Brain Tumour Treatment cost in Turkey

Brain Tumour Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has become an important destination for health tourism as millions of tourists visit every year and obtain a considerable amount of revenue from health tourism. The treatment of Brain Tumor in Turkey is considered to be one of the best in terms of the healthcare specialists prevalent in the country as well as the quality of Healthcare Standards. The cost of Brain tumor treatment in turkey starts from USD 2800 but can vary substantially based on the complication of the case of the exact hospital where you are getting treated. A number of tourists from around the world favor healthcare institutions in Turkey and the surgical procedures performed by the latest technology in Turkey are very cost-effective as compared to Europe and the USA. Overseas patients are inclined towards Turkish hospitals in many fields of medicine such as tumour procedures, brain surgery, etc. with regards to low cost and at the same time, it offers state of the art infrastructure and advanced facilities.

The uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the brain or in any part of the body and spreads to the brain is termed as a brain tumour. They can result due to exposure to radiation, family history of brain tumours or cancer located anywhere else in the body reaches the brain. If the brain tumour remains undiagnosed, it can prove to be fatal and thus, it is important to initiate treatment as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.

Brain tumours can be diagnosed with the help of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography), and PET (positron emission tomography). To determine if the tumour is benign or malignant, a biopsy of a tumour is taken. The brain tumour can be removed by surgery and the treatment modalities which can be used to treat brain tumour includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

While booking a round trip, a person needs to spend 6-8 weeks in Turkey which depends on the surgery performed, whether the patient requires rehabilitation and how fast the patient recovers. The patient may fully recover after 8 weeks of the surgery. Talking about the latest technology which turkey has to offer, NP Istanbul Brain hospital, Turkey is the first hospital in Turkey and second in Europe offers state of the art technology for brain and spinal surgery, paediatric brain, spine and neural surgery, and operations for Parkinson's and movement disorders and is the only hospital which offers 1A Ultra Clean surgery room in Turkey for brain surgery.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

25 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 9000


About the Brain Tumour Treatment

A brain tumor is a cancerous or a non-cancerous growth of cells in the brain. This growth of abnormal cells can take place in any part of the brain or it can happen in any other body party and spread to the brain.

It is a fairly common condition that affects millions of people around the world. An undiagnosed brain tumour can prove fatal and therefore, it is necessary to undergo specific tests and initiate treatment as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.

The symptoms of a brain tumour can be confused with some other medical condition, especially migraine. Increasingly strong headache and blurred vision are the two most common symptoms of a brain tumour. People with this condition can also experience seizures, confusion, nausea, vertigo, impaired voice, and loss of balance.

Treatment for a brain tumour depends on several factors. The type, size, and the location of a tumour, in addition to the overall health of the patient and his or her age, are some of the considerations made by the doctor while preparing a brain tumour treatment plan.

Different treatment modalities can be used to treat brain tumour patients and surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are among them. Usually, a combination of treatment modalities is used to conduct brain tumour treatment.

How is Brain Tumour Treatment performed?

The procedural details depend on the type of treatment that the patient is recommended to undergo. A surgery is almost always recommended for brain tumor patients. TO remove the tumor in the brain, the surgeon first opens the skull, a procedure known as a craniotomy.

During the surgery, the aim of the surgeon is to remove as much tumor as possible without affecting the nearby tissues. Partial tumor removal is carried out in some patients to reduce the size of the tumor to make sure that it can be treated with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The tumor is left as in some patients. In such cases, the doctor only removes a sample of the tumor tissue for a biopsy. The biopsy in the case of brain tumor patients is mostly conducted with the help of a needle. During this procedure, the tissue sample is looked under a microscope to identify the type of cells that it has. Accordingly, the doctors advise a course of treatment.

Radiation therapy is another treatment modality used in the case of patients with brain cancer and tumors that cannot be removed through surgery. Additionally, it is also used to destroy tumor cells that could not be removed during surgery.

External radiation therapy, internal radiation therapy, and GammaKnife or stereotactic radiosurgery are some of the forms of radiation therapies commonly used to treatment brain tumor patients.

Chemotherapy is the third treatment used for a brain tumor. It involves the use of a specific combination of drugs to kills cancer cells. These drugs are mostly administered intravenously and the patients are not required to stay in the hospital for this procedure. Chemotherapy is administered in cycles.

Recovery from Brain Tumour Treatment

After a surgery for brain tumor removal, the patients need extra time to heal fully. Additionally, it may take a few months for the patient to return back to normal energy levels. The total time taken by the patient to recover, however, depends on several factors. This may include the following:

  • The duration of treatment
  • The number and type of treatment modalities used
  • Patient’s age and overall health
  • The exact location of the tumor in the brain
  • The area of the brain affected by tumor
  • The exact length of hospital stay after the surgery may vary among patients. However, a five to six-day stay is the most common among patients. The patients are carefully monitored during this period. A team of occupational, physical, and speech therapists helps with the rehabilitation of the patient during the recovery phase.

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Some of most highly rated doctors for Brain Tumour Treatment are:

Some of the most sought after doctors available for online video consultation for Brain Tumour Treatment are:

Doctor NameCostBook Appointment
Dr. Akin Akakin88 USDBook Now
Dr. Professor Mustafa Bozbuga114 USDBook Now
Dr. Mustafa Kemal Hamamcioglu160 USDBook Now
Dr. Baran Yilmaz130 USDBook Now
Dr. Celal Salcini97 USDBook Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main causes of a brain tumour?

The exact nature of Brain Tumors is difficult to be determined and varies on a case to case basis. Brain tumours can result due to exposure to radiation, family history of brain tumours or cancer cells located anywhere else in the body spreads to the brain. Apart from this being overweight,  or a history of cancer. 

What are the factors affecting the cost of Brain Tumour Treatment in Turkey?

The factors affecting the cost of brain tumor treatment in Turkey can vary based on the complexity of the case, the expertise of the treating physician and the quality of the hospital. The factors are listed below: 

  • The complexity of the case
  • Type of approach to the treatment
  • The expertise of the treating physician
  • Standard of the hospital
  • Days of stay in the country post-surgery as suggested by the doctor
What are the types of surgeries available in Turkey for Brain Tumour Treatment?

The types of surgeries available in Turkey for brain tumor treatment are craniotomy, minimally invasive neuro-endoscopy, and endonasal endoscopic surgery, MRI Guided Laser Ablation, and bio-stimulation.

What is the recovery process post-surgery in Turkey for Brain Tumour treatment?

The number of days in hospitals after brain surgery can stretch for 3-7 days because it can vary depending on the procedure and how patients respond post-surgery. The average length of stay in Turkey can extend for 6-8 weeks depending on the surgery performed, whether the patient requires rehabilitation and how fast the patient recovers.

Which are the top hospitals for brain tumour treatment in Turkey?

The top hospitals for brain tumour treatment in Turkey are Medicana Konya, Medicana Ankara International hospital, Liv Hospital Ulus, Hisar International hospital, Acibadem Hastanesi – Altunizade, Memorial Atasehir hospital, and Anadolu Medical Center.

Who are the top doctors and surgeons for brain tumour treatment in Turkey?

Top doctors in Turkey at Medicana Konya are Hakken Emmez, Sait Sirin, Adnan Altun, Gokhan Kurt, and Yilmaz Kilic. The recognized doctor at Hisar International hospital is Dr. Murat Cobanoglu. The doctors at Memorial Atasehir hospital are Assoc. Prof. Gokalp Silav and MD Mustafa Onoz. The top doctors at Anadolu Medical Center are Prof. Serdar Kahraman, Prof. Dr. Seluck Gocmen, and Asst Prof Gokhan Acka.

What is the average cost of Brain Tumour surgery in Turkey?

The approximate cost of brain tumor surgery in Turkey is USD2700 as compared to USD 3400 in Tunisia and USD 22,500 in Spain. This is just the starting price at which the treatment is offered in Turkey. However, the cost can significantly increase depending on the complexity of the case and stay at the hospital. 

FAQ's Related to Turkey

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Turkey?

One of the highly acclaimed destinations for medical tourism, Turkey offers a full range of high quality and affordable medical services. Turkey boasts of having some of the best multispecialty hospitals supported by highly trained and experienced doctors, world-class facilities, and advanced technology. Hospitals are totally committed to following international healthcare standards and medical protocols in order to ensure quality treatment and complete patient safety. Some of the world-class multispecialty hospitals providing unmatched treatment in Turkey are

  1. Emsey Hospital, Pendik,
  2. Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul,
  3. Acibadem Hospitals Group
  4. American Hospital, Istanbul,
  5. Florence Nightingale Hospital, İstanbul,
  6. Medipol University Hospital, İstanbul,
  7. Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli,
  8. Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul.
What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Turkey?

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the major healthcare accrediting body in Turkey. JCI was founded to ensure the quality served by the health organizations. The standards set a benchmark for quality assurance by hospitals. The standards provide a framework for quality assurance by hospitals and offer a comprehensive corrective action plan for ensuring quality culture at all levels and across all functions.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Turkey?

Factors like excellent healthcare infrastructure, world-class hospitals, best doctors, and advanced Turkey technology are some of the reasons which make Hungary one of most favored destinations for seeking treatment. Low consultation fee, low-cost medical treatments, and cheap medicines are some other factors which contribute to the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey. Hospitals and healthcare centers in Turkey meet Western standards of healthcare. Turkey has world-class doctors who have vast experience in multiple disciplines and some of them are trained in America and Europe who prefer to practice in Turkey.

What is the quality of doctors in Turkey?

Turkey has some of the finest doctors in the world and the medical fraternity in the country is highly skilled and well-trained. The highly qualified doctors have been educated at premier educational institutions where they have rigorous training. They have strong subject knowledge and their skill set and area of expertise are vast. Board-certified doctors demonstrate their ability to practice at the top of their profession and deliver high-quality care to their patients.

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

You need to carry documents like medical History, test reports, records, doctor referral notes, passport copies, residence/ driver’s license/ bank statement/ details of Health insurance. Packing is important when it comes traveling to another country for medical treatment.Packing is important when it comes traveling to another country for medical treatment. Don't forget to make a list of all the essential things you might need during your stay in Turkey. The required documents may vary as per your destination, so please check before traveling.

What are the popular procedures available in Turkey?

A large number of medical tourists visit Turkey every year to avail popular procedures, such as:

  1. Ophthalmic surgery,
  2. Dental treatments,
  3. Plastic surgery,
  4. Hair transplant,
  5. IVF,
  6. Hematological oncology,
  7. Stem cell transplantation,
  8. Dermatological treatment,
  9. Bariatric surgery,
  10. Kidney transplant.

The popular procedures in Turkey are available at an affordable price and have a success rate. With best-in-class doctors, the hospitals in Turkey offer world-class treatments in almost every therapeutic areas. The popular procedures available in Turkey have received worldwide attention due to high success rates, affordable cost, and safe treatments.

Which are the most popular cities in Turkey for medical treatment?

Most medical tourists choose cities like Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya which also are some of Turkey’s most famous tourist destinations. These cities have the best hospitals in Turkey which provide affordable medical care with world-class facilities, impeccable patient care. These cities are considered the best destinations for medical treatment in Turkey due to many other reasons, such as cheap accommodation, best infrastructure, transportation facilities, and a wide range of food options. One of the global destinations for medical tourism, Turkey has many cities full of history and mesmerizing sandy beaches.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey offer world-class facilities to international patients to ensure safety and comfort throughout their stay in Turkey. Some of the facilities available at hospitals in Turkey are visa assistance, travel arrangements, airport transfers, coordination of all medical appointments, accommodations for patients and companions, international staff translators, shopping and recreational options, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, lockers, and cuisine to suit your palate. Right from initial queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care, hospitals are with their patients at every step of their journey.

Do hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance?

Yes, the hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance. You need to inform the hospital if you have any health insurance that is internationally valid. Contact your insurance company in your country to check whether the procedure you want to avail is covered at the hospital in Turkey. If it is an approved insurance provider, the hospital will request the Guarantee of Payment from the insurance directly to commence your treatment cashless.