Spine Surgery in U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)

Spine Surgery in U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)

The United Arab Emirates or popularly known as the UAE is one of the go-to destinations for performing spinal fusion surgery. You may have to get this procedure performed if you have suffered any trauma to the spinal region. Usually, people who need to have their spine or the vertebrae (the small circular type of bones that form the spine) stabilized or for patients who need to have their spine decompressed, have this surgery performed by the advice of their medical practitioner.  The UAE has a number of specialties that they offer to patients that have this surgery performed, moreover, the hospitals and centers centres in the UAE have some of the best machines that can be used to perform this surgery.

Cost Comparison.

The cost of having spine surgery done in the UAE is pretty much less expensive than having it performed in the so-called advanced western countries like the United Kingdom or the United States of America. People who have a lot of leg pain due to more pressure on their spinal cords and the nerves inside them usually take painkillers on a daily basis to manage the often un-tolerable pain. This is where doctors usually recommend spinal fusion surgery. Besides, taking painkillers daily Is not the solution. It not only damages your liver; painkillers often have a huge array of side effects that can make some other pre-existing or underlying conditions worse.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

7 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 16000


About the Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgery is a type of a spinal procedure used to join two or more bones permanently in the spine and to prevent movement between them. The bones that are joined are called as vertebrae. Spinal fusion surgery is performed along with other surgical procedures such as foraminotomy or laminectomy and after diskectomy in the neck. It is required if the patient has an injury or a fracture of the vertebrae. The spine will become weak due to an infection or tumors. Spinal fusion is also performed in abnormal curvatures that result from scoliosis or kyphosis.

How is Spinal Fusion performed?

This surgical procedure usually takes around three to four hours. The surgeon makes a surgical cut and views the spine. Surgeries such as a diskectomy, laminectomy, or a foraminotomy, are conducted first followed by spinal fusion.

Spinal fusion may be done on the back or neck or spine. The patient is made to lie with face down. The spine is exposed by separating the muscles and tissue. If surgery is on the lower back, the surgeon will use retractors to separate soft tissues and blood vessels. A graft is used to fuse the bones permanently. The surgeon gets the bone graft from other parts of the body, which is called autograft. Sometimes a bone substitute may also be used to fill in the space between the vertebrae and form a single long bone.

Recovery from Spinal Fusion

Pain medications will be given either by mouth or through an intravenous line. You will be taught the ways to stand properly, walk, sit and stand. You will not be able to eat for two to three days. Nutrients will be given through an intravenous route. You have to wear a bracelet after leaving the hospital. The surgeon will provide instructions to the patient regarding home care after surgery. Spinal fusion alleviates nerve pain by creating more space around the spinal cord and nerve roots. This surgery reduces post-decompressive deformity. The spine fusion surgery corrects any deformity which is present before surgery. The surgery ensures normal alignment of the spine. Laser spine institute can perform spinal fusion surgery in minimally invasive manner.

Sometimes spinal fusion can lead to more back pain and prolongs the recovery time. Inflammation and scaring is also possible after the surgery. Due to nerve irritation, pain or weakness can also occur. The fused segment may also cause stress near the fusion. Inform the doctor immediately in case you suffer from breathing problems or witness signs of infection.

Patient Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you opt for Lumbar Decompression Surgery in U.A.E?

The UAE has proven itself as a pioneer in the field of medical technology, the lumbar decompression surgery or as it is usually called, the spinal fusion surgery is performed on a regular basis in the best hospital in the UAE. Thus, the experience of the doctors in the UAE is unmatched with many developed countries as well.

What is the average cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery in U.A.E?

The best hospitals and medical research institutes housed in the UAE use only the latest technology that the leading companies in the field of medicine provide, this could be a fact that millionaires and billionaires often travel to the UAE to have surgeries like the spinal fusion surgery performed. This does not mean that the cost of the surgery is exorbitant in the UAE, it just goes to show that the worlds richest also choose UAE over other countries. On the other side of the spectrum, other people who are in the middle-classed societies also travel to the UAE to have surgeries like the Lumbar Decompression Surgery. The average cost of the surgery is about 17000 dollars. Which when compared to some other countries is far less.

Which are the top doctors and Hospitals for Spinal Fusion in U.A.E?

Some of the best medical research institutes and the best hospitals in the world are in the UAE. Some of the noted ones that people usually go to are:

  • Neuro Spinal Hospital: This is one of the best places in the UAE for spinal related problems. Located in Dubai. They have the best doctors for spine-related problems on call. They have state of the recovery suits in their hospital.

  • Burjeel Spinal clinic: The burjeel spine clinic Is one of the most well-known places for any spine related surgical procedures in Dubai. It has some of the leading medical equipment and scanning equipment in all of The United Arab Emirates.

  • Rak hospital: Rak is a multi-speciality hospital in the city of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. They feature some of the best physicians and implants in the industry.

How successful is spine surgery in U.A.E?

Spine surgery in the UAE is performed only by the best doctors. These medical practitioners have conducted spinal fusion surgeries on patients all over the world and have now recently immigrated to the UAE.

Is minimally invasive spine surgery available in U.A.E?

Yes, the minimally invasive type of spine surgery is available in some of the advanced medical centres in the United Arab Emirates. The minimally invasive surgery is a way to reduce the stress of surgery on the surrounding muscles. As the name suggests it involves using very small incisions to do the spine surgery, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing pain and swelling.

What is the health care infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates / Why should opt for the United Arab Emirates as a destination for your medical treatment?
The United Arab Emirates is counted among the most developed countries in the world in terms of healthcare benefits. UAE is home to some of the most progressed states and cities in the world which are praised for embracing modern advancements with open arms. Apart from the various other developments, the healthcare benefits, including the professionals and the infrastructure, are astounding. In contrast to the other major countries, the United Arab Emirates, however, does not charge an exorbitant fee in return for necessary treatment, which is why thousands of people opt UAE as their primary medical treatment destination. Besides, it is well-connected to various corners of the world which also makes it easily accessible by candidates all around.
What are the conditions of the hospitals in the United Arab Emirates? Are they JCI certified? What is the quality of the support staff in the hospitals?
The hospitals in the United Arab Emirates are known for providing exemplary services to the visitors. A high number of these hospitals and clinics are known for their incomparable patient interaction as well as infrastructure. The hospitals are very well-maintained and thus, pose least threat to survival. A large number of hospitals are known to be JCI approved as they have accomplished every infrastructural requisites as well as maintained a healthy medical environment to serve international tourists for healthcare purposes. Though there are several JCI approved hospitals in UAE, here are five popular ones among them:
  • American Hospital Dubai
  • International Modern Hospital
  • Dubai Hospital- DOHMS
  • Rashid Hospital- DOHMS
  • Oasis Hospital
One of the primary reasons for the hospitals bagging JCI accreditation is the quality of staffs working there. Not only the doctors and the surgeons serving patients, but also the support staffs are well-rounded to handle all kinds of situations to ensure quality support required by the candidates.
Are the doctors/surgeons in the United Arab Emirates of the best quality?
The doctors and surgeons in the United Arab Emirates are globally recognized for their service towards the medical field. Furnished with degrees from reputed universities and decades of training and experience, the doctors have earned high success rates throughout their professional career.
What is the process for obtaining a medical visa in the United Arab Emirates?
Certain countries allow visitors to enjoy visa-free entry for a period of 30 days, 90 days or 180 days, varying upon the country and the rules followed. In the UAE, the Patient Companion Visa and the UAE Medical Treatment Visa might be required, depending on the period of staying for medical purposes. Although the visas are arranged by the hospitals (in most cases) where treatment in being availed, yet the candidate must posses the following documents necessary for travelling and availing medical benefits from UAE:
  • Two passport size pictures of the candidate not older than six months
  • Valid passport (original and photocopy) which should not have expiration at least 6 months beyond the stipulated stay of the candidate
  • Valid proof of medical insurance showing the financial credibility
  • Medical certificate issued by the registered medical practitioner treating the candidate, clearly stating the requirement and the cause of the travel.
  • Acceptance letter from the medical practitioner to whom the candidate is being referred to.
What support services does MediGence provide in the United Arab Emirates?
Candidates availing treatment in a different country goes through high speculations. Besides the urgency and the immediate need for treatment, there are several other hassles, dealing which becomes tough for the individuals. Keeping in mind such dilemma, MediGence takes complete responsibility and provides umpteenth care so as to relieve the candidate from unnecessary exhaustion. Thus, the services provided are:
  • On-Ground Support
  • Teleconsultations
  • Visa Assistance
  • Accommodations Assistance
  • Free Airport to Hospital Transfer
  • Rehabilitation and recovery services
Which are the best cities in the United Arab Emirates for medical treatment?
The United Arab Emirates is known for housing some of the most advanced metropolises in the world. However, among them only a handful are renowned for the medical treatment facilities offered. Hence, some of the best cities for medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates are:
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sheikh
  • Sharjah

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