An angiogram is a procedure done by taking an X-ray of the arteries which supplies blood to the heart and other main arteries to organs and upper and lower limbs to see any narrowing or blocking. An angiogram includes introducing a small, soft plastic tube or catheter into an artery in the leg or wrist. The catheter is then directed to the area the cardiologist or vascular surgeon needs to see.

Angiography in South Korea

The unique feature of South Korean medicine is, most importantly, the use of cutting-edge medical equipment. However, technology is not the only factor appealing tens of thousands of abroad tourists every year. Affordable price policy for health services is one more point of attraction. For the patient seeking for angiography, the facilities just could not be better, with a one-stop health service that starts long before one would leave home. South Korean hospitals are very well equipped, with a very good doctor to patient ratio.

Cost Comparison

The cost of most types of treatment and diagnostics such as angiography in South Korea is by 25 per cent lower from the prices in the USA for the same procedures and by 60 per cent less in Japan. Coupled with comparatively low prices, Korea's extremely advanced healthcare technology and techniques are gaining in popularity.

Treatment and Cost


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