Brain Tumor Treatment in India

Brain Tumor Treatment Cost in India

When a group of abnormal cells begins to grow in or around the brain, it is known as Brain Tumor. Tumors have the ability to destroy the healthy cells of the brain directly. Moreover, brain tumor has the potential to damage the healthy cells by accumulating other parts of the brain resulting in brain swelling, inflammation, and pressure in the skull. Brain tumors are basically of two forms namely malignant or benign. A tumor which is malignant is known as Brain Cancer and grows quickly and enters the healthy areas of the brain whereas the benign brain tumors are free of cancer cells and generally grow at a slow pace. There are ordinarily two different categories of Brain Tumor namely primary and metastatic. Primary Brain Tumors forms in the brain itself whereas the Metastatic Brain Tumor is created when the cancerous cells move to the brain from some other body part.

The classification of Brain Tumor is done by the location of the tumor, the type of tissue involved, a form of tumor, and a lot many other factors. When a tumor is defined as malignant, the tumor cells are observed under a microscope to figure out the intensity of malignancy. Once, the level of malignant is known, the tumors are graded or rated for their malignancy from least to most malignant. The factors that are responsible for the grading of the tumor are the speed of cancer cells growth, amount of blood supplying the cancer cells, the presence of dead cells in the midst of tumor, and many more.

Although the actual cause of Brain Tumor is unknown, yet it is said that the Brain Tumor occurs due to genetic and environmental factors.  The common symptoms that can be found in person with Brain Tumor are seizures, nausea, memory loss, headaches, behavioral changes, vomiting, hearing, and vision loss.

Cost Comparison

India is the most recognized place wherein one can undergo the treatment of Brain Tumor at highly affordable prices. The low-cost treatment does not reflect the quality of the treatment at all because in India, lower the treatment rate, higher the treatment quality. The price that one needs to pay for the Brain Tumor Treatment in India is much lower than what one needs to pay in the western world like the countries United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. In other words, the cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in India is 30 to 50 percent lower as compared to the rest of the world.

To get a clear idea about the approximate cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in India, it is safe to say that it is around $3,000 to $7,600. The same treatment costs much higher in the various other well-recognized countries. For instance, the cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in the USA, UK, Thailand and Singapore are $15,000 to $55,000, $12,000 to $45,000, $3,800 to $9,500 and $4,500 to $11,500 respectively. In addition, the average cost of Pituitary Brain Tumor in India is $1,300 to $6,500 whereas in the USA, UK, Thailand and Singapore, the average cost for the same treatment is $8,000 to $45,000, $6,400 to $36,000, $1,800 to $8,000 and $2,000 to $9,500 respectively.

However, one should never forget the fact that the price for every kind of Brain Tumor Treatment depends on several factors out of which here are some of the most common factors –

  • Type of Treatment

  • Doctor’s expertise

  • Patient’s medical history

  • Type of hospital

  • Location of the hospital

  • Brand value of the hospital

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Why should you go for Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

India is recognized all over the world for its low-cost Brain Tumor Treatment. India sees endless patients coming from different parts of the world in order to treat their Brain Tumor in the best way possible. India boasts of internationally-credited medical professionals who are expert in the field of Brain Tumor Treatment which is one of the top reasons why so many foreign patients make their way to India.

The best hospitals of India comprise of state-of-the-art medical amenities and modern treatment techniques so that the patients could be given the highest quality treatment possible. The Indian medical centers have highly-expensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging equipment which also includes Asia’s most advanced CT and MRI technology. Best Indian Hospitals provide the best imaging facilities such as EMG, EEG, Sensation 10 CT Scanner, OPMI Multivision, functional MRI with Spectroscopy, and many more.

Each and every patient is looked upon with the utmost care and attention. Due to such reasons, India is chosen over the other highly-developed countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, and a lot more.

What is the average cost of Brain Tumor Treatment in India?

The average Brain Tumor Treatment cost in India is $3,000 to $7,600. However, the final cost of the treatment depends strictly on various factors and some of the highly-relatable factors are –

  • Type of treatment

  • Type of hospital

  • Patient’s medical history

  • Doctor’s expertise

  • Brand value of the hospital

  • Location of the hospital

Which are the top 10 Brain Tumor Treatment Centers in India?

India consists of various best hospitals for the treatment of Brain Tumor. But, the top 10 Brain Tumor Treatment Centers in India are –

  • Fortis Hospitals

  • Apollo Hospital

  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

  • Max Super Specialty Hospital

  • Artemis Hospital

  • Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

  • Medanta The Medicity

  • Manipal Hospital

  • BLK Super Specialty Hospital

  • P.D. Hinduja Hospital

Which are the top Neurosurgeons/ Cancer Surgeons in India?

India is full of highly-professional doctors for the treatment of Brain Tumor. However, if you want to know about the top Neurosurgeons for Brain Tumor in India, they are –

  • Dr. Sandeep Vaishya

  • Dr. Rana Patir

  • Dr. Sudhir Dubey

  • Dr. Anirban Deep Banerjee

  • Dr. Madhusudan HV

What are the various procedures for Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

The various procedures for the Brain Tumor Surgery in India are –

  • Biopsy

In this type of surgical procedure, a small part of the tumor is removed in order to get confirmation on the diagnosis. That particular part of the tumor is then observed closely under the microscope in order to detect the type of the tumor. A biopsy can be carried out either as a separate procedure or as a part of the surgery to get rid of the tumor.

  • Craniotomy

It is one of the most common surgeries done for the eradication of the brain tumor. In the word Craniotomy, “crani” refers to ‘skull’ and “otomy” refers to ‘cutting into’. The derivation of the word ‘Craniotomy’ itself signifies the whole procedure wherein a section of the scalp is shaved in order to make an incision through the skin. Afterward, a part of the skull bone is removed to expose the surgical area and eventually the tumor is taken out of the brain.

  • Shunt

Due to the brain tumor, many patients develop increased intracranial pressure. To make certain that the pressure is relieved; a procedure is carried out where the additional or blocked fluid is drained out. A shunt is basically a narrow and flexible tube which is also known as ‘catheter’ and it is inserted into one of the many ventricles of the brain. The other end of the tube is strung under the scalp towards the neck and still being within the scalp, it is strung to another body cavity wherein the extra fluid is absorbed or drained out.

Which are the top cities for Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

One can get the best treatment for Brain Tumor in many cities of India; however, the top cities for Brain Tumor Surgery in India are –

  • Delhi

  • Mumbai

  • Bangalore

  • Chennai

  • Hyderabad

What are the factors affecting the cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

There are many factors that affect the Brain Tumor Surgery cost in India. Some of the most common factors are –

  • Type of tumor

  • Type of treatment

  • Type of hospital

  • Status of hospital

  • Surgeon’s expertise

  • Patient’s medical history

  • Location of the hospital

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