Angiography is a minimally invasive diagnostic test that aids physicians identify and treat medical conditions. Angiography makes use of one of three imaging technologies and, in few cases, a contrast material that is dye to produce images of major blood vessels throughout the body.

Angiography in Hungary

The purpose of medical tourism is to find cheaper, but flawless quality healthcare with guarantees. One should never risk the health, opt for only clinics with qualified practitioners where one can feel safe and secure and also where one can communicate maybe in their own language. Hungary provides expertise in angiography. On an average, most diagnostic procedures in Hungary cost between 60 percent less than in the US and other cities in Europe. Patients from overseas flock Hungarian clinics to get reasonable treatment at the highest quality possible. Normally, the UK and Irish patients look for value and this is precisely they get in Hungary. Care, trust and professionalism are three main key features that play a role in the decision made by British and Irish health tourists.

Cost Comparison

On average, most medical procedures and tests like angiography in Hungary cost between 40 and 70 percent less than in the US, and the Scandinavian countries. Hungary is for the patients who need to save money on medical procedures but also at the same time have very high expectations regarding the best quality of work.

Treatment and Cost


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