Gastric Bypass in Israel

A typical gastric bypass surgery aims at reducing the stomach size so that it contains lesser food quantity. In this manner, the calories absorbed by the body become less automatically because the food quantity processed in the stomach and small intestine becomes lesser. Another name for this surgery is Roux – en – Y.

There are two main types of surgeries that can be performed:

  • Open surgery procedure:

  • Firstly, the surgeon drills a large cut in the abdominal area and the bypass is carried out through that incision.

  • After this, the stomach size is reduced by the surgeon by dividing it into an upper pouch with staples.

  • Later on, an interlink between the stomach and the center of the small intestine is developed carefully, and this link makes up for the bypass between them.

  • Laparoscopic surgery procedure:

    • In this method, a laparoscope is guided into the small incisions which pave the way for small instruments in order to develop the bypass.

    • Again, staples are used to make the stomach smaller, and it is linked to the center of the small intestine just as the open procedure.

Duration of the procedure – one to three hours for carrying out the entire surgery

Days of stay – patients generally stay for three to five days after the surgery

Anesthesia – general

Recovery time – four to six weeks for full recovery

Risks involved – potential harm to the organs involved, a possible leakage between the staples placed in the stomach, disbanding of the stomach sac, nutrition deficiencies, and blood clots and gallstones, etc.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

10 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 17500

Frequently Asked Questions

Israel is one of the best hubs for medical treatments. It has a plethora of recognized and quality medical institutions due to which it attracts a huge number of medical tourists. The cost is also one major factor. Israel offers these procedures at a lesser price as compared to other big centers. The technology advancement is also commendable here, making the services more trustworthy.

  • Rambam medical center: it is a public university hospital located in Haifa Israel. It is a highly recognized institution especially the bariatric surgery unit, in the state, locally as well as internationally. It is safe to say that this place is the top choice for weight loss surgery.

  • Rabin medical center: located in Petah Tikva, it stands second on the list of largest medical centers of Israel. It is a tertiary care hospital which is capable and equipped to take care of the most complex cases in every medical field.

  • Herzliya medical center: it is a private center and is situated on the shores of Herzliya district, and it offers services to local and foreign patients alike. It has tie-ups with about 500 physicians Israel wide, and all of them bear high graded positions at public hospitals. The best-listed surgeons here are – Dr. Joseph R. Koriansky and Dr. Avinh Eliezer.

  • Sourasky medical center: the division at this institute is affiliated with Tel Aviv University. Physicians at this center hold valuable degrees and positions.

  • Assaf harofeh medical center:  it is one of the largest public institutions in Israel with a whopping 900 beds and 700 physicians. The hospital is known to provide high-quality western services to a lot of medical tourists annually.

  • Haddasah university medical center: this is another university hospital in Jerusalem which provides tertiary services in all medical categories. The best-listed surgeon here is Dr. Andrei keidar.

  • Assuta hospital: it is a private hospital in the Tel Aviv district. It claims to have provided the most modern facilities since 2009.

The gastric bypass surgery cost is actually dependent on various factors in the country of Israel. The cost is dependent mainly on the procedure and the doctor and the hospital where the medical patient requests to have the weight loss surgery done. The average cost can vary anywhere between the range of USD 15000 to USD 35000 depending on the type of weight loss surgery that the doctor or medical practitioner recommends for the patient.

    • Rambam medical center –  23,000 to 25,000 US dollars

    • Herzliya medical center –  15,000 US dollars

    • Rabin medical center – 32,700 US dollars

    • Assuta hospital -  33,200 US dollars

This surgery is a safe go option in Israel because of the advanced technology and credibility of medical centers available here. However, the procedure has some risks involved in general, so the patients must be well aware of them before opting for the surgery. These risks have already been mentioned above.

This procedure is suitable for the people who have a BMI of 35 or more, or a 40 or more than that along with a medical condition hinting at obesity issues like diabetes or heart diseases.

As per the statistics, people have a good chance at loosing around a third of their weight in the year or four that follows the month of surgery. The shedding of weight is quicker in the initial times and goes down with the passage of time. The patient's chances at success increase if he/she adopts a healthy diet and a good exercise regime.

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