Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey 

Turkey is one of the best destinations for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Turkey witnessed almost 7 lakh medical tourists in 2018 for treatment in various therapeutic categories and the industry expects the number to rise to 8.5 lakhs in the year 2019. Cost of Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is less as compared to treatment in other countries, especially the developed countries. In Turkey, modern hospitals with innovative technologies are available for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Surgeons with advanced degrees and abroad training perform cosmetic rhinoplasty with high success rates. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is done in Turkey with advanced surgical options available worldwide with high accuracy and desired results.

Cost comparison

The cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty is low in Turkey as compared to other countries. The cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty in Turkey is € 2,120 which is very low as compared to developed countries like the UK. The cosmetic rhinoplasty price in the United Kingdom is € 4,500 and in Finland, the cost is € 3,200. The hospital of the turkey provides the best facility for medical tourism. The medical tourism that comes from the western countries saves about 75% of the money that they spent for the same treatment in the other western countries. 

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Why should you opt for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best destinations for cosmetic rhinoplasty in the world. The low cost is an important reason for which medical tourists consider Turkey as a favorite destination for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Another reason is the availability of hospitals with modern technologies and a huge infrastructure in Turkey. Rhinoplasty is done by the experienced and expert doctors along with the trained paramedical staff. In the hospitals of Turkey, medical tourists are provided with exceptional care before and after surgery. High success rate with desired results has made Turkey one of the best destinations for cosmetic rhinoplasty all across the world. This is compounded by the fact that the waiting time is less for the surgery in Turkey as well.

What is the average cost of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

In Turkey, cosmetic rhinoplasty is done at a comparatively low cost when compared to other destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, and the US. However, the standard of treatment and pre- and post-surgical care is at par with developed countries. The cost of the cosmetic rhinoplasty in Turkey starts with € 2,120 and the average cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty in Turkey is € 2,493. The cost is significantly lower in Turkey as compared to the UK and the US. This is because the cost depends on various factors. These factors include hospital infrastructure, the success rate of the hospital, the experience of the surgeon, complexity of the surgery, underlying disease, the reason for rhinoplasty, age of the patient, days of stay in the hospital, speed of recovery and follow-up visit charges. The cost may also increase in some complex cases. The cost a Medical Tourist can save is almost 75% of the money that they will spend on the same treatment in western countries such as Australia, the UK, etc.

What is the recovery process post-Surgery in Turkey for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

Healing of the nose post-surgery depends on several factors such as quality of the skin grafting, removal of nasal drip, and many more. Some of the factors are listed below for the same purpose:

Wear a nasal splint: After the surgery, the patient is advised to wear nose splint which helps in protecting the site of surgery from any type of infections. The patient should not remove the nasal splint for up to one week after the surgery.

Gauze dressing: Nosebleed is a common condition after the surgery. To avoid such condition, a gauze dressing is applied on the nose. The gauze dressing prevents bleeding. Gauze dressing should be changed every 24 hours.

Avoiding certain medications: Patients is restricted to take of aspirin, aspirin-containing combinations, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 weeks after the surgery. Taking these medications increases the risk of bleeding.

Apply ice on site of surgery: Patients experiences pain and inflammation after the surgery. The patients may apply the ice cubes on the affected area for reducing the pain and swelling from the site of surgery.

Take rest: After the surgery, the patients need bed rest with the head elevated on 2-3 pillows. This procedure can help in reducing the pain and edema.

Take a soft meal: After the surgery patients should take soft and cool diet. The hard meal cause pain on the site of surgery.

Antibiotics: The patients should finish the prescribed antibiotics course. Other drugs such as anti-emesis drugs can be prescribed in case patients experiences nausea and vomiting. In some cases, the doctor may also prescribe some steroids and narcotic drugs for pain management.

Various precautions should be followed by the patient for a speedy recovery and to prevent any complications. The patient should not blow the nose, and the teeth should be gently brushed. Strenuous exercise should be avoided, and sunscreen should be applied on the nose before going outside. At least for 4 weeks, the patient is not allowed to wear eyeglasses as well as sunglasses.

Although most of the swelling from face may get reduced a few months after surgery complete recovery may take around 10-12 months. In cases when the changes obtained by rhinoplasty are not enough, the patient may undergo second rhinoplasty surgery.

Which are the top clinics for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Some of the top clinics for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey are: 

  • Medical park Gaziosmanpasa hospital, Istanbul, turkey.

  • Estetistanbull medical center, Istanbul, turkey.

  • Anatomica clinic, Istanbul, turkey

  • The cevre aesthetic health center, Istanbul, turkey

  • Medical Park Ankara hospital, Ankara, Turkey

  • Medical park, Istanbul, turkey

  • Estatik plastic cerrahi, Ankara turkey

  • Dr. Metim Kerem plastic surgery center, Istanbul, turkey

  • Hisar intercontinental hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Dr. Tulunay plastic Cerrah, Istanbul, turkey

  • Kent international hospital, Izmir, Turkey

Who are the top Plastic Surgeons for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Following are some of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Turkey renowned for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeries: 

  • Dr. Tulunay, Dr. Tulunay cerrah, Istanbul, turkey
  • Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, Eastatik international clinic, Istanbul, turkey

  • Dr. Necmettin Kutlu, Medicana hospital group, Istanbul, turkey

  • Dr. Erkan Ozturk, Medicana hospital group, Istanbul, turkey

  • Dr. Koray Coskunfirat, Memorial Antalya hospital, Antalya, turkey

  • Dr. Atilla eyüpoğolu, Memorial Behcelievalr hospital, Istanbul turkey,

  • Dr. Gurhan Ozcan, Istanbul aesthetic plastic surgery center, Istanbul, turkey

  • Dr. Haluk Midoglu MD, Kent International hospital, Izmir, turkey

What is the success rate for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

The success rate of cosmetic rhinoplasty in turkey is about 91%. The high success rate in Turkey is attributed to the following factors:

•    Availability of hospitals with huge infrastructure and modern facilities

•    Availability of the latest instruments for performing surgery

•    Experienced and trained surgeons assisted by highly competent para-medical staff

•    A patient-friendly environment that helps to reduce the stress of patients

•    Excellent pre- and post-surgical caring facilities.

•    A comprehensive evaluation of the health of patients prior to conducting surgery.

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