Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Surgery in South Africa

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the major stabilizing ligaments in the knee. It is a strong rope like structure found in the center of the knee running from the femur to the tibia. Unfortunately, the injury caused by the ligament splitting does not heal and often leads to the feeling of instability in the knee. Injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament is frequently occurred injuries in the present times and often been labeled as the most devastating injuries of all time. For the ACL injuries, surgical reconstruction is considered as the latest standard of treatment.

An ACL reconstruction is the commonly performed surgical practice in which replacement of the injured ACL takes place with a new ligament by using grafts. It is one of the four major ligaments of the knee that connects the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) and helps stabilize the knee joint. Anterior Cruciate Ligament prevents the excessive movement of the lower leg bone in relation to the thigh bone and also restricts the rotational movement of the knee.

South Africa is equipped with top-notch private hospitals and clinics, which have excelled in providing the medicinal treatment and catered to the diverse needs of foreign patients. Many elective surgeons are members of the General Medical Council and registered under the reputable medical association, that is, ‘The South African Medical Association’. So, a patient can be assured about the quality of treatment he will get in South Africa for the ACL reconstruction surgery.

Cost Comparison

South Africa is a renowned medical destination, providing effective care to the patients at affordable prices. With the high-end facilities cater to high-end clients and cost-effectiveness, South Africa has emerged as the most preferred medical destination across the globe. The total cost of ACL surgery in South Africa can go up to $ 7000, while in the USA, the cost of the same procedure can cost up to $ 20000. The costs of ACL reconstruction surgery in other renowned countries are given in the table below:


ACL Reconstruction Cost


$ 9300


$ 9700


$ 8900


$ 11000

Hence, you will get the most reasonable cost for ACL reconstruction in South Africa without compromising on the quality of treatment. More importantly, the cost for ACL reconstruction in South Africa also depends on the several factors like types of hospital chosen, stay in the hospital, types of hospital room, surgeon’s expertise and so on.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 9300

Frequently Asked Questions

The knee is the largest joint in the body which plays an important role in carrying the whole body weight while walking and jumping. With the purpose of bending and extending the lower body, the knee joint is exposed to the maximum injuries in the body. The knee ruptures are generally caused by twisting and bending force applied to the knee or a direct blow such as from sports, falls, or accidents.

On average, knee tearing is caused by the external force of twisting or bending the knee in a way that it was not meant to. Some of the high-force knee ruptures are generally sports-related injuries and accident caused by motor vehicles.

South Africa is becoming an attractive destination for medical travelers who are looking for life-saving surgeries and availing of healthcare services at reasonable prices. Talking about the ACL reconstruction surgery, the cost in South Africa is only a mere a fraction that you will get in other medical destinations. The average cost of ACL reconstruction in South Africa is $ 7000 which is pretty inexpensive as compared to any other developed nations.

Injured or torn ACL ligament is not going to heal by sewing the ligament back together. Thus, ACL ligament reconstruction surgery comes in the picture which executes by using a connective tissue graft to rebuild or replace your injured ACL. The following are the types of surgery available in South Africa for ACL reconstruction:

  • Hamstring Tendon autograft

In this type of surgery, surgeons will use the patient’s semitendinosus hamstring tendon on the inner side of the knee for creating the hamstring tendon autograft. It claims fewer problems associated with harvesting of the graft as compared to Patellar tendon autograft.

  • Patellar Tendon autograft

In this category, the middle third of the patellar tendon of the patient, along with a bone plug from the shin and the kneecap used in the patellar tendon autograft. It is often advised for athletes and patients whose job does not require a significant amount of kneeling.

  • Quadriceps tendon autograft

This type of surgery is required for the patients who have already failed ACL reconstruction. In this type of procedure, the middle third of the patient’s quadriceps tendon and a bone plug from the upper end of the knee cap are used. Patients who seek this treatment may find the incision not appealing cosmetically.

  • Allograft

In this type of procedure, grafts are taken by the cadavers and generally being referred to the patients who have failed ACL reconstruction. It is quite advantageous as it successfully eliminates the pain caused by obtaining the graft from the patient and reduces the surgery timings.

Recovery from ACL will take time but there are some easy ways you can take to make progress go as quickly as you have expected. After the surgery, the patients will receive specific instructions from your surgeons including the schedule of post-operative medical visits. It is vital that your progress should be monitored and your plan tweaked when needed.

Your physical therapist will suggest the appropriate exercise program based on your age, surgery, current health, and current fitness level. You will be told to do the exercises regularly to restore mobility. Also, you will be asked to take care of your eating habits as eating well after surgery can help your body heal faster. If pain suddenly starts troubling you, you develop fever or feel abnormal, it is important to let your doctor know right away.

The medical standards in South Africa are enormously high and surgeons operate in well-furnished clinics where they have access to cutting edge facilities and opulence of infrastructures. Here is the list of top hospitals for ACL reconstruction surgery in South Africa:

  1. Life Healthcare Hospital Group, Johannesburg, South Africa

  2. Netcare Group, Johannesburg, South Africa

  3. Nelson Mandela Academic Hospitals, Mthatha, South Africa

  4. Life Kingsbury, Cape Town, South Africa

  5. Lenmed La Verna Private Hospital, Ladysmith, South Africa

  6. Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

  7. UCT Private Academic Hospitals, Cape Town, South Africa

  8. Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre, Durban, South Africa

  9. Daxina Private Hospital, Lenasia, South Africa

With the flourishing medical growth, South Africa is considered as a world leader in medicine. For the ACL reconstruction procedure, South Africa has a strong brigade of orthopedic surgeons and doctors, and a few of them are as follows:

  • Robert Barrow

  • Mark Ferguson

  • Prakash Kana

  • Bradley Rabin

  • AL Jacques Du Toit

  • Chris McCready

  • Dr. Richard PB von Bormann

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