Hair Transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation, also known as hair transplant, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the placement of hair follicles in the areas of baldness. This procedure is recommended for people who wish to grow their mane after suffering from hair loss due to aging or underlying medical conditions such as alopecia. There are two methods by which hair transplant can be conducted – follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is an extremely popular procedure conducted at all major cosmetic clinics and hospitals. This procedure is conducted at the doctor’s clinic and does not require a hospital stay. The hair transplant experts in Turkey are highly experienced and skilled. They have helped thousands of patients from across the world so far with the help of the two specialized hair transplant procedures. Over the period of the last few years, Turkey has gained popularity as one of the most advanced cosmetic surgery hubs in the world.

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About the Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment has gained an immense popularity in the recent few years. This cosmetic treatment has offered a new hope to people who suffer from premature falling of hair and baldness. In fact, hair transplant not only helps those who suffer from baldness but also the ones who want a new look by altering their main and hairline. Many cosmetologists around the world offer hair transplant as an effective hair loss treatment that gives long-term and satisfying results.

This hair loss treatment is best suited for people who have lost confidence because of their receding hairline and baldness. It can boost confidence in people while improving their self-image and self-worth. However, it is necessary to talk to a good cosmetic surgeon before opting for this procedure and to analyze whether you are a candidate for it or not.

How is Hair Transplant performed?

This hair regrowth treatment is generally conducted in the doctor’s office. During this procedure, the hair already present on the scalp are used for transplant to the scalp area that has gone bald.

The surgeon first cleans the scalp and inject the medicine to numb the area. Depending on the approach used for transplantation, the surgeon may perform the following steps:

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

  • The surgeon removed a strip of skin from the back of the head.
  • The scalp is sewn, closed, and covered by surrounding hair.
  • The strip of skin is divided into tiny grafts with just one of a few more hair

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

  • The surgeon shaves the back of the scalp.
  • The follicles are removed one by one from the shaved area.
  • The area heals by itself and is covered by hair eventually.

Once the grafts are available, the surgeon created tiny holes in the targeted bald area and places each graft in a hole. The entire procedure takes around four to six hours to complete.Depending on the desired results and the outcomes of the procedure, another session may be conducted.

Recovery from Hair Transplant

You may experience extreme tenderness and soreness in the scalp after the procedure. This is why you will be required to take pain medications for at least a few days.

Additionally, you will have a bandage over your scalp for a few days. An anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic may be prescribed by the cosmetologist following the procedure. You will be able to return to a normal routine within two to five days of the procedure.

The transplanted hair usually fall out within a week or two of the procedure. However, the growth of new hair starts within a month of hair transplant. However, most people are able to see the growth of new hair after six to nine months.

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Some of the most sought after Healthcare Packages for Hair Transplant are:

Package NameCostBook Package
Hair Transplant in Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Nonthaburi, Thailand1850 USDBook Now
Hair Transplant in Medicana Camlica, Istanbul, Turkey1800 USDBook Now
Hair Transplant in Asian Health Center, Istanbul, Turkey1500 USDBook Now

Some of the best Doctors for Hair Transplant are:

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Best Hospitals for Hair Transplant are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you go for Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

One of the primary reasons for opting Turkey for hair transplantation services is because of the unparalleled treatment offered. The clinics are furnished with advanced medical facilities introduced for better results. Besides, the medical practitioners and cosmetic surgeons practicing here are renowned with decades of experience and are proficient enough to provide satisfactory results. Turkey has several multi specialty healthcare units that cater to the needs of the candidates and bless them with increased confidence.

What is the average cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is highly affordable making it one of the first choices for tourists all across the world. The clinics here charge an average fare varying from $1700 to $2000, which is 1/5th to 1/6th of the prices offered in Britain. Though the rates are extremely affordable, the medical benefits remain uncompromised.

What is the hair transplant cost in Istanbul?

Hair transplant cost in Istanbul varies from a minimum of $600 and may reach a maximum of $2000, inclusive of all. The prices are extremely affordable, which is why, Istanbul is rising to be the most preferred destination for cosmetic treatments. Apart from the affordable expense, the facilities offered in Istanbul sufficiently lure interested candidates on a global scale. The clinics here are facing rise in competition with every passing day, which is why, the facilities offered by them are being upgraded every next day. The goal is to offer the most lucrative packages at the best range which is hard to ignore. Hence, some of the best facilities offered are:

  • Thorough diagnosis of any underlying diseases which may affect the procedure of result in unwanted side effects or post-procedure complications
  • Multi specialty healthcare services which include luxurious staying option, incomparable services, and complete attention
  • Timely observation, as required by the candidate. Every individual, undergoing the procedure, is monitored throughout their treatment. This is to closely observe any kind of changes occurring due to the procedure. 
  • Best surgeons and medical practitioners who are enriched with experience, capable of providing the best in the entire world
  • Coverage of trip, inclusive of hotel and transport facilities, which means the candidate does not have to worry about the basic necessities.
What is the hair transplant cost in Antalya?

Antalya has one of the most well-connected networks in Turkey, which makes it a hot-spot among medical travel options. Antalya has several multispecialty clinics which are hand-picked in the entire country and are chosen for their best services. It is also one of the highly chosen places for hair transplant in Turkey especially because of the affordable prices offered. The cost of hair transplant varies as per the sets required, which is approximately $1700. However, the prices may vary as per the requirements of the candidate availing the procedure.

What is the cost of hair transplant in Ankara?

Ankara is also an exotic destination chosen for cosmetic procedures in Turkey. Hair transplant in Ankara is offered within an affordable price range, which is completely synchronized with the rates offered elsewhere in the country. The procedure is offered at an average price range of $1600- to $1800. The prices may vary according to the type of clinic chosen and the number of grafts the candidate requires in total.

What does the package in Hair Transplantation include in Turkey?

Hair transplant in Turkey can be pre-booked according to the package chosen by the candidates. Availing the information and fetching the bookings is extremely hassle-free, due to the accessibility through websites. The package includes all the services required, right from the time the candidate arrives to the airport. The residential bookings, as well as the transport is also provided by the multi-specialty clinics in the country. The package also covers hospital expenses, cost of the entire procedure, observatory stay (as required) and responsibly drops the candidate to the airport for departure. However, one must not forget, that the prices may vary as per the number of grafts required by the candidate.

What is the success rate of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The popularity of medical facilities offered by a country is directly dependent on the success rate of the procedure in that country. Turkey has always been one of the first options for people all across the world, which is why, candidates even from the Middle East as well as other European countries head to Turkey to fetch the best benefits. This is because, the surgeons performing the procedure have been recognized with prestigious degrees and decades of experience. Hence, the success rates of hair transplant in Turkey score an average of 98% with both short-term as well as long-term longevity. The candidates who have undergone hair transplant procedures in Turkey have left with satisfactory results and have also flaunted their new-found confidence.

Who are the top surgeons in Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

The top surgeons performing hair transplants in Turkey are admired because of their highest success rates. Apart from receiving their training from globally renowned medical universities, the surgeons have earned years of experience which makes them incomparable in the field. The superiority in the profession is determined by the excellent services they have been providing without fail, which has been praised by candidates who have received treatment from them. Some of the most renowned names providing unquestionable services in Turkey are Dr. Meltem Şentürk , Dr. Serkan Aygin, and many more who are serving in scores of clinics dotting the urban hubs of Turkey.

Which are the best clinics for Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The demand for procedures related to hair growth are increasing day by day, and with it, the number clinics and prices are also on the rise. The increase in option makes it quite difficult for the common people to choose the best for themselves. Thus, here are some of the best clinics in Istanbul suitable for successful hair transplant:

  • ClinMedica Hair Transplant in Turkey
  • Clinicana Hair Transplant & Esthetic Surgeries
  • Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic - Istanbul Turkey
  • Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic 
  • German Estetica Hair Transplant Turkey &Trapianto Capelli & Hair transplantation & Greffe de Cheveux
  • Esthetic Hair Transplant in Turkey 
  • Natural Hair Turkey | Hair Transplantation | Aesthetics | Dental Treatments
  • DHI Hair Transplant | Plastic Surgery | Dental Treatments | Weight Loss Surgery | Turkey | Istanbul | Cosmeticium
  • Vera Clinic
  • Elithair Transplant

FAQ's Related to Turkey

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Turkey?

A large number of patients visit Turkey every year to receive world-class treatments at an affordable price. Offering premium medical care and comfort in a secure and safe environment, world-class hospital chains in Turkey can support you with a range of clinical needs. Most of the hospitals have received accreditations from global platforms which ensure that the hospitals not only perform evidence based practices but also give importance to access, affordability, efficiency, quality and effectiveness of healthcare. Some of the world-class multispecialty hospitals providing unmatched treatment in Turkey are

  1. Emsey Hospital, Pendik,
  2. Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul,
  3. Acibadem Hospitals Group
  4. American Hospital, Istanbul,
  5. Florence Nightingale Hospital, İstanbul,
  6. Medipol University Hospital, İstanbul,
  7. Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli,
  8. Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul.
What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Turkey?

Most of the hospitals in Turkey are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). The hospitals in Turkey ensure top-quality medical care and strictly follow the international standards set by the accreditation body. The standards act as a framework for hospitals to meet international healthcare standards and focus on the quality of care and patient safety. The standards provide a framework for quality assurance by hospitals and offer a comprehensive corrective action plan for ensuring quality culture at all levels and across all functions.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Turkey?

People opt for healthcare in Turkey because of the excellent healthcare infrastructure like hospitals, clinics, and health centers. Some other reasons for the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey are cheap medicines, low consultation fee, low-cost medical treatments, and affordable accommodations. Hospitals and healthcare centers in Turkey provide premium, Western-standardized care to their patients. Turkey has world-class doctors who have vast experience in multiple disciplines and some of them are trained in America and Europe who prefer to practice in Turkey.

What is the quality of doctors in Turkey?

Turkey has world-class doctors who are highly trained to handle all kinds of cases. They have received quality education at premier institutions and have comprehensive training. They possess in-depth subject knowledge, and their skillset and area of expertise are really vast. Board-certified doctors demonstrate their ability to practice at the top of their profession and deliver high-quality care to their patients.

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, medical tourists need to carry documents like passport copies, residence/ driver’s license/ bank statement/ details of Health insurance, test reports, records, doctor referral notes. Packing is always an important part when you are traveling to another country for medical treatment Don't forget to make a list of all the essential things you might need during your stay in Turkey. The required documents also depend on your destination, so check with the concerned authority if any extra items needed.

What are the popular procedures available in Turkey?

The most sought-after treatments available in Turkey are:

  1. Ophthalmic surgery,
  2. Dental treatments,
  3. Plastic surgery,
  4. Hair transplant,
  5. IVF,
  6. Hematological oncology,
  7. Stem cell transplantation,
  8. Dermatological treatment,
  9. Bariatric surgery,
  10. Kidney transplant.

The popular procedures in Turkey are available at an affordable price and have a success rate. With best-in-class doctors, the hospitals in Turkey offer world-class treatments in almost every therapeutic areas. The popular procedures available in Turkey have received worldwide attention due to high success rates, affordable cost, and safe treatments.

Which are the most popular cities in Turkey for medical treatment?

Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya are some of the most popular medical tourist destinations in Turkey. Affordable medical care with world-class facilities, impeccable patient care, and easily available medical visas make the country a foremost choice for international patients. Turkey with a number of world-class cities attracts almost one million medical tourists every year due to several reasons like world-class infrastructure, transportation facilities, availability of medical visas, and a wide range of food options. Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination with cities full of history and mesmerizing sandy beaches.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey offer all modern facilities to patients to ensure that get treatment in a comfortable environment which helps in speedy recovery. With an aim to improve patient experience, hospitals in Turkey offer excellent facilities, such as visa assistance, travel arrangements, airport transfers, coordination of all medical appointments, accommodations for patients and companions, international staff translators, shopping and recreational options, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, lockers, and multiple food options. Hospitals provide assistance to their patients at every step of their journey, right from initial queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care.

Do hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance?

Yes, the hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance. You need to inform the hospital if you have any health insurance that is internationally valid. You need to check with your insurance company in your country whether the procedure you want to avail is covered at the hospital in Turkey. The hospital will ask for the Guarantee of Payment from the insurance to start your treatment cashless in case it is an approved insurance provider.