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Top Hospitals in Israel

Top Hospitals in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel is on the rise. The number of medical travelers visiting the country is increasing due to the affordable and quality treatment which the country is delivering. Various hospitals in Israel provide excellent treatment facilities coupled with a high standard of post-surgical care. The medical professionals of the country are qualified enough to deal with complex cases related to their therapeutic forte. Most hospitals of Israel have intensive infrastructure and modern facilities to manage complicated cases or to manage any complication during the treatment. Being one of the pioneers in manufacturing world-class medical equipment and diagnostic machines. The fertility centers of Israel are considered as one of the finest in the world. Following are the top hospitals of Israel having most-modern facilities and are capable of handling the cases related to various therapeutics categories:

Cost Comparison

Cost of treatment in Israel is significantly low as compared t developed countries such as the US and UK. Although known as one of the top countries with advanced infertility treatments, the average cost of standard IVF cycle in Israel is approximately $4000 while the same procedure costs almost $13000 to $20000 in the US and Europe. This difference is enough for the patient to travel to Israel. Cost of the treatment depends upon the variety of the factors and taking these factor into consideration, the cost would be significantly low as compared to developed countries. Although the treatment in Israel is costly than some countries such as Greece and Turkey but the quality of services in Israel is at par with developed countries. Various factors that affect the total cost of treatment in Israel include:

1) Type of medical surgery i.e. a general surgery would cost less as compared to bypass surgery or orthopedic surgery.

2) Other underlying medical condition that requires more comprehensive care and treatment would have an impact on the total cost of treatment.

3) Quality of diagnosis and Hospital’s infrastructure

4) Experience of Doctors and surgeons

5) Cost of medications

6) A requirement of rehabilitation services as in case of cardiac or orthopedic surgeries

7) Duration of treatment

8) Hospital’s success rate in performing a particular treatment

7 Clinics in Israel




Rabin Medical Center: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Israel
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Rabin Medical center is one of the major health centers in Israel with the use of new technology and highest levels of medical and nursing care. Rabin Medical Center has two hospitals under its umbrella:- Beilinson Hospital Hasharon Hospital Both hospitals of Rabin Medical Center (RMC) are JCI accredited hospital in quality and safety. Affiliated with University Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, RMC boasts of scientific research and medical achievement apart from top-notch medical care. Highlights of RMC 5000 complex heart cases managed by top Cardiologists in Israel at RMC 1200 people regained new lives at the Cardiothoracic… Read More




Assuta Medical Center is a leading private hospital in the capital city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Assuta is the biggest chain of hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel with four operational state-of –art advanced hospitals. The four hospitals include:- Ramat Ha Hayal Hospital Assuta Rishon Lezion Assuta Haifa Assuta Beersheeba Apart from the above the Assuta group also operates:- Assuta Ha Shalom – An advanced and innovative centre for medical examinations. Assuta Ashdod –… Read More




Sheba Medical Center located in Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv district of Israel is one of the premier institutes for medical service and education. Sheba is a comprehensive medical centre known for patient care and cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. Sheba Medical Center is a university-affiliated research hospital. With 1900 beds and 120 departments and clinics, Sheba is one of the largest hospitals in Israel welcoming patients from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Turkey and many other countries. All staff here speak English fluently which makes it easy for international travellers from Europe, Italy, US to communicate with… Read More




Lis Hospital in Israel is the leading health center in area maternity, women’s health and services for the newborns. The hospital is part of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center which is a large multi-specialty health facility in Israel. The hospital boasts of premium services coupled with cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced and qualified medical staff. Facilities:- 16 single bedrooms 2 Maternity wards 1 Perinatal in-patient unit for high-risk patients 1 Neonatal unit Separate… Read More
Tel Aviv Medical Center is one of the leading multi-disciplinary hospitals in Israel. The hospital with its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies offering world-class healthcare standards is one of the premier hospitals and a preferred destination for medical tourists coming to Israel from all over the world. Spanning an area of around 52 acres, the hospital comprises of 60 departments across its 5 institutions. Statistics report that the center on average oversees 101,000 admissions, 34000 surgical procedures,208000 emergency room visits and over 11000 deliveries. The hospital boasts of internationally trained specialists who strive to provide highest quality of medical care to… Read More




Herzliya Medical Center is a leading private hospital offering services across multiple disciplines to not only Israeli national but also medical tourists from abroad who come to Israel for quality treatment at best possible prices. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Israel with 7 operating rooms and treating around 8000 outbound patients on a daily basis. The hospital employs 350 doctors, 196 nurses including those with advanced certification. HMC’s patient-centric approach, personalized treatment by internationally trained doctors using most advanced technology and equipment is what makes this hospital a preferred choice amongst diplomats, UN Agencies, embassies and consulates.… Read More




Kaplan Medical Centre: Top Doctors, and Reviews | Best hospitals in Israel
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Kaplan Medical Center is a flagship brand of CLALIT Network, Israel’s largest health services provider. Kaplan is recognized as the Center of Excellence in various departments including Obstetrics &Gyn, ENT, Opthalmology and Pediatrics. KMC is well known for its life-saving procedures and major advances in medical research. KMC established in 1953 is one of the largest hospitals serving about 12% of Israel’s population. Built over an area of around 98000 square meters, the medical center is not just a hospital but also a teaching center for training of medical students and nurses with its affiliation to Hebrew University Medical School… Read More


What should you know about Healthcare in Israel?

Almost 50000 medical patients visited Israel in 2017 to get treated for various disease and the number is set to increase in the near future, thanks to the Israel Government that has regulated the medical tourism of Israel though new law. Israel is among the top ten countries of the world having a highly efficient healthcare system. Hospital of Israel is one of the top ten hospitals in the world. The standards of healthcare in Israel is implemented through highly advanced systems coupled with extensively trained medical and paramedical staff.

Which are the best Hospitals and Clinics in Israel for Medical Treatment?

Israel has hospitals with world class facilities along with quality infrastructure. Assuta hospital is one of the finest hospitals in Tel-Aviv. The quality of healthcare in some of the hospitals are on par with the best hospitals in the world. Following are the top hospitals and clinics in Israel:

1) Sheba Medical Center Hospital- Tel Hashomer

2) Assuta Medical Center, Tel Aviv

3) Soroka Medical Center, Beersheba

4) Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

5) Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, Ashdod

6) Rambam Medical Center, Haifa

7) Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot

What are the best doctors and surgeons for Medical Treatment in Israel?

Top doctors in Israel are:

1) Dr. Moshe Inbar, Oncologist, Assuta Medical Center

2) Dr. Shlomi Constantini, Neurosurgeon, Sourasky Medical Center

3) Shimon Rohkind, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Sourasky Medical Center

4) Dr. Yosef Shemesh, Cardiologist, Sheba Medical Center

5) Dr. Rina Leibo, Ophthalmologist, Rambam Medical Center

6) Dr. Nimrod Rozen, Orthopedics, Emek Medical Center

7) Dr. Ettie Maman, IVF specialist, Herzliya Medical Center

Which are the most sought-after medical treatments available in Israel?

Israel is a technologically advanced country in terms of the healthcare industry. The country is famous for manufacturing world-class medical equipment and the research facilities of the country are on par with the developed countries of the west. The treatment that is highly researched in the country is for cancer. The bone implants through tissue engineering technology have been successfully performed in Israel. Ophthalmic surgeries in the country are done with a high success rate. Israel has developed a new technology for hernia surgery with fast recovery and fewer complications. The country is also providing high-quality treatment for obesity. The research companies are also working on the concept of effectively melting the fat and preventing the formation of new fat cells. Israel also offers advanced treatment for infertility that is primarily done through IVF, cardiac surgery, bone marrow transplant, complex neurological conditions, psoriasis, dental disorders, and orthopedic injuries.

What is the success rate of various medical treatments in Israel?

In almost all the therapeutic category, the success rate of treatment in Israel is at par with the other developed countries. In some categories for example in IVF, the success rate is even higher than in other countries. This is the reason that patient from countries such as the US and Europe have opted for IVF in Israel. According to the statistics, the success rate in oncology, and cardiac surgery have more than 93% success rate while in case of neurological surgery, which is one of the most complexes, the success rate is about 85%.  

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