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  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Aster DM Healthcare - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
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Aster DM Healthcare in Dubai is one of the pioneering names in the field of healthcare in the UAE as well as the adjoining regions. This healthcare enterprise has successfully established itself as a trusted entity and offers a spectrum of healthcare services. From liver transplant to liposuction and heart surgery, this healthcare giant offers services in all segments and specialities. It is also into pharmacy and diagnostics. With a diversified portfolio, it has been doing a commendable job in all the fields and continuously setting new benchmarks.

With around 20,000 personnel working for it, Aster DM Healthcare in Dubai is truly a name to reckon with. Performance is the core philosophy that guides the operations of Aster that is spread in nine countries with 323 establishments under its wings. Having started its journey in 1987 with a modest clinic, the healthcare giant has grown by leaps and bounds in all these thirty years and continues to flourish each and every day, reaching new heights of glory and success. Thousands of patients in Dubai and from other parts of the world come to Aster DM Healthcare for a host of treatment procedures and the enterprise has been giving a great service to all of them.

State-of-the-art equipment, experienced surgeons, well-furnished hospitals, and the skilled staff ensure quality care at all Aster establishments. The enterprise has revolutionized healthcare at all the places where it has set up a centre and it is truly a blessing for people who are in search of quality and cost-effective medical facilities.

  • More than 110 hospital beds
  • Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Several twin-sharing, single, and VIP rooms
  • Multiple operating theaters and intensive care units (ICUs)


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