Hip Replacement in Thailand

Hip Replacement in Thailand

Hip replacement in Thailand is a common procedure conducted across all major hospitals for orthopedic surgery. Considering the sensitivity of the procedure, hip replacement surgery is only conducted by a highly experienced and skilled surgeon. The best hospitals in Thailand for hip replacement house a brigade of highly educated and skilled surgeons that specialize in conducting all types of orthopedic procedures and hip replacement is one of them. Hip replacement is a surgical procedure used to replace the diseased or damaged parts of the hip joint. This surgery is recommended to people whose quality of life and mobility is severely affected due to constant and chronic hip pain. Severe and chronic hip pain may result because of degenerative hip joint disease (osteoarthritis) or lack of blood supply to the hip bone (osteonecrosis). The hip joint can be totally removed or partially, depending on the extent of damage to it.

Cost Comparison

Hip replacement cost in Thailand depends on various factors. For examples, it depends on the quality of the implants used and the approach used to conduct the surgery (open or minimally invasive surgery). Minimally invasive hip replacement costs a bit more than the open surgery, however, the benefits of this approach are many, including faster recovery, minimal pain, and minimal hospital stay. Some of the other factors that decided the total cost of hip replacement in Thailand include whether it is conducted on just one or both the hips, the surgeon’s fees, and the total duration of stay.

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Hospitals and Cost of Total Hip Replacement U/L in Thailand

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