services with the world’s best board-certified specialists is now possible only with MediGence. Providing an enhanced experience for doctors & patients to collaborate via a premium, private, & secured (HIPAA Compliant) video conferencing from two distant locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a self-driven and fully automated platform to avail teleconsultation with the specialist of your choice. You can book the teleconsultation through our platform Once you choose the preferred day and time for the appointment and pay the teleconsultation fee, the schedule is confirmed to you over email with the link to join the call.

Yes, we do offer telemedicine with the doctors located overseas.

Each specialist has different consultation charges. You can view the profile of the specialist and the consultation fee before paying online using a secured payment gateway on our website.

Once you pay for teleconsultation, you will receive an automated email with the details to log in to the dashboard. You can check the status of your call request once you log in.

-You visit
-Search for the doctor by specialty/procedure/destination
-Select the doctor for the consultation
-Register yourself and upload your medical records
-Pay online
Once you pay online, the system sends you an email with the login details of the dashboard. The backend team schedules the appointment with the chosen specialist and as per the availability, the details are updated in the dashboard. You will receive another email with the call schedule and link to join the call as soon as the details are updated.

Yes, the consultation takes place only between the doctor and the patient. The recording of the video consultation is available for download for 72 hours only by the patient.

Yes. The telemedicine consultation fee, once paid, is applicable to just one call. However, if you need additional feedback over the email, you can contact our support team for the opinion at no additional cost.

MediGence can further help you book an appointment with the doctor at the hospital for further follow-up and treatment. Please write to us at [email protected] or call us on (+1) 4242834838. Alternatively, you can also send us an inquiry on our website.

You can access the option to reschedule the call from your dashboard. The rescheduling feature is available only until 4 hours before the originally scheduled call.

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you discuss the clinical details related to the treatment you’re supposed to undergo and also the medical history with the treating specialist before you come as it helps set the expectations and also gives you confidence in your treating doctor.

Second Opinion

Do you know that misdiagnosis is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world? thinkTwice is designed to facilitate the experts’ written second opinion by revalidating the diagnosis & line of treatment from our handpicked team of board-certified specialists to give you confidence.

Reconfirm, Revalidate, & Explore!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a clinically equipped platform named ThinkTwice for availing a Second Opinion. You can book your consultation for the written second opinion report by simply visiting our page

The steps entail the following:

  • Click on ‘Get a second opinion’
  • Register on the platform by filling in your personal details
  • You will then be redirected to our Clinical Workbench where you can choose a diagnosis, select symptoms, and upload investigation results including DICOM images
  • Choose your desired country and type of opinion (written or video)
  • You will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can pay for the service

At ThinkTwice, all second opinions are provided by a panel of Global Experts. You just need to choose a destination and the type of opinion you wish to seek. Yes, you have the option to choose a second opinion from experts from a country of your choice.

The prices may vary based on the specialty you have selected such as neurology, cardiology, etc., and your chosen country. The prices are affordable and the process of making a payment is seamless. You will be redirected to the payment gateway, after filling in all your details, where you can pay for the service.

Once you make the payment for second opinion services, you just have to wait and relax while our team of skilled and certified medical experts review your case to ensure it is complete and in order before assigning it to a board for review.

Once you successfully book a second opinion service with ThinkTwice, our team will reach out to you and make sure all your uploaded medical details are in place. Meanwhile, our board of specialists will collaborate on our platform to prepare a comprehensive second opinion report on your diagnosis. You will receive a comprehensive report in 3-5 working days.

Yes, we follow HIPAA compliance and GDPR practices. All patient health data is confidential and protected by our advanced technology.

Our team at ThinkTwice is always there to assist you in case you have queries after receiving your report. Our reports are extensive and detailed. In the rare case, you might feel a need to get a follow-up consultation, you can book a teleconsultation with experts on our telemedicine page. Yes, you will have to pay for this follow-up consultation.

If you opt for a video second opinion, you will also have the option to raise a request for teleconsultation with your doctor and clear any doubts you might have regarding your final report. However, in the case of a written second opinion, there is no such option. You can always get in touch with ThinkTwice patient care team to resolve your queries or book a teleconsultation separately by visiting our telemedicine page.

It will take about 3-5 working days to receive the final second opinion report.

You will be asked to upload all your medical history, prescriptions, case files, DICOM scans, pathological reports, and other relevant data. This is to ensure you receive an accurate and comprehensive second opinion from our panel of board-certified doctors.

Medical Travel

Our self-service discovery platform empowers our consumers with all the right information that must be essential for making the right healthcare decision. You now have an option to explore several treatments at our 450+ world-class hospitals in multiple locations overseas and access our patient concierge services for the most pleasing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MediGence is a global platform that helps you navigate through your options for medical treatment abroad while offering additional services like personalized patient care, on-ground support, and others without any additional charges. We will assist you to arrive at the right treatment decision for a hassle-free experience.

We have certified healthcare providers in over 20 countries. Based on your destination preference, you can expect us to share two to three different hospital options and surgeon recommendations to choose from.

All the reports that we receive are stored in HIPAA compliant storage servers. The medical records that you provide are only shared with the selected healthcare providers for opinion. The reports shared with them can only be viewed and cannot be downloaded at any step.

Once you send us an inquiry, one of the assigned patient advisory executives will reach out to you within 12 hours. Also, the treatment plan with multiple options and opinions on medical history is shared within 24 hours to 96 hours, depending on the choice of destination.

MediGence provides end-to-end support required before, during, and after travel. This includes visa assistance, arranging logistics, clinical support and coordination, and grievance management.

MediGence selects the hospital and doctor for recommendation after carefully considering your clinical status, diagnosis as well as treatment requirement, budget, travel convenience as well as preference. We leave the decision to the patient and their family to choose any one of the recommended options. However, if requested, we provide the recommendations as well.

We only work with accredited and certified hospitals. Additionally, doctors on our panel are experienced and renowned specialists who are a part of professional organizations in their respective fields.

Our partner hospitals abroad offer all kinds of medical treatment, including organ transplantation, oncology, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, infertility treatment, cardiac surgery, general surgery, and weight loss procedures.

You can send us the inquiry by filling the form on our website. Otherwise, you can send us an email at [email protected] or call us on (+1) 4242834838.

We do not charge anything from our patients for the services that we provide to them. We are paid a referral fee by the healthcare partner where the patient receives treatment. We only charge a nominal service fee for organ transplantation cases.

We assist you throughout your medical travel experience broadly during three stages:

  • Before Treatment

    Expert Opinion | Discovery of healthcare Provider | Visa Assistance | Flights | Doctor Consultation | Stay

  • During Treatment

    Air Ambulance | Airport Transfers | Dedicated Patient Case Manager | Case Management | Billing | Managing Schedules | Hospital Communication | Discharge

  • Post Treatment

    Recovery and Rehabilitation | Telemedicine | Follow ups | Recommendations based on progress

Pre-Bundled Packages

Seeking quality treatment with some additional benefits abroad? We have Remarkable, Value-based Pre-bundled Packages for 100+ procedures that bring down the cost to Save up to 30% on the total healthcare spend without compromising on the quality of services & treatment.

It comes with the special benefit of “Book Now & Travel Anytime”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Promotion and packages is a special service offering for our patients that allows them to avail additional benefits on top of the regular treatment at the hospital. The packages refer to pre-negotiated bundled pricing that allows you to save up to 20% of the treatment cost while availing additional benefits such as complimentary hotel stay, 1-day city tour, and teleconsultation with the treating specialist.

-Access our special packages at
-Search for the treatment (package) you’re looking for by destination/specialty
-Choose the package you’re interested in
-Click Book@10% to reserve the benefits
-Enter the requested details
-Make the payment through our secured payment gateway
An email confirmation will be sent to you and a patient advisory executive will be assigned to you for whom the details will be made available on your dashboard.

When you book the package online on MediGence, you right away avail the discount along with unmatched benefits which are not being offered by the hospital directly.

There are multiple additional benefits that patients booking the package online can avail. Some of these additional benefits include up to 20% discount in the treatment amount, a 1-day city tour, complimentary hotel stay for up to 5 nights, and much more. However, the overall patient care services by MediGence remain the same for all.

Yes, a free telemedicine consultation with the treating doctor is a complimentary benefit we are offering, which typically costs anywhere from 50 to 160 USD, depending on the hospital you choose.

The patient care executive assigned to you will get in touch with you concerning the next steps related to medical travel such as making airline reservations, booking an appointment at the hospital, and arranging logistics as per the preferred arrival dates.

Yes, you can claim a full refund of the amount paid if the trip is canceled. All you have to do is write an email to us at [email protected] and provide us the reference number.

Yes, you can book the package to freeze the benefits and travel anytime later.

There is validity attached to every package.

Unfortunately, to avail of the benefits, you have to book the package online.

Review & Ratings

To stay true to our vision “Enabling better healthcare decisions”, it becomes our responsibility to build the community of contributors, seekers and providers to help the ecosystem with the most genuine reviews and ratings which currently is most fragmented. The whole idea is for one to learn from one’s experience when it comes to choosing healthcare provider for the medical treatment.

For a Reviewer, For the Community, For Healthcare Provider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our review and rating product (revU) is an intelligent and community-based review platform that focuses on the niche problem related to the patient experience. Sharing a genuine experience helps in building a better healthcare experience for everybody. The platform is open for all patients around the world to share their experience with the hospital and the doctor and rate their services.

Yes, you can write a review for the hospital or a doctor even if you have not availed of our services.

The Review and Rating platform has been built considering the apprehensions of the medical travelers and to provide a genuine, transparent, and 360-degree review of the hospital or doctor they are planning to visit for their treatment. Your review matters to the patients who are planning to seek medical treatment abroad and to their families, who want them to be in the best hands.

Yes. Reviews that are posted for healthcare providers (hospitals and doctors) are sent to them via an automated email as soon as they are posted. They can even reply to the feedback posted for them.

We keep track of the digital signatures of the reviewer and also have an algorithm to check the details of each review against the fact-based evidence. . If a review is found unauthentic or uses inappropriate language, it is deleted from the system and the reason is sent to the reviewer.

Writing a review requires you to register/log in using the OTP to our website Search for the hospital or doctor, you wish to write the review for Click on Write a Review and that’s it

We do not offer any benefits or rewards for writing the review.

Yes, as long as you or your family members have had an experience of availing healthcare services from them.

“Claim a Profile” is meant for the healthcare providers (hospitals and doctors) to own their profile on our website to be able to reply to the reviewers. “Write a Review” is meant for the reviewers or patients who have availed the services of the healthcare providers.

You can write 2 reviews per month.