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Acibadem University Hospital Atakent

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Halkal Merkez Mahallesi, Acibadem University Hospital Atakent, Halkal Altnehir stanbul Caddesi, K, Istanbul.
Turkey 34303



Ac?badem started its journey into healthcare services as a small vicinity hospital in a district of Turkey. Currently, Ac?badem is a great brand which has taken its correct place amongst the global healthcare leaders. It has 21 hospitals, 16 outpatient clinics and subsidiary service companies. The newest connection in the chain is Ac?badem Atakent University Hospital, sited as a general purpose hospital. Atakent Hospital practises the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation standards and the Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Healthcare to advance the quality and strengthen its patient security tactics.

The Atakent hospital is planned for different stages of diagnosis and management. It has 8 operation rooms and a total number of 300 beds. There are separate entrances for the emergency services and for patients and ambulance. There are also surgical and orthopaedic intermediation rooms as well as special surveillance rooms, comprising 4 for children, 7 for adults and 1 for patients needing isolation. It is anticipated that the quickest possible service to the patients will be permitted by placing physical examination rooms frequently needed by the department physicians as they consult patients in the emergency room.

Atakent hospital is designed as an all-inclusive hospital that serves in many fields and pulls attention with its nuclear medicine, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, paediatric CVS and oncology branches. Located in the same area, the General Intensive Care Unit has 10, CVS Intensive Care Unit has 14 beds, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit has 6 beds and New-born Intensive Care Unit has 14. The chemotherapy area has 32 beds. The Recovery Area that will be used by several units has 29 beds.


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