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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Istanbul, Turkey



Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is Turkey's largest and most comprehensive private hospital in the Asian district of Istanbul, Turkey. The hospital is recognized for its outstanding comprehensive services with highest quality diagnosis and treatment in most comfortable safe and patient-oriented environment with latest and the best medical techniques. Hisar Hospital offers a range of specialized services, as well as special healthcare programs for intercontinental patients. 

The Hospital offers a broad range of treatments such as Cancer Screening and Cancer Treatment, Pediatric and Adult Cardiovascular Surgery, Invasive Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Hematology, Bone Marrow transplant, Neurology, Spine and Orthopedics Surgery, Ophthalmological Laser Surgery, Laparoscopy, Weight Loss, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery in particular.

The Hospital is located in the Asian part of Istanbul and is only 40 minutes away from the international airport, 15 minutes to Bosphorus and strategically at the joint of continents Asia and Europe.

  • Treated more than 8000 international patients from over 40 countries in last 7 years
  • Healthcare experts from Turkey, European and Arabic countries.
  • JCI Accredited since beginning operation in 2006.


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Dr Ali Fedakar, Turkey

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist
Total Experience: 29 Years
View Profile

Dr Mustafa Saglam, Turkey

Head of Department
Total Experience: 24 Years
View Profile

Dr Bilgehan AYDIN, Turkey

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist
Total Experience: 20 Years
View Profile

Dr Tayfun Apuhan, Turkey

Otorhinolarynology Head
Total Experience: 25+ Years
View Profile

Dr Yavuz Selim, Turkey

ENT Specialist
Total Experience: 15+ Years
View Profile

Dr A. Fatih Durmusoglu, Turkey

Total Experience: 30 Years
View Profile

Dr Berrin KARAKUY, Turkey

IVF Specialist)
Total Experience: 24 Years
View Profile

Dr Aytac Yigit, Turkey

Total Experience: 30+ Years
View Profile

Dr Murat Cobanoglu, Turkey

Total Experience: 29 Years
View Profile

Dr Mustafa SOLAK, Turkey

Medical Oncologist
Total Experience: 9 Years
View Profile

Dr Assoc. Halil BURC, MD, Turkey

Orthopedic Specialist
Total Experience: 10+ Years
View Profile

Dr Semih Takka (K), Turkey

Total Experience: 22 Years
View Profile

Dr Ali, Turkey

Total Experience: 29 Years
View Profile

Dr Aysen Timuragaoglu, Turkey

Head of Hematology Department
Total Experience: 13 Years
View Profile

Dr Basri CAKIROGLU, Turkey

Total Experience: 22 Years
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