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Liv Hospital Ulus

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Ulus Mahallesi, Liv Hospital Group, Canan Sokak, Beikta/Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul.
Turkey 34340



Liv Hospital ever since its inception 4 years ago has been the pioneer of reliable and quality healthcare services through its experienced team of physicians team and patient-focused approach. The hospital aims at imparting holistic healthcare by simultaneously utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and therapeutic methods. Liv Hospital is one of the premier international health centers with two branches in Istanbul, Ankara and a newly opened center in Samsun.

 Liv Hospital Ulus in Istanbul is the main center built on 30,000 square meter area. Liv Hospital has access to unparalleled access to latest medical techniques, research and expertise through its Clinical Exchange Program with its partner clinics and physicians all around the world. Liv Hospital Turkey was one of the first organizations outside the US to be granted The Center of Excellence Accreditation by the concerning authority.


  • The Istanbul center consists of 154 beds, 8 operating rooms, and 50 clinics.
  • Boasts of most experienced and talented Robotic surgeons in the world and is the only hospital in Turkey to receive Robotic Surgery Center of Excellence certification.
  • Utilizes Trubeam STx technology in Radiation Oncology which very few hospitals in the world have.
  • Highly advanced Cancer treatment techniques like Immunotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Robotic Surgery, stem cell therapy etc.
  • Specialized treatments like Box Technique, Zygomatic Implants


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