Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common weight loss procedure. The procedure makes the stomach smaller and redirects the intestine. The method performed in two steps. In the first phase a small pouch is made, and in the second, a bypass is done. After bypass procedure, food passes directly from the jejunum, bypassing the duodenum.Thus limiting the absorption of calories and malabsorption, which leads to weight loss.

Gastric bypass surgery in India

India has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations. With the world-class treatment facilities available at competitive rates, people from across the globe have an attraction for India. The other domineering factor is the use of the latest machine, some of the most skilled surgeons and advanced rehabilitation centers which provide personalized care to each patient. India has some stringent government policies concerning patient care, which gives an additional advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gastric Bypass surgery is one of the bariatric surgery that is related to obesity or weight loss surgery. In this process, by bypassing a section of the small intestine, the digestion process is adjusted so that the food consumption is reduced. Gastric bypass surgery is the last option for patients with problems like obesity or Type 2 diabetes, and when medicines or exercises cannot control the bodyweight of those patients.

In India, Doctors generally take the help of laparoscopy to perform this surgery. Multiple incisions of 4-6 inches are done in the abdominal area, one of which is used done to insert the laparoscopy and others for surgical equipment.

The first and foremost reason to choose your destination for Gastric bypass surgery in India is the affordable cost that the hospitals offer. Any type of Bariatric surgery in western countries is substantially expensive.

The second reason is that the hospitals in India, while performing any Bariatric surgery, here let's say gastric bypass surgery ( which is a type of bariatric surgery), opt for state-of-the-art technologies and some unique modalities, for instance, mechanical gastric bands, natural orifice surgery, endoscopic gastrointestinal sleeves, neuromodulation, intragastric balloons and many more.

The third reason is that without which all the above-mentioned technologies are of no use, they are efficient doctors. They are exceptionally well trained and well equipped in handling the new tools and technologies that it is well-nigh impossible to generate a modicum of pain in the post-surgery period. On top of that, the promising healthcare and medical facilities, propitious technologies serve India as the priority choice for most of the patients across the world to choose this place without giving it a second thought.

The average cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in India ranges from INR 2,10,000 to 4,00,000 ( $2858 - $5445), depending upon the hospitals and their facilities. If you are planning to get your surgery done in the hospitals of tier-1 cities, the cost will be slightly higher, thanks to the ultramodern facilities they provide.

Several factors may contribute to the substantial difference in costs for gastric bypass surgery in India. The first reason, as mentioned above, is the top-notch facilities. The cost of the pre-surgery and post-surgery requirements and the methods and technologies used to operate is more or less the same in the hospitals across the country. What makes the difference is the healthcare facility, accommodation, and premium services.

The second reason is the certification that matters the most while charging higher costs for this surgery. JCI and NABH accredit some highly rated hospitals with their doctors certified from overseas institutions and the hospitals itself; it would naturally attract higher costs, albeit it doesn't raise a single question regarding the credibility of other hospital's high-standard medical services.

There are some factors based on which you should choose the right hospitals that suit you. Remember that all hospitals are up to scratch; it is a matter of your suitability. The first factor is the hospital factor, in which you should look for the TPA and your medical insurance factor, which means whether that hospital is a network hospital under your insurance scheme. The second factor is the hospitals' reputation and brand value, and the third one is the surgeons' expertise and qualification.

Dr. Muneendra Gupta, of Manipal Hospital Dwarka, and Dr. Vinod Kumar Nigam of Max Super Speciality Hospital Gurgaon are some of the best surgeons for Bariatric surgeons to opt for the GAstric bypass surgery in India.

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