Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Heart replacement surgery is a specialized surgery which is performed to replace the damaged or diseased cardiac valve. While performing the surgery, the damaged or diseased valve is replaced with a biological or synthetic valve, depending on the condition of a patient. This surgery is considered an incredibly complex procedure having symptoms such as breathlessness and chest pain. The cardiac valve includes aortic, mitral, tricuspid, and pulmonic and any of these valves may get damaged during a person’s lifetime because of a number of reasons. Generally, Pulmonic and tricuspid valve are rarely replaced or repaired and mitral valve, on the other hand, often needs treatment. Narrowing of the valve or leakage of a valve is the reason why a patient asks for the valve replacement surgery as it restricts the flow of the blood from one chamber of the heart to another.

Being one of the leading reasons for heart valve replacement surgery, aortic valve stenosis is also a serious cardiac disorder. India, with the availability of the latest cardiac treatment technology and sophisticated catheterization labs, has secured the number one position in the list of countries with the best cardiac care. The low cost for heart valve replacement surgery in India is actually the major reason why hundreds of patients travel to India from all over the world. India has a strong brigade of skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons who have treated more than thousands of patients with aortic valve stenosis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heart valve replacement surgery is advised to the patients with a severe condition where they start experiencing the signs and symptoms of valve dysfunction. Rheumatic Heart Disease is the prime cause of valve problems in India. The procedure of heart valve surgery is fairly common and has been performed across all the major multispecialty hospitals. India is globally renowned for its quality approach for cardiac care services comprising some of the highly trained and experienced cardiac surgeons in the world.

The success rate of the heart valve replacement surgery in India is high as compared to the western countries. So, a patient can be assured that they can live a healthy life following valve replacement surgery in India. With the best cardiac care, India’s top hospitals are known for their genuine service and around the clock availability. Additionally, English speaking staff and state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility make the country the most preferred destination in the world wherein thousands of patients with aortic valve stenosis can get back to their normal lives in no time.

The average cost of heart valve replacement surgery in India is $9,500. Undoubtedly India offers the most efficient and pocket-friendly treatment for heart valve surgery in comparison to the other western countries. The point which is worth mentioning is that the cost can vary as per the diagnosis, condition of the patients, the hospital you have chosen, types of room along with the facility availed, and expertise of the surgeon.

While any minor problems do not affect that much and do not ask for surgery but mild ones need treatment with the help of heart valve repair surgery. Majority of people are living their life normally after having heart valve replacement surgery in India. The high success rate of procedure performed in India shows how successfully a patient is able to recover after the surgery.

After the surgery, the patient is usually advised to take a few medications for a few weeks. It should be noted that the duration of the medication could be reduced or lifted altogether depending on the condition and status of recovery of the patients. The patients should visit the doctor according to the schedule of follow up. During follow up visit, the doctor may perform a few tests to check for the healing of the tissue and then he would observe the functioning of the new valve. The recommended hospitals in India ensure a speedy recovery process by helping patients to return back to their normal routine.

Health is a major sector and one of the most concerned topics in India. In the past few decades, India has seen remarkable growth in the healthcare industry and boasts a volume of its excellent maintained healthcare providers which are renowned to carry out the procedure of heart valve replacement surgery with brilliance. With well-equipped infrastructure, modern amenities, and the best surgeons on board, the Indian cardiac hospitals deliver the most efficient cardiac treatment which you are looking for. Here is the list of some recommended hospitals in India for heart valve replacement surgery:

  • Silverline Hospital, Kochi, India

  • Fortis Hospitals Mulund, Mumbai, India

  • Fortis Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi

  • Fortis Hospitals Bangalore, Bangalore, India

  • Fortis Hospitals Mohali, Chandigarh, India

  • Sarvodaya Hospitals And Research Center, Faridabad, India

  • BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore, India

  • Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, India

  • Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, New Delhi

  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospitals, Mumbai, India

  • Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai, Mumbai, India

  • BLK Super Specialty Hospitals, New Delhi

  • Sevenhills Hospitals, Mumbai, India

India has a pool of qualified cardiac surgeons, working across some of the trusted hospitals in India. Having been trained from top medical institutes in India and abroad, Cardiologists in India hold thorough knowledge in cardiology and cardiac science. See the top Cardiologist in India for heart valve replacement surgery:

  • Dr. Naresh Trehan

  • Dr. Rajendra Patil

  • Dr. Vivek Jawali

  • Dr. Ashok Seth

  • Dr. NS Devananda

  • Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia

  • Dr. Sandeep Attawar

  • Dr. Sandeep Singh

  • Dr. Sameer R Rao

  • Dr. Ravi M N

  • Dr. Arunansu Dhole

  • Dr. Saifuddin Arsiwala

India is one of the top medical tourism destinations. Of all the specialties that India is famous for, cardiac surgery remains on top. There are thousands of patients who travel to India for a cardiac procedure and valve replacement surgery is one of them.

There are many reasons that make India an appropriate destination to get valve replacement surgery done. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Affordable cost
  • Availability of great expertise and skills
  • State-of-the-art hospitals
  • Advanced technology for cardiac surgery
  • The  best success rates among all countries
  • Cheap cost of livin

Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India depends on several factors. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Type of hospital – Primary, secondary, or tertiary care hospital
  • Location of the hospitalization
  • Choice of the city – first, second, or third tier
  • Experience, qualifications, and skills of the surgeon
  • Type of valve used – artificial or tissue valve
  • Number of valves used – aortic or mitral or both
  • Cost of evaluation – angiography (CAG), 2D Echo and other blood investigations

Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India

  • Single valve replacement (prosthetic/tissue): $7000 to $9500
  • Double valve replacement (prosthetic/tissue): $10000 to $13500

The following two types of valves are used in India for heart valve replacement surgery:

Prosthetic Valve: It is also known as an artificial or mechanical valve. Mechanical valves are most commonly made of pyrolytic carbon. They are expected to last longer than biological valve and there is less risk of another surgery after a few years because it does not wear out that fast. There is a greater need for using blood-thinners in the case of mechanical valves.

Tissue Valve: It is also known as a biological, bovine valve, or bioprosthetic valve. This type of valve is derived from a pig’s heart and the sac around a cow’s heart. It costs more than a mechanical valve. Patients who get a biological valve have less need to take blood-thinning medicines and are able to recover faster as far as the valve’s functioning is concerned.

All metropolitan cities in India have well-equipped hospitals that can cater to the needs of a patient requiring cardiac surgery. With that said, New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai are some of the best cities to get heart valve replacement surgery done in India.

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