Lap Gastric Banding cost in United Arab Emirates

Lap Gastric Banding in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

The lap gastric banding procedure is a procedure that is done to help the patient lose weight. The process is called laparoscopic gas banding but has been referred to as lap gas banding surgery by patients to avoid the name complications. In the lap banding surgery, the surgeon will place a band towards the upper region of your stomach. This is done so that you can hold only a small amount of food in the stomach at any given time.

What the band essentially does is, it makes your stomach smaller. Because of the resulting lower stomach, you will feel less hungry after eating. You will feel full even after consuming a little amount of food. This is mainly done for people who are obese and have a very difficult time controlling what they eat and how much they eat. Once the lap banding surgery is done, the doctor will be able to adjust the band and choose how fast food can pass through the stomach, faster or more slowly depending on his or her preference.

This is a surgery that is performed with the patient under a general anesthetic. Thus, the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. The patient may not be awake during the surgery at all. The laparoscopic lap banding surgery is special because it is done with a minimum number of cuts and incisions in the body. A very tiny camera is also used so that the surgeon can do the surgery more easily and efficiently. The camera is called a laparoscope and helps the doctor maneuver inside the body cavity with ease. In the laparoscopic surgery, there is no need for any kind of stapling or cutting of the stomach and is hence a safer procedure than most other medical surgeries. The surgery in itself does not last for a  long time and is usually over in about an hour or so.

Cost Comparison

The Lap gastric banding procedure is affordable in the United Arab Emirates. It is extensively performed here by professional medical practitioners. The cost is also taking into account the rest that you will need to take after having the surgery. Depending on your condition, the surgeon or doctor will recommend that you spend a day or two in the hospital under the care of the hospital staff

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

12 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 9000


About the Lap Gastric Banding

Obesity has become a growing concern for individuals in the present generation. Surgical intervention is one of the options for weight loss that obese individuals can opt for.

People prefer to choose surgical options for weight loss mostly when they fail to achieve satisfactory results through other methods such as exercise and diet control. There are different types of surgeries for weight loss, demand for which has steadily risen since last few years. One such type of surgery is the gastric banding procedure.

Gastric banding procedure is a minimally invasive surgery conducted with the help of a laparoscope. This surgery involves the placement of a weight loss band that restricts the passage of the food from the stomach to the intestine. It is commonly called as a lap-band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB).

The weight loss band used during the gastric banding procedure is actually an inflatable silicone device with a tendency to expand and contract. Your doctor can adjust the weight loss band from the outside such that only small amounts of food can pass through the stomach.

  • The adjustable gastric band makes you feel full earlier and thereby, aids in gradual weight loss. The gastric band may not result in quick weight loss and you must modify your lifestyle, follow a proper diet and exercise regularly.
  • Gastric banding procedure is an alternative to vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in which a large portion of the stomach in removed to aid in weight loss. Gastric band removal is possible, but you are not advised to opt for it upon reaching the targeted body weight.

How is Lap Gastric Banding performed?

Duration of surgery: 1 to 2 hours.

A typical gastric banding procedure lasts for around one to two hours. During the surgery, the surgeon will give anesthesia so that you do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the procedure.

The procedure is performed by making tiny incisions on the abdomen. Usually, three to five incisions are required. A laparoscope is used by the doctor to view the inner side of the stomach. A silicone adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach in such a way that a small pouch is created to hold the food.

A narrow opening is left at the site of adjustable gastric band placement to allow the passage of food into the lower part of the stomach.

Recovery from Lap Gastric Banding

Gastric Banding Recovery Time

You should restrict yourself to a liquid diet for at least two to three weeks after the procedure. You can switch to your regular diet after six weeks of the procedure or as otherwise advised by the gastric banding surgeon.

You should report to your doctor if you face difficulty in eating or experience vomiting as soon as you eat. Additionally, no changes in weight should be informed to the doctor. Your doctor will then adjust your band so that you do not face any discomfort.

An accessible port is usually placed under your skin in the abdominal area. The band can be tightened or loosened with the help of this port. The gastric band is adjusted by injecting saline into the port connected to the band. The adjustable gastric band inflates after injecting the saline, which tightens the opening through which food passes into the intestine.

Patient Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go for Lap Gastric Banding in U.A.E.?

Lap gastric banding is a surgery that has many takes, especially in the United Arab Emirates. The doctors that practice in the UAE are experienced and senior doctors from all over the globe. These doctors have several years of experience in the field of weight loss surgery. Moreover, the standard of care in the United Arab Emirates is very high, and some might even say that they are better than most of the countries in the west.

What is the average cost of Lap Gastric Banding in U.A.E.?

The surgery cost of the Lab Gastric banding especially in the United Arab Emirates is dependent on the hospital that you select to have the procedure performed. The average cost for this surgery can be from as low as 15000 Dh to as high as 40000 Dh. The price is even lesser in government-run hospitals.

What are the top hospitals and top weight loss surgeons for Lap Gastric Banding in U.A.E.?

  • Thumbay Hospital - This is a popular hospital that is located in the city of Dubai. This hospital is part of the eminent Thumbay group of hospitals that has been offering world-class healthcare for all it's patrons for a long time now. The hospital has been accredited by the International hospital federation. It has also been quite renowned with tourists who come to the United Arab Emirates for the gastric lap band surgery.

  • American Hospital - Though the name is American hospital, this hospital is also situated in Dubai in Oud Metha. This is one of the most trusted hospitals in all of the United Arab Emirates and houses some of the most modern equipment that is used in the weight loss surgeries like the gastric lap band surgery. The surgeons here are top class and have a lot of on the field experience with different weight loss surgeries completed successfully.

  • Zulekha Hospital - This is a hospital that is located in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The hospital has very good facilities for postoperative care for the patients who undergo the Lap Gastric Banding surgery. It was founded in the year 1992 by the founder of the Zulekha group, Dr. Zulekha Daud. They have extremely advanced diagnostic medicine centers and are also under plans of expansion in the near future.

Which are the best cities in U.A.E for Lap Gastric Banding?

The best cities in the United Arab Emirates for the gastric lap band procedure can be safely said as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al ain, Sharjah and so on. These are some of the places where traveling is easy and are hence popular with tourists as well as the locals of the United Arab Emirates.

FAQ's Related to United Arab Emirates

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in United Arab Emirates?

The healthcare accreditation standards followed in UAE are provided by DHCA (Dubai Healthcare City Authority) and JCI (Joint Commission International). UAE Hospitals quality standards in patient service delivery, medical care and hospital infrastructure is overseen by the DHCA and JCI. Known as the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City, DHCA streamlines hospital facilities in UAE whereas JCI is a non profit accredition body present in over 100 countries. Dubai Healthcare City Authority was established in the year 2011 and Joint Commission International was founded in 1998 as a division of The Joint Commission (est. 1951).

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in UAE?

There are numerous multidisciplinary hospital groups in UAE which are listed below for your convenience:


  1. Emirates Hospital
  2. Mediclinic
  3. Medcare
  4. Aster Hospitals
  5. NMC Healthcare
  6. Thumbay Hospital
  7. Medeor
  8. Saudi German Hospital
  9. American Hospital Dubai
  10. Canadian Specialist Hospital
  11. King's College Hospital Dubai
  12. Zulekha Hospital
  13. Al Zahra Hospital
  14. Burjeel Hospital

Abu Dhabi

  1. LLH Hospital
  2. Burjeel Hospital
  3. Life Care Hospital

It is no secret that UAE multispecialty hospitals are taking care of patients and doing so at low costs. The specialties coverage in UAE hospitals is immense because of which you can get all kinds of treatments and procedures done there. The hospitality that UAE is so famous for is also ingrained in the administrative personnel and the healthcare staff manning the various mutlispecialty hospitals making it easy for any medical traveller to navigate the systems.

Why should I opt for healthcare in UAE?

You must opt for healthcare in UAE as it has a fast growing healthcare sector which has added many hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics and rehabilitation centers since the 1970s. It is the futuristic vision and the rightful implementation of the same by the UAE government that should make the country a natural choice for you to get your treatment done. The healthcare organisations in UAE function seamlessly, are well organised and the care they provide is unmatched and of really high standards. A good reason for you to seek treatment in the UAE is not just because of the strong healthcare sector but also because of the strong network of tourism system in the country including hotels, transport logistics and aviation.

How is the quality of doctors in UAE?

The doctors in UAE have to get a license to practice medicine and the process to get this license is very stringent ensuring only the best of professionals get to do so. Be rest assured that your doctor in UAE keeps up with the latest developments in their area of expertise in addition to being well educated, professionally qualified and having years of experience. It is the personal care and empathy which the doctors in UAE bring to their profession that gives patients a good reason to choose them. It is absolutely essential to note that UAE doctors interact with and treat a vast range of patients from different nationalities.

When traveling to UAE for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

It is important to have all the required documents with you before you travel to any country for medical treatment. It is to your benefit if all your documents are kept at one place before you get ready for your medical travel to the UAE. The documents that you should carry with you during your journey as a medical traveller to UAE are related to travel and medical purposes. Please ensure that you carry essential documents to UAE as mentioned below.

  1. Medical history
  2. Test reports
  3. Bank statements
  4. Passport
  5. Visa
  6. Medical records and doctor referral notes.
What are the popular procedures available in UAE?

Popular procedures being performed in UAE are as follows.

  1. Orthopaedics
  2. Fertility treatment
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Dermatology
  5. Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is bringing in a lot of medical tourists to UAE and under this category botox and fillers are two procedures which are gaining most popularity. Fertility treatments are fast gaining popularity in UAE and the government is also aiding this growth by making the right change in legislations and creating the optimum environment. The popular procedures in UAE are being done by accompished doctors and at economical costs.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to UAE?

It is important to take pre travel vaccinations prior to your journey to UAE. Do get the vaccination done one month prior to your travel. The country of origin or destination (if going from UAE), length of stay, health conditions and current doctors' prescriptions are the major factors in the kind of vaccines and their dosage. It is important to get the Yellow fever vaccine for Central Africa and South American countries.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in the United Arab Emirates?

The hospital facilities are a factor that make medical tourism an attractive business in UAE. Public and private healthcare systems together strengthen the hospital infrastructure in UAE. The international patient centers in hospitals in UAE ensure comprehensive coordination facilities for medical tourists at one place. International patient centers are making the medical travellers lives easy by helping them in many ways such as:

  • Payment and financial assistance
  • Hospital transfers
  • Tourism guidance
  • Interpretation services
  • Visa related assistance
  • Liasoning for flights,local travel and hotels
  • Coordination for reports and treatment plans
  • Appointment scheduling
What are the major medical tourism destinations in UAE?

Medical tourism is a strong forerunner among the industries which are growing fast in United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi, the island city and also the capital of United Arab Emirates and Dubai, where real estate and tourism are the backbone of the economy are both important medical tourism destinations in UAE. The technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure and a continued focus in bringing it up to date with the latest innovations is a commonality with both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The health tourism sector is rising fast in UAE on account of the increasing medical travellers headed to Dubai and Abu Dhabi post good investment in healthcare infrastructure and strong healthcare regulations.