Patient from Kyrgyzstan Underwent a Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Patient from Kyrgyzstan Underwent a Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery in India
  • Patient Name : Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila
  • From Country : Kyrgyzstan
  • Destination Country : India
  • Procedure : Robotic Double Knee Replacement
  • Hospital : Fortis Hospital, Gurugram

Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila, a 72 years old lady from Kyrgyzstan, underwent successful Robotic Double Knee Replacement Surgery at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram in India. Ms. Lyudmila was struggling with shrilling knee pain and experienced curved knee when standing or walking.


Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila, aged 72 from Kyrgyzstan, complaint of chronic knee pain which was due to deteriorating osteoarthritis.

She first suffered from knee pain nearly 15 years ago (post-menopause), which had worsened in the last 5 years. Ms. Lyudmila has since then struggled with shrilling knee pain when standing or walking. She had also developed curved knees, which didn’t allow her to make any leg movements comfortably. This was a challenge for her as she lives alone and had to manage everything by herself.

Her son who lives in Canada, Mr. Aleksandr Lyudmila, wanted to help her mother get rid of this pain so that she can go back to living a normal and pain-free life. He started to search online for bilateral knee replacement surgery. This research led Mr. Lyudmila to MediGence, through which he raised an inquiry for his mother’s treatment by filling up the form.

He was contacted by the Patient Relationship Team at MediGence and as they indulged in a conversation, Mr. Lyudmila realized that nowadays computerized or robotic knee replacement surgery is quite popular, less painful, and successful as well.

During the conversation, Mr. Lyudmila showed great interest in Turkey and India as the preferred destinations for his mother’s treatment. The team took Mr. Lyudmila’s queries regarding treatment and provided him the best possible options for treatment in both these countries.

Although Mr. Lyudmila was in touch with several medical tourism facilitators at the moment, he was swiped by the team’s quick responsiveness and detailed information. On the basis of the team’s recommendation, they chose Dr. Subhash Jangid, Robotic and Computer Navigated joint reconstruction surgeon at Fortis Memorial Research Hospital in Gurugram, India.

The Lyudmila family was very tight on their schedule and they wanted the admission to ta place as soon as they arrived with surgery being planned for the next day. MediGence managed it very carefully in coordination with the doctor and made sure that no decision is taken in a hurry and paid attention to every aspect of it.


Ms. Lyudmila arrived in Delhi on 21st July 2019. They were received and safely accommodated at their hotel by MediGence Patient Care team. They were picked up from the hotel by the assigned Patient Care executive and taken to the hospital for their first consultation with Dr. Subhash Jangid. After initial investigations and tests, Ms. Lyudmila was admitted the same day with the surgery scheduled the next day of the first consultation.


Ms. Lyudmila’s Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery was completed early morning on 23rd July 2019. The latest Oxinium, Genesis II Implants were used in the surgery. The surgery was successful and she was shifted to their room by the same afternoon after having spent a few hours in the recovery.

The team got her room category upgraded from sharing to a private category without any additional charges. Ms. Lyudmila could feel the sensation in her feet normally without any complications. Dr. Jangid advised her to keep moving her feet slowly and steadily from time to time so that free-flowing blood circulation is maintained. She was advised for six physiotherapy sessions post-surgery.

MediGence fixed the appointment with an expert physiotherapist for Ms. Lyudmila. Over approximately two weeks. Ms. Lyudmila completed all six physiotherapy sessions successfully. By the end of these two weeks, Ms. Lyudmila was able to walk with ease as compared to just after the surgery.


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The surgery was as successful as it could be. MediGence did not only manage her travel operationally but also at the clinical level by initiating discussions with Dr. Jangid at a personal level on the family’s behalf even before they traveled.

Post-surgery and after completion of her all six physiotherapy sessions, Ms. Lyudila was able to walk on her feet freely with ease and comfort, and without her walker support. Also, the shape of her legs due to her bow knees had improved after the surgery. Happy and relieved, Ms. Bobylev Lyudmila and her son Mr. Aleksandr Lyudmila took their flight back to Kyrgyzstan on 7th August.

Team MediGence wishes Ms. Lyudmila a great and healthy life ahead!

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