ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Thailand

You may have seen players getting knee injury on the field without any collision with anything. This is very common in sports like football, basketball, and hockey. The reason for the injury is the breaking of a ligament that supports the knee. These injuries are known as ACL injuries or anterior cruciate ligament injury. ACL injuries occur when a person stops the fast running movement suddenly. When running fast, your knee works in coordination with the speed of other leg muscles.

If you halt too fast, the ligaments supporting your knee could not bear the big jerk. They may get damaged or break completely, which is very painful, and a person cannot stand on his knees without proper treatments. The broken ligaments are the anterior cruciate ligaments. The injury can also occur due to collision with a person or object or a sudden road accident. The chances of ACL injuries in the female are higher because of higher Q angle in joints and hormonal imbalances that researchers have found out.

Minor ACL injuries can be treated with physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation programs. These programs take a long time but are effective and allow the ligament to grow back to normal. For people who do not have a long resting time available and want to get back to normal life quickly, there are other treatment options available. ACL reconstruction surgery is a faster method of ACL re-growth. This method allows the patient to move freely with almost no inconvenience while his ligament is growing back. In ACL surgeries, doctors first insert cameras inside the knee to find the damaged area.

The damaged ligament is then taken out and replaced with another tissue known as a graft. This graft supports the knee until the new ligament grows. Graft acts as a platform for the faster growth of your ligament. ACL surgeries are a smart way of tackling knee surgeries, and sports players always choose this option over others.

With the increasing popularity of sports and physical wellness, ACL injuries have become quite common. These surgeries are performed in countries all over the world. However, there is a difference in the quality of treatment. There are technological and expertize differences between the healthcare facilities of different countries. If you live in and around Thailand, then you are lucky as Thailand is highly advanced in medical treatments. Known for tourism and natural beauty, Thailand is one of the best places in Asia to have ACL reconstruction surgery at unbelievable prices. The country is home to some amazing orthopedic treatment facilities. The treatment system is highly transparent, and the costs of ACL surgery are reasonable.

Cost comparisons

Thailand is a world-known tourist location, and the country accepts foreign people with happiness. Thailand's economy is cost-efficient when compared to Western countries. The government pays special attention to keeping costs low in tourism, education and health care facilities. The government thus regulates the costs of ACL surgeries. The prices of ACL reconstruction surgeries are lower than neighboring countries and European countries. The average cost of complete ACL reconstruction surgery in Thailand ranges from 6000 US dollars to 10000 US dollars. These costs are not much when compared with ACL costs in Germany, Russia, and Switzerland.

The costs fluctuate within the county as the ownership of hospitals change. As in every country, private hospitals charge higher than public ones. Private entities run private hospitals and usually have better facilities than public hospitals. The choice of the hospital within the country depends upon your budget and expectations.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 9000

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctors all over the world prefer to take the non-invasive method of treatment before doing an ACL surgery. A person is considered a good candidate for ACL surgeries if the damage in a ligament is so high that it cannot be treated through physiotherapy. Also, if a person wants to get back to normal life as soon as possible, doctors can opt for this surgery. A person is not considered good for ACL surgery if he has severe weakness and some critical disease that might harm his/her life. Having an ACL reconstruction surgery in Thailand is beneficial in terms of cost only if you live around the country, otherwise travel costs will take up a large part of your budget which you should consider beforehand.

The average costs of ACL reconstruction surgery vary country wise throughout the world. Some countries provide treatment at exceptionally lower rates than others. Thailand’s average costs are pretty low standing at 6000 US dollars. Some hospitals within the country provide great treatment at lower costs, too. These costs involve the medications prescribed by doctors. The starting cost of ACL is around 5000 US dollars in Thailand.

ACL reconstruction surgeries require technological proficiency. The tools and the operator need to be precise and accurate in operation. Thailand is well known for health care experts in every field. ACL surgery is the same case. There are some highly experienced hospitals in Thailand that perform ACL surgeries regularly. Hospitals in Thailand are also popular for their support for international visitors and patients. Tourists from all over the world crave some quality time in Thailand. Once you are done with your surgery, you can enjoy all the scenic beauty of the country before heading back home.

ACL reconstruction surgeries are a simple treatment procedure. There is no threat to life, and it usually takes a day or two to walk normally again. With expert doctors, almost all surgeries are successful in the first try. However, if the graft does not work, they can redo the process and perform the task better. The success rate of ACL is around 90-95%. The customers do not feel any discomfort when the surgery is successful. The success of surgery also depends on the post-surgery services of hospitals.

Thailand has several renowned hospitals that have expertize in orthopedic treatments, like ACL reconstruction. Among the biggest hospitals of the country, Bangkok Hospital is a center for orthopedic cures. The hospital consists of 60 physicians and over 700 nurses. The institute is a complete unit and works on a large scale. Bangkok Hospital has a great success rate in ACL surgeries and provides a package at around 7200 to 10000 US dollars. Another reputable and respected hospital in Thailand is the Vejthani Hospital, also located in Bangkok. The hospital serves patients from more than 40 countries and has good accommodation services for international medical visitors. With more than 30 orthopedic experts and hundreds of nurses, Vejthani provides ACL treatments in a range of 6300 to 7000 US dollars.

Dr. Ak-u Iamaroon is an expert orthopedic surgeon working for Bangkok Hospital. Getting an appointment for his services is quite difficult but completely worth it. His experience is what makes his expertise powerful. Another expert in Thailand comes from Vejthani Hospital. Dr. Taweepong Chantaraseno is as good as Dr. Lamaroon. He is known throughout Thailand for his success in orthopedic surgeries in his long career.

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