Hospitals and Cost of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Israel


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In-Vitro Fertilization in Israel

InVitro Fertilization (IVF) in Israel

Many couples are now facing issues in getting pregnant. These issues may be for a very wide variety of reasons; it could be any family’s genetic problems, it could be because of long term exposure to some dangerous chemicals and so on and so forth. But there is a way that the chances of getting pregnant for women can be increased, one such way is to get the IVF Treatment in Israel. In order to know how this treatment can increase the chances of women getting pregnant, we should first understand how IVF actually works. IVF is an acronym for the In Vitro Fertilization procedure. The name is derived from the words "in vitro" which in English translate to the phrase "in the glass." It is referred to as such because of the way that it is carried out. The babies that have been conceived by this procedure are known as test tube babies. It is a pretty much simple procedure.

Cost Comparison

The IVF treatment in the country of Israel is very less compared to other countries like India and Canada. This is mainly because of the growth of the country. Israel’s government helps to control the price of procedures like the In vitro fertilization so that it can encourage medical tourism.

4 Clinics For IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Israel




Assuta Medical Center is a leading private hospital in the capital city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Assuta is the biggest chain of hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel with four operational state-of –art advanced hospitals. The four hospitals include:- Ramat Ha Hayal Hospital Assuta Rishon Lezion Assuta Haifa Assuta Beersheeba Apart from the above the Assuta group also operates:- Assuta Ha Shalom – An advanced and innovative centre for medical examinations. Assuta Ashdod –… Read More




Sheba Medical Center located in Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv district of Israel is one of the premier institutes for medical service and education. Sheba is a comprehensive medical centre known for patient care and cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. Sheba Medical Center is a university-affiliated research hospital. With 1900 beds and 120 departments and clinics, Sheba is one of the largest hospitals in Israel welcoming patients from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Jordan,… Read More




Lis Hospital in Israel is the leading health center in area maternity, women’s health and services for the newborns. The hospital is part of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center which is a large multi-specialty health facility in Israel. The hospital boasts of premium services coupled with cutting-edge technology and a team of experienced and qualified medical staff. Facilities:- 16 single bedrooms 2 Maternity wards 1 Perinatal in-patient unit for high-risk patients 1 Neonatal unit Separate… Read More




Herzliya Medical Center is a leading private hospital offering services across multiple disciplines to not only Israeli national but also medical tourists from abroad who come to Israel for quality treatment at best possible prices. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Israel with 7 operating rooms and treating around 8000 outbound patients on a daily basis. The hospital employs 350 doctors, 196 nurses including those with advanced certification. HMC’s patient-centric approach, personalized treatment… Read More


Why choose IVF and fertility treatments in Israel?

Israel is a very well developed country. It is not considered as a third world country but rather a country that is developing very rapidly. In a country that is developing as fast as Israel, the medical facilities are considered to be very good and modern. Many of the world’s leading doctors are in Israel currently.

What is the average cost of IVF in Israel?

The average cost of IVF in Israel will mostly depend on how many times you might have to have the IVF procedure done. But, never the less, average cost of IVF in Israel for each cycle of the IVF treatment could range between (USD 6000-USD 7000) six thousand dollars to about seven thousand dollars. This is still very less than when compared to the United States of America.

What is the process of IVF Treatment in Israel?

The process of IVF Treatment in Israel is not very complicated. It involves taking the fresh eggs from the female and fresh sperm from the male and then trying to fertilize them artificially. The fused egg and sperm are then monitored and implanted back in the womb of the woman.

How successful are IVF Treatments in Israel?

IVF success rate in Israel is very high compared to many other countries in the same region. This can be because of the fact that the medical facilities in Israel are much better than many other countries in the vicinity of Israel.

Which are the best IVF Clinics in Israel?

Some of the best IVF clinic in Israel include:

  • Herzliya Medical Center – This is one of the oldest hospitals in Israel with a dedicated IVF treatment place. It is a private hospital which was opened in the year of 1987. The facilities here are state of the art and are better than many other hospitals in other surrounding countries. It is located in the city of Herzliya in Israel.

  • IVF Clinic – Elisha Hospital – This is another very popular place for IVF treatments in Israel. They have very modern medical equipment as well as very good staff as well as good doctors on call that can assist you with all your needs. They have served hundreds of overseas patients and are well aware of the problems that foreigners can face in Israel. It is located in the city of Haifa.

  • Hadassah medical center – This is again a very old medical center that is present in Israel, located in Jerusalem; they see many foreign patients for treatment. Not only limited to IVF, but they also have very specialized doctors for various other wings of medicine as well. The staff are top-ranked and are very caring. All of the professions that work here are certified and have their background verified.

Which are the best cities for IVF Treatment in Israel?

Some of the best cities in Israel for the In vitro fertilization treatment in Israel are the most popular ones that tourists often visit. This can be probably because of the fact that medical tourism is a very big industry in the country of Israel. The most common and best cities in Israel are Haifa, Herzliya, the capital city of Jerusalem, the famous Tel Aviv, the port city of Eilat and so on. These cities have very good access by flights and also some by ships. That is another reason why medical tourists prefer to travel to these parts of Israel.

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