Heart Valve Replacement in India

AVR/MVR in India

Aortic valve replacement (AVR) and mitral valve replacement (MVR) are the two types of valve replacement surgeries. Either of these surgeries or both of them are conducted in the case of patients with a defective or a damaged aortic and/or mitral valve.

A heart valve disease disrupts the normal flow of blood through the heart and therefore, affects the health of the rest of the body. A heart valve disease may be present at the time of the birth or it may develop during the lifetime of an individual.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India

AVR/MVR in India is a highly specialized procedure conducted across all the major hospitals in the country. This procedure is highly critical and it is extremely important that only an experienced and skilled cardiac surgeon conducts the procedure. During the procedure, the faulty valve is removed and replaced with a synthetic or a biological valve.

Thousands of patients from around the world prefer to fly down to India to undergo valve replacement surgery. India is one of the leading medical tourism destinations for cardiac procedures. The hospitals in the country are equipped with the latest technology and equipment required for cardiac procedures. Additionally, all types of valves are made available to the patients for the replacement surgery, be it a biological valve or a synthetic valve.

Cost Comparison

AVR/MVR cost in India depends on several factors. For example, it depends on the type of valve used for the surgery, the number of valves being replaced, and the expertise or skills of the surgeon conducting the surgery. Additionally, the cost of AVR/MVR in India varies from one hospital to the other. The hospitals in India make special arrangements for patients from abroad. These arrangements usually include accommodation, local travel, and visa and boarding assistance.

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