In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Turkey

InVitro Fertilization is a common procedure that is opted by people who are not able to have a baby on their own by any natural process. It comes under the assisted reproductive procedures, meaning that the reproduction is helped to take place by external factors.

In vitro fertilization is common as well as a very safe procedure. This can be attributed to the fact that there are no cuts or any pain that will be caused to the female or the male during the procedure. And hence it is preferred to be done in experienced countries like Turkey. Turkey has a high concentration of hospitals and medical institutes that offer the In vitro fertilization procedure at very affordable rates.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

59 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 3000

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason that draws women to the In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey is the level of care and also the cost in turkey. IVF may require the woman to undergo many cycles of trying. And this only increases the cost of the treatment. In many places, the In vitro fertilization treatment is not done the first time properly so that the patient comes again, but this is not allowed and followed in Turkey because of the strict compliance rules as well as the experience of the doctors.

The In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey is extremely safe and professional. Some of the reasons for this are the advanced medical equipment that Turkey has in its hospitals. Turkey also has very strict rules regarding healthcare much like the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). Thus, the hospitals in Turkey are bound to follow these rules. Moreover, the cost of the treatment Is low in turkey, so bad word spreads fast and may hamper the inflow of patients. Thus medical institutions maintain a very high level of vigilance and safety when it comes to the In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey.

The success rates of the In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey is very high and is comparable to most modern and advanced countries like the United States or England. This is because of the number of experienced doctors in Turkey are very high, especially for the fertilization and the assisted reproductive treatments.

The average cost for the In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey is very much lesser than the cost for the same treatment in other countries like the USA. The average cost for the In vitro fertilization treatment in turkey for a single cycle can range anywhere between (USD 5500 to USD 7200)four thousand euros and six thousand euros. The cost is also dependent on things like stay and boarding in Turkey. The accommodation in turkey will be easy to find because the number of tourists is always high in Turkey, so there will be close places to stay in.

  • Medicana Hospitals Group

    This is one of the most famous and sought after medical institutions in turkey for the In vitro fertilization treatment. They also have one of the highest success rates for the In vitro fertilization treatment in all of Turkey, this hospital is located in Istanbul. And it is close to some of the ways to travel internationally like the international airport.

  • Anadolu Medical Centre

    This is another popular center that tourists who come to turkey for medicinal purposes go to. The reason being that it has a very good staff on call as well as some of the top fertilization specialists for the In vitro fertilization treatment in Turkey as doctors. The level of care that the hospital provides is also commendable and is on par with hospitals in other developed countries. This particular hospital is situated in Gebze / Kocaeli, Turkey.

  • LIV Hospital

    This hospital has some of the most experienced doctors in the field of assisted reproductive facilities working for them. Also, the medical equipment is very advanced and is handled by through professionals who are all licensed. This hospital is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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