Gastric Bypass Surgery in U.A.E.

The gastric bypass surgery is essentially a surgery that is performed to shed weight. This is usually done when other conventional options of shedding weight like, walking, running and so on cannot be borne by the patient because of many reasons. That is why it is generally recommended for obese patients.

In the gastric bypass surgery, the weight loss specialist surgeon will divide the stomach of the patient into two different pouches. Once the stomach is divided, there is a larger pouch that is referred to as the remnant pouch, and there is a relatively smaller pouch that is called as the small upper pouch. Once the stomach of the patient has been divided into these said pouches, the surgeon will be reconnecting the intestine to both of these pouches. This essentially increases the area that the intestine is connected to. The weight loss surgeons do not all connect the intestine of the patient in the same way; many weight loss surgeons have developed their techniques, especially the ones that practice in the United Arab Emirates.

What this surgery does is that it reduces the volume of the stomach, at least the functional part of the stomach. This results in an altered physical response to food as well as an altered physiological response to the food that the patient consumes after having the gastric bypass surgery done.

Cost Comparison

The cost of the gastric bypass surgery is quite affordable in the United Arab Emirates; this is also characterized by the fact that in the United Arab Emirates affordable healthcare systems are practiced professionally and hospitals do not overcharge the patients. There is no discrimination between the patients that are coming from abroad or the patients who are natively from the United Arab Emirates. This is primarily one of the reasons that this particular form of weight loss surgery is going to cost you less in the United Arab Emirates.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

10 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 11000

Frequently Asked Questions

The United Arab Emirates have very strict guidelines that hospitals and medicals centers need to follow when they are operating on a patient. No unregistered and unauthorized person is allowed in the operating room in the hospital. Hence the success rate is higher when compared to many other countries that surround the United Arab Emirates. People also think of the United Arab Emirates when it comes to the gastric bypass surgery as it is fairly easy to get a visa and tickets to travel to the United Arab Emirates. There are no unwanted and unnecessary hassles that the patients have to face during their travel. The fare for air travel is also affordable to most people who are coming to the United Arab Emirates from even the other end of the globe.

The cost of the Gastric bypass in the United Arab Emirates varies. This is mainly dependent on the weight loss surgeon that performs this surgery. As discussed, all the weight loss surgeons do not have the same method of completing this surgery and hence the price averages to anywhere between USD 6500 to USD 12500 depending on the medical institution that you prefer to have the gastric bypass surgery in. Along with this, the costing also depends on the quality of the hospitals, the post-operative services offered to the patients and further costs for medicines or other requirements.

  • Aster DM Health Care Center- This is located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. This is a known hospital with a very good track record especially for the gastric bypass surgeries in the United Arab Emirates. It has more than 110 beds at its disposal in the hospital and has various economic plans that are readily available for patients.

  • Medeor 24 X 7 hospital - This is located in Dubai. This hospital is frequented by the elite people and has 5-star hospitality. This hospital provides some of the most premium care that you can ever think of in a hospital. Because, it is premium in all aspects, the surgeons that practice here is also very experienced with high success rates.

  • Dr. Carlos M Abril Vega – Dr. Vega is a well-known surgeon in the field of advanced laparoscopic surgery. He also deals with many other kinds of weight loss surgeries in the United Arab Emirates. He has also developed about four investigation projects in the field of biomedicine.

  • Dr. Ricard Corcelles – Dr. Corcelles is a very experienced surgeon when it comes to all things related to the digestive system. He is well known in the academic world of medicine as well. He has published more than 40 papers in International as well as in American medical journals. He is also an author of many chapters in several medical books that are used to teach students about weight loss surgery.

  • Dr. Matthew Kroh - Dr. Kroh is a lecturer within the department of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi. He has more than 17 years of experience in the digestive sciences department of the hospital.

The Gastric bypass surgery is absolutely safe surgery, especially in the hospitals of the United Arab Emirates. The patient is put under a proper general anesthetic, and hence he or she feels absolutely nothing during the surgery. The hospitals are also advanced with dedicated staff members that help the surgeons during the procedure is carried out, so there is almost zero risks of any post-op complications that may arise.

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