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Top Hospitals in Singapore

Top Hospitals in Singapore

The Ministry of Health under the Government of Singapore is the one which supervises Healthcare in Singapore. Most of the hospitals of Singapore are regulated by the Government, whereas few hospitals fall under the category of private.

Basically, Singapore consists of an extensive and well-organized healthcare system. In the list of World’s health systems which was held in the year 2000 and organized by the World Health Organization, Singapore was positioned at number 6th spot. In the year 2014, Bloomberg ranked Singapore on top for having the most efficient healthcare system in the world. Moreover, according to the Bloomberg Global Health Index, Singapore was ranked number 1 healthiest country in Asia and number 4 in all over the world. As per the Towers Watson, Singapore comprises of one of the most effective healthcare systems in the whole world due to its efficiency in financing and the results achieved in community health outcomes. Towers Watson also claims that the features of the Singapore healthcare system are unique and it would be quite a difficult task to imitate such kind of healthcare system in the other countries.

Since many years, Singapore has remained one of the most preferred destinations in the world in terms of medical tourism. The top hospitals of Singapore are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) which puts a stamp on these hospitals’quality medical services. Not to mention, even the blood bank supply of Singapore is regarded as the safest in the world. Therefore, it is quite evident why Singapore is among the best places for medical tourism all over the globe.

Cost Comparison

Singapore boasts of countless highly-qualified medical professionals that includes internationally-trained doctors, experienced nurses, and other medical staffs. Not to forget, the hospitals of Singapore are also one of a kind as their infrastructure is outstanding and the health amenities provided in here are exceptional. Most of the Public, as well as Private hospitals, have earned international accreditation.

Although, the top-quality healthcare system and highly-talented medical specialists are some of the best reasons why people choose to come to Singapore to treat themselves. However, another most common reason why foreigners opt for Singapore is its low-cost medical treatment. Besides, who doesn’t want to get an extremely professional treatment at extremely low cost as compared to the United States of America, Turkey, Israel and a lot more?

Yet, there is one important reminder which must be given proper attention. The final cost of any treatment that you seek in Singapore can get affected by various factors such as –

  • Location of the hospital

  • Type of hospital

  • Reputation of hospital

  • Area of treatment

  • Type of treatment

  • Medical history

  • Expertise of doctor

There are a lot many factors affecting the total cost of medical treatment, however, the aforementioned are the most common of all.

5 Clinics in Singapore




Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Singapore
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore is the latest and a recent addition to the Mount Elizabeth legacy. This is a highly advanced and modern hospital that marks the beginning of a new era in the field of tertiary care medical treatments. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital features more than 250 specialist physician suites that provide comprehensive tertiary care healthcare to patients from across the world. The hospital interiors have been tastefully designed to provide an enhanced hospital experience to patients, in addition to quality healthcare. The hospital undoubtedly holds Singapore’s reputation as one of the leading and the premier destinations… Read More




Gleneagles Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Singapore
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore is a multispecialty healthcare facility, located extremely close to the center of the local shopping district. Situated close to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this hospital is accessed by thousands of patients from within the country and abroad primarily because of its location that can be easily approached by a patient looking forward to high-quality treatment. Gleneagles Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), which is an internationally recognized agency that has a strong commitment towards quality healthcare, which reflects in its standards for patient and staff safety. The hospital, through its quality of services, has a set a… Read More




Parkway East Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Singapore
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Parkway East Hospital in Singapore is one of the most established and oldest hospitals in the country. This hospital, located in Telok Kurau and formerly known as the East Shore Hospital, was established back in 1942. Since then, the staff at the hospital has treated and provided healthcare services to thousands of domestic as well as international patients travelling for quality and affordable treatment services. Parkway East Hospital started off as a clinic and a maternity hospital. It was taken over by businessmen and doctors multiple times before it was finally established as an acute care centre with a 24-hour… Read More




Thomson Medical Center: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Singapore
Located at Thomson Road in Singapore, Thomson Medical Center is a 190 bedded premier hospital specializing in Gynecology, Fertility, Pediatrics and Dermatology from the Thomson Medical Group. Over the years TMC has expanded to include new specializations as it aims to become the primary healthcare center in Asia. The group is a trusted name in healthcare in Asia with hospitals and centers across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Highlights 190 Beds 24-hr Outpatient Family Clinic as well as range of fertility clinics First Hospital to have an IVF Clinic in its premises. In 2009 TMC Singapore set up Singapore’s first dedicated… Read More




Mount Elizabeth Hospital: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Singapore
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a multispecialty healthcare facility operated by Parkway Health. The hospital officially started its operations in 1979. Since then, it has been offering quality healthcare services to patients from all walks of life and empowering them with an easy access to high-end and world-class diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitative services. The Mount Elizabeth Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is an internationally recognized healthcare facility that offers certifications to hospitals that offer highest standard and quality of care and services to its patients and swear by the patient safety guidelines established by the organizations.… Read More


Why should you opt for medical treatment in Singapore?

The reason why everyone who is seeking for medical treatment in a foreign country should opt for Singapore is that it provides first-class treatment at highly-affordable rates. As far as the medical facilities of Singapore hospitals go, it is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. The best hospitals in Singapore boasts of modern and high-tech medical technologies which are at par with the well-developed countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, etc.

The top hospitals of Singapore are also accredited with JCI which helps the abroad patients to take a sigh of relief and trust the medical services of Singapore more easily. The doctors at these top-rated Singaporean hospitals are highly-experienced and internationally-trained as well. Even the other members of the medical staff are equally talented in their respective fields.

Apart from the excellent healthcare services provided by the hospitals of Singapore, the other key reason why people choose Singapore as their ultimate medical destination is the reasonable cost treatment. Countries like the USA, Turkey, etc., are known for their top-quality services, however, the medical treatment in such countries will cost you heavily as compared to Singapore where you will have to pay a minimal amount for the same treatment. All these reasons are more than enough to prove why Singapore is considered as the best medical tourism option in the world.

Which are the top hospitals in Singapore for medical treatment?

Not one but many hospitals in Singapore are best in the country. However, there are many which are known as the best of all. Hence, the top hospitals in Singapore for medical treatment are –

  • Singapore General Hospital

  • National University Hospital

  • Gleneagles Hospital

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospitals

  • Changi General Hospital

Who are the top doctors in Singapore for medical treatment?

Singapore houses many professionally-talented medical specialists who have gained their respective expertise from various international countries and have years of experience in their particular area of interests. Yet, there are some doctors who are considered best in all over Singapore. So, the top doctors in Singapore for medical treatment are –

  • Dr. Benjamin Mow Ming Fook

  • Dr. TayEng Hseon

  • Dr. Chua Jun Jin

  • Dr. Tan Yah Yuen

  • Dr. Lim Jit Fong

Which are the most sought-after treatments for which people travel to Singapore?

International patients travel to Singapore to undergo various treatments, however, there are some medical treatments which makes Singapore highly-popular in the respective treatment. So, the most sought-after treatments for which people travel to Singapore are –

  • Orthopedics

  • Cardiology

  • Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

  • Dentistry

  • Ophthalmology

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