Medicana Ankara International Hospital

  • ISO 9001
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Ankara, Turkey



Medicana Group of Hospitals is known for world its world-class services in all its hospitals. Medicana Ankara Hospital is one of the biggest health centers in the capital city and also one of the most demanded because of the comprehensive range of treatments offered in the hospital. Medicana Ankara was one of the first hospitals to include Cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, Cyberknife, Nuclear medicine, Kidney transplants, bone marrow transplants, liver transplant, IVF procedure within its body. The hospital houses best doctors/surgeons to perform Cancer surgeries, Transplants. Medicana Ankara hospital is known for its advanced cancer treatment with multi-slide CT, PET, MR, ultrasonography and LINAC devices capable of delivering IMRT (Intensity modulated radiation therapy).


  • 215 beds with modern infrastructure and high-end technology
  • Biggest hospital with comprehensive treatments in the crossroads of Russia, North Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.
  • Most advanced technology and equipment for Cancer treatments in the region which include multislice CT, MR, PET, LINAC, Interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, intraoperative radiotherapy and navigation devices with a Stereotactic arm.
  • Being pioneers of health tourism they attract a lot of attention from international patients like North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, Caucasus


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Dr Hakki Serkan Sahin, Turkey

Cardiovascular Surgeon
Total Experience: 18 Years
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Dr Fulya, Turkey

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist
Total Experience: 7 Years
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Dr Ali Safak Dagli, Turkey

ENT Specialist
Total Experience: 30+ Years
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Dr Utku Aydil, Turkey

ENT Specialist
Total Experience: 14 Years
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Dr M.D. Of Medicine Yusuf Ustun, Turkey

IVF Specialist
Total Experience: 17 Years
View Profile

Dr Osman Denizhan Ozgun, Turkey

IVF Specialist
Total Experience: 29 Years
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Dr Sait Sirin, Turkey

Total Experience: 28 Years
View Profile

Dr Ibrahim Tek, Turkey

Medical oncologist
Total Experience: 13 Years
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Dr Umut Bektas, Turkey

Department of Orthopedics
Total Experience: 30 Years
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Dr Ayla Gokmen, Turkey

Total Experience: 18 Years
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Dr Ender Soydan, Turkey

Total Experience: 26 Years
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Dr Fahri Yetisir, Turkey

Liver Transplant Surgeon
Total Experience: 20 Years
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Dr Bedreddin Seckin, Turkey

Medicana International Hospital, Ankara Urology Department, Professor
Total Experience: 28 Years
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Dr Remzi Saglam, Turkey

Medicana International Hospital, Ankara Urology Department, Professor
Total Experience: 42 Years
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