Chemotherapy is a form of remedy which is used to eliminate cancerous cells, viruses, bacteria, and fungi from its very roots. During the procedure, the medications assassinate the cancer cells which is inclusive of the cells of the digestive tract, bone marrow, and hair follicles. During this procedure, the healthy cells are also eliminated which might lead to the cause of many side effects. It is used to eliminate cancer from its very roots so that it cannot spread all over the body thereby saving the life of a man. This therapy is provided together with radiation therapy and is given before or after radiation therapy.  To start with the procedure the cycle of the therapy is decided by the doctor and provided accordingly. Many a time, a long gap is kept between the therapies so that the healthy and new cells can be produced. Chemotherapy can be given both in a hospital or in a home. To provide it in a home the caretakers and the family members must be trained properly. The number of sessions also depends on the stage and the type of cancer. Due to chemotherapy, a person can start losing out hairs, undergo constant pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and many others.   

Chemotherapy in Thailand

Siraj Cancer Centre is the oldest and renowned centers providing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments in Thailand.  To provide chemotherapy in Thailand a doctor or a medical professional must be highly expert and skilled. In addition, Thailand is one of the leading medical tourism destinations now. 

Cost Comparison

The cost of chemotherapy in Thailand depends on the stage of cancer, on the age of the person, the medical history, and the number of chemo sessions required as directed by a cancer specialist. The cost of Chemotherapy in Thailand starts at USD 900, which is comparatively lower than in most western countries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Thailand, the value of chemotherapy in Thailand is lesser than any other western country in the world. But the advantageous part of taking treatment in Thailand is that you will get the suggestion of highly experienced doctors.The cost of chemotherapy in Thailand starts from 11,284.87 USD, but it varies with some affecting factors.

There are many factors that make an impact on the cost of chemotherapy. The following factors are associated with the cost of chemotherapy in Thailand.

  • What kinds of cancer treatment one needs.
  • How many sessions of chemotherapy you needed.
  • Facilities of the hospitals you choose for your cancer treatment.
  • The reputation of the doctors.

  Apart from these factors mentioned above, there are more reasons for price variations.

The top hospitals in Thailand offer you the best cancer specialists or Oncologists. Among them, the names of Dr. Adisorn Boonyapiban, Dr. Angkoon Anuwong, Dr. Wichit Arpornwirat, Dr. Yenrudee Poomtavaron, Dr. Auchai Kanjanapitak, Dr. Charuwan Ankenlopcan, Dr. Potjana Jitawatanarat can be mentioned in the top list.

There are several reputable hospitals in Thailand where you can go through successful chemotherapy. Among the top hospitals in Thailand, Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, BNH Hospital,Bangpakok 9 International Hospital are famous for their high facility and world-renowned cancer specialists.

The success rate of chemotherapy in Thailand is quite high. People from different countries come to Thailand because the treatment price is lesser than in most countries. Along with highly progressive facilities and reputable doctors, the hospitals in Thailand also offer trained medical staff. For those unavoidable factors, the success rate of chemotherapy is so high in Thailand.

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