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Zulekha Hospital

  • ISO 9001
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Zulekha Hospital Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
United Arab Emirates 110045



In the year 1992 with the noble vision of Dr. Zulekha Daud who shifted her base from India to Sharjah in order to serve people who are in need at an affordable cost, Zulekha Healthcare Group was established. She later established a hospital in Dubai too and Zulekha Dubai is now true to its mission of serving the suffering and the ailing. It is a multidisciplinary hospital with advanced diagnostic centers and well-equipped pharmacies. In the year 2004, the Dubai hospital saw its inception. It has facilities for both inpatient and outpatient care. They cover medical packages and many surgical specialties. They have further plans of expansion owing to its success in treating patients with compassion and precision.

They have conducted many minimally invasive surgeries, joint replacement surgeries and bariatric surgeries along with their expert team apart from major cardiac and neonatal surgeries. Zulekha hospital doctors also share the noble vision of providing the best medical care irrespective of the financial background of each and every person who approaches them.

  •  It is a 79 bedded hospital
  •  Advanced radiology & Laboratory services
  •  State of the art modular operating theatres
  •  Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Dialysis unit


  • family accomodation Accommodation
  • flight booking Airport
  • special dietery food Choice of Meals
  • interpreter services Interpreter
  • phone in the room SIM
  • TV inside room TV inside room


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