Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction cost in Poland


A knee injury that ruptures your anterior cruciate ligament can be replaced or reconstructed using a surgical procedure known as ACL surgery. As important as the surgery is the right flow of the rehabilitation process. It should be done so as to encourage better outcomes to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction surgery itself. The whole process gains immense significance as every aspect is important. Therefore, the fact that you consult the right doctors, talk to the right people, share your experiences with people undergoing or having undergone similar surgery or treatment is essential.

ACL Surgery in Poland

Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe with a temperate climate. It also has beautiful cities like Krakow, Warsaw, grand castles, varied geography to explore, and museums like Auschwitz. If all this was not enough reason for you to visit Poland as a tourist then you can combine all this with your medical treatment plan. And a procedure like ACL Surgery in Poland becomes a natural option. You need to plan to stay for up to a week in Poland for this surgery. ACL Surgery in Poland is undertaken by Precision, the latest equipment and high degree of skill with the best of orthopedics. Some of the good hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities where you can get Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery done are, KCM clinic, Jelenia Gora and KCM Clinic, Wroclaw All Medica, Nowy Targ Carolina Medical Center, Warsaw Szpital Euromedic, Katowice Orthosport Clinic, Lodz Medycyna Estetyczna Joanna Obidzinska, Warsaw Scanmed Szpital św. Rafała, Krakow Przychodnia Medyczna Nasmed, Warsaw Medicus Estetic - Tychy Private Hospital Pulsmed Ltd., Lodz

Cost Comparison

ACL Surgery Cost in Poland is US$ 4000 which is much lesser than what ACL Surgery Cost is in the United States of America (US$ 20000 to US$ 30000).

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

14 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 5700


About the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction refers to the replacement of the damaged ACL with a tissue to facilitate normal functioning of the knee. ACL is a major stabilizing ligament in the knee, which connects the femur to the tibia. ACL helps provide proper movement of the tibia. ACL also facilitates pivoting or sudden change in the direction of the leg, preventing the damage to the knee.


Damage to the ACL Surgery 

The ACL can be injured in different ways, thus warranting a need for ACL repair. The following scenarios may damage the ACL:

  • Collision with a football
  • Slowing down while running
  • Landing incorrectly after a jump
  • Twisting of the knee and the foot in opposite direction


Initial Treatment for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

The ACL may not require surgery when the knee is stable when the ligament is not torn completely, or even when you don’t have to strain your knees by active sports. The alternate treatment in such a situation is “RICE” – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Physiotherapy, exercise, and braces for legs can help provide support to the knee. Exercises such as swimming, running in a straight line, and playing golf can be preferred by active individuals if they do not wish to return to an active sports life.

How is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction performed?

General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia will be given before ACL reconstruction surgery. The tissue to replace the damaged ACL will be taken from the kneecap or hamstring tendons of your body, or from a donor. The surgery is usually performed with the help of knee arthroscopy.

ACL repair involves the use of a camera inserted into the slit made in the knee. A computer connected to the camera facilitates viewing of the inner ligament, by which the physician can perform the surgery. Other incisions are made to incorporate the required equipment and then the ACL reconstruction surgery is performed.

  • The torn ligament is removed with the shaver.
  • If the patient’s tissue is used, the surgeon would make a larger cut and remove the tissue.
  • The knee bone is drilled and the tendon is now implanted into the position where the old ACL was present.
  • Screws and other instruments are used to attach the new tendon to the bone.
  • The bone tunnels would gradually fill in as the bone grows, which holds the ligament in place.
  • Small incisions made in the area of the surgery are closed with sutures and sterile dressing.

Recovery from Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

You will be sent home on the same day of the surgery. You will be instructed to use knee braces or crutches after one to four weeks of the surgery. The physician prescribes pain medications if required. Physiotherapy could help retain the integrity of the knee faster.

  • It may take a minimum of 6 months for any individual to recover after the surgery, depending on the individual’s rate of recovery.
  • If pain and swelling are observed, an ice pack can be applied over the area. But there should be no direct contact between the ice with the skin as it can cause damage to the skin.
  • You should follow the physician’s recommendations to recover soon and without any complications.
  • People who have a desk job can return to their duties in a week’s time and people involved in active exercises or who are athletes should avoid returning to their work for a minimum of six months.
  • Playing sports such as basketball after the surgery might not be possible and physician’s advice is recommended. 


  • Fast recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Normal working of the knee
  • Returns stability of the knee


  • Blood clot in the legs
  • Weakening of the knee
  • Failure of relief from pain
  • Stiffness in the knee
  • Limited movement of the knee
  • Tear in the newly transplanted tendon

Patient Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best candidate for ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

The definition of a good candidate for ACL reconstruction remains similar all over the world. A patient who can be cured through normal physiotherapy is generally not considered for ACL Reconstruction Surgery. However, the doctor can perform the surgery if the patient wants to get back to sports or other physical activities as soon as possible. ACL reconstruction surgery is avoided if the person has acute weakness or some kind of chronic disease. Having ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland will cost you high travel expenses if you live on some other continents. People do travel to Poland from all over the world, but you should consider the travel expenses before making the decision of having treatment in Poland.

What is the average cost of ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

The average cost of ACL reconstruction in Poland stands at around USD 6000. This cost is subject to fluctuations from hospital to hospital. There are hospitals which can cost you lower than this, but you should keep an eye on their reviews and services. If you want to go to high-end hospitals, there will be a need to expand the budget. The top hospitals of Poland can charge anywhere from USD 6000 to USD 9000. These higher costs are justified with the results and services the experts provide.

Why should you opt for ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland is sought by people all over the world. The reason is the advancement of the country in the healthcare field. The government of Poland has not left any stones unturned to provide every kind of treatment facility within the country. Private hospitals are also working to their best. The hospitals in Poland are rarely in the news for controversies. They seem to be working purely with the aim of customer satisfaction. Poland is also a great tourist destination. There are several great places you can visit after your successful ACL reconstruction surgery.

How successful is ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

The success rate of reconstruction surgeries is high throughout the world, and there are only minor fluctuations in the percentage. In Poland, the success rate is 80 to 90%. This success rate involves reconstruction surgeries that cause no inconvenience to the patient after completion. ACL reconstruction surgeries are not life-threatening. Hence, a skilled and attentive orthopedic surgeon should be able to perform the surgery with accuracy and ease. If the surgery is unsuccessful, a new graft has to be placed, and the recovery period is elongated then.

Which are the best hospitals for ACL reconstruction surgery in Poland?

There are several good hospitals providing ACL reconstruction services with great success rates. The costs vary based on their ownership and services. A good hospital you can refer to is EuroMediTravel. This hospital is specialized in treating foreign patients and is a perfect choice if you have a low budget for treatment. The hospital is situated in Wroclaw city and specializes in orthopedic surgeries such as ACL reconstruction. Another public hospital in the country is Carolina Medical Center. This specialty clinic is well experienced in ACL surgeries. Specialty clinics usually have higher costs, and Carolina stands true to this. The costs are, however, justified by the results of surgeries.

Which are the top orthopedic surgeons in Poland for ACL reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Robert Świerczyński is a well-known and experienced professional working in the field of orthopedic surgeries. He is currently working for Damian Medical Center, and his goodwill has made the hospital famous in the country. Dr. Wiesław Tuszyński is also a very reputed orthopedic in Poland, and he is known for his long list of satisfied patients after ACL and other orthopedic surgeries.

FAQ's Related to Poland

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Poland?

The popular multispecialty hospital groups in Poland are:

  1. Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic
  2. Carolina Medical Center
  3. KCM Clinic
  4. Warszawski Szpital Dla Dzieci
  5. Szpital Wolski

With highly experienced and well-trained doctors, these hospitals in Poland are able to handle even the most complicated cases.Highly skilled and trained doctors at these clinics are efficient to handle even the most complicated cases. Different kinds of surgeries are performed at these hospitals and they have a wide range of specialties. The clinics provide affordable, world-class treatments. They are also equipped with all modern facilities which help take the patient experience to the next level.

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Poland?

In Poland, the healthcare system is bound to follow standards set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The Hospital Accreditation Programme in Poland was launched in 1998 with an aim to improve the quality of healthcare services and patient safety standards. The clinics are bound to follow well-defined procedures in order to receive accreditation. NCQA evaluates healthcare facilities on stringent parameters such as administrative management and quality of patient care, and performance management.

Why should I opt for treatment in Poland?

Polland attracts a large number of medical tourists every year. In recent times, the country has become a preferred destination among people coming from Western Europe. Some of the factors like highly professional medical staff, top quality of services, shorter waiting times for surgeries, and affordable treatment price, contribute to Poland’s popularity in medical tourism. With the best medical infrastructure and top clinics, medical tourists in Poland get world-class treatment. The hospitals in Poland follow strict rules framed by the Polish Ministry of Health to maintain high standards of hygiene and patient care.

What is the process for obtaining medical visa in Poland?

To travel to Poland for medical treatment, one must apply for a Schengen visa. If you own a Schengen Visa, you can stay in Poland for a maximum period of 90 days. You need to submit the below documents for applying for a medical visa:

  1. Employment documents along with bank statements
  2. Valid passport
  3. Recent passport size photographs
  4. Accommodation proof from the candidate
  5. Medical certificate attested by the referring registered medical practitioner

Poland embassy reviews the submitted documents and will make a decision on granting a medical visa.

What are the popular procedures available in Poland?

Some of the popular medical procedures available in Poland are:

  1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  2. Rhinoplasty
  3. Hip replacement
  4. Dental Implant
  5. Facelift surgery
  6. Breast augmentation
  7. Otoplasty

Plastic surgery is gaining huge popularity in the county. The plastic surgeons are well-experienced experts who perfected their skills in European clinics and have a regular contact with surgeons from all over the world. One of the top ranked medical turism countries, Poland attracts thousands of candidates every year for IVF, the success rate standing at 32 percent. People select Poland to avail these popular procedures due to several reasons, such as world-class hospitals with superior infrastructure and highly-skilled doctors, fast recovery, and use of cutting-edge medical technology.

Which are the most popular cities in Poland for medical treatment?

Poland has some major cities that are considered epicentres of medical tourism. Most of the these cities are accessible by planes. The most popular cities that are preferred by medical tourists in Poland are Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Szczecin and Wroclaw. Most of these cities have an efficient public transportation system, language assistance, cheap accommodation options, and connectivity. Warsaw is also a favorite medical tourist destination with a breathtaking view, providing patients complete relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness that they need for a speedy recovery.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Poland?

Clinics in Poland offer all modern facilities to patients to ensure that get the treatment in a confortable environment. With an aim to improve patient experience, hospitals in Poland offer excellent facilities, such as:

  1. Visa assistance,
  2. Travel arrangements,
  3. Airport transfers,
  4. Coordination of all medical appointments,
  5. Accommodations for patients and companions,
  6. International staff translators,
  7. Shopping and recreational options,
  8. Internet with wi-fi,
  9. Mobile sim cards,
  10. Lockers, and
  11. Cuisine to suit your palate.

Clinics in Poland help international patients at all stages of their treatment journey, right from queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care. With patient satisfaction at the core, the clinics leave no stone unturned to fulfill the needs of patients during their hospital stay by offering the best facilities.