Angiography Cost in Israel

Heart illnesses form a majority of deaths all over the world. The statistics point to as many as one in every four deaths in the United States to be resulting from heart diseases. A grave condition to tackle, heart illnesses need to be diagnosed with accuracy to effectively treat it.

A coronary angiogram is conducted with the sole purpose of checking up on the heart’s blood vessels. This is done using X-ray imaging, and other such state-of-the-art machinery and equipments. This test is conducted to check for any blockages or restrictions in the blood flow going straight to the heart.  Angiography is one of the many procedures that fall under the category: Cardiac Catheterizations. The nature of such procedures is to diagnose and treat the human heart and its blood vessel conditions.

Among the various procedures used to treat heart conditions, an angiography is seen to be the most common and the most effective one. It is common fallback procedure for one of the commonest cause of death – cardiac arrest. The process commonly involves injecting a certain dye into the blood vessels of the patient, which is detected by X-ray machines.  If a blockage or restriction is noticed, the doctor can even unclog heart arteries during the angiography. A wonder in the medical field, and known to have saved a million lives worldwide, angiography stands to be one of the most esteemed medical operations in the history of medicine.

Angiography in Israel

Angiography uses high-end equipments and a team of world-class doctors who can work with the data generated. The procedure is not a simple one, and therefore requires the best of technological intervention and human presence-of-mind.  Israel has what it takes to be termed as a technologically advanced nation. With unlimited access to cutting edge technology and some of the sharpest minds in the medical fraternity hailing from Israel, it could be safely presumed to be one of the best places to get an angiogram.

Latest machinery, high-end experts who have been practicing successfully for decades and affordable pricing makes opting for angiography in Israel a lucrative option. You definitely get the best of medical attention at practically half the price, which is a deal too hard to miss.

Cost Comparison

Angiography is one of the most expensive procedures in the United States of America. The overall procedure would, quite definitely, cost you a fortune. Typically, a coronary angiography in the United States could cost you from $5,000 to $10,000. The range estimate is subjective, considering whether the angiography is covered by health insurance or no, the condition of the facility, and even the area of the body that is being examined.

On the other hand, the cost of angiography in Israel starts from $1720 and can go higher, depending upon the medical facility you choose. As you may have noticed, the price is literally slashed to less than half, with absolutely no compromise in quality of medical attention provided.

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Why should you opt for Angiography in Israel?

Along with a minimized margin of side effects, you would receive state-of-the-art medical attention, with the best of medical equipment and the best team of doctors and radiologists by your side. All the underlying procedures are conducted at half the price as compared to countries like the United States and Canada.

What is the cost of Angiography in Israel?

On average, any decent medical facility offering angiography in Israel will cost you roughly $1720-$1800 or more, depending upon the facility you opt for. In order to receive elite levels of medical attention, you might have to pay more, which is still lesser than what you’d be paying elsewhere.

Who are the best Angiography doctors in Israel?

A land of scholars in the medical field, Israel is full of experts in the Coronary medication area. However, some notable mentions are Dr. Michael Jonas who is a Senior Cardiologist in Herzliya Medical Center. Also, Dr. Boris Gendel who is a senior surgeon at the Herzliya Medical Center.

How does one prepare for Angiography?

Some of the commonest preparation you can do is fast for at least 4 hours before your procedure. Getting along all the medications that have been prescribed to you by your doctor. Also, it would be immensely helpful to bring along every relevant imaging conducted on you before (X-rays, CT scans, Ultrasound, or MRIs. etc).

Is the success rate of an Angiography higher in Israel?

Considering the fact that you would have the best of machines and doctors to help you through your condition, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best in class medical attention. With the most esteemed team of doctors practicing in Israel, it can be safely said that the efficiency of angiography you receive in Israel stands well above the global average standards.

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