Laparoscopic gap banding is a surgical procedure performed in to reduce the size of the stomach, which helps in weight loss. It is performed in people suffering from obesity to lose weight. The surgery limits the amount of food the stomach can hold, making the person eats less and feel full quickly.

Lap gastric banding surgery in India

India has been providing medical tourism services for a long time and recognized for its facilities and care. India offers all type of medical treatment, surgeries, therapies, drug rehab, treatment for eye disease, gastric troubles, weight loss and plastic surgeries and is welcoming patients across the globe to access these facilities. Lap gastric band surgery performed by some of the finest surgeons, who are globally recognized.

Cost comparison


The cost of lap gastric banding surgery in India, the excellence of treatment and aftercare provided are comparable with few of the most popular medical tourism destinations like Germany, Singapore, Turkey, and Hungary. Lap gastric banding surgery costs in India with the travel, accommodation, sight-seeing, and aftercare is almost less than one-sixth when compared with the treatment cost offered in US or UK.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

3 Day in Hospital

12 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 7250

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Lap Gastric Banding can vary from hospital to hospital and also from country to country. In India, it is 30 to 40 per cent lesser, but, here again, the cost varies from state to state within the country. Despite the variation of cost, the range can be found somewhere between Rupees 2 lakh 80,000 to 4 lakh 65,000.

The cost of Lap Gastric Banding depends on several factors in India. Among them, a group of few things that determine the cost of this surgery is the type, material and the brand of the lap band. Other factors like patient’s health, fees of the hospital and the method (open or key-hole surgery) determine the cost of the Lap Banding Surgery.

Lap Gastric Banding is quite a safe process, and so it can proceed in relatively good guidance of experienced doctors. In India, this process is done in 30 to 40 % less expensive than the other countries. This is why India is an excellent place to carry out this process. When you can get the surgery done in a more cost-efficient, yet effective way, then why to go for costlier options?

The surgeons who conduct this surgery are called Bariatric Surgeons. There are some of the most notable surgeons in India. For example, Dr. Kular is the first one to conduct a Mini Gastric Bypass in India. India also has Dr Mohit Bhandari, who is considered to be the best in performing the Lap Gastric Banding process. Dr Muneeendra Gupta from Delhi, Dr Deep Goyal are some of the other renowned names in the field of Bariatrics.

There are plenty of hospitals performing Lap Gastric Banding surgery, so while choosing a hospital to carry on with the process of Lap Gastric banding, you must keep in mind:

  • Cost of the whole Lap Gastric Banding process is relatively high, so the very first thing that one needs to see is that if a hospital is taking the process under insurance
  • The next to look for, in a hospital, is that if it has experienced surgeons who had conducted this surgery before
  • Make sure the hospital is reputed enough to have allowed this process before. Presence of equipment and other necessary paraphernalia might give you hope to experience effective and smooth surgery.

Getting done with the process includes seeking a correct place and efficient surgeon, then going through prerequisites for the surgery and finally going through the operation. Among some of the prerequisites of the surgery, few are listed below:

  • Before the Lap Gastric banding surgery, an extensive process takes place that includes sitting with a team of your surgeon, dietician, doctor and a psychologist, who decides if it is really necessary for you.
  • Then you will be checked for your nutrition and weight history, to check your food habits, exercise regimen, stress level etc.
  • Then you go for medical examination to check your alcohol consumption level, your smoking habit, heart disease, overall if you are fit for the surgery.
  • Motivation and age is also an important factor that is considered before the surgery. The doctors would see if you are really in need of this surgery or not.

When all of these are checked, and you pass them, you finally get on the operation table, and the operation is done. Recovery from the surgery varies, but a week's rest is a minimum requirement.

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